Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 already??!!

The new year's already near.
I was walking to the bus stop from Shida's house just now and there were these two Irish guys smoking outside a shop and they both looked so happy and when I walked past, they wished me:
"Hey there... Happy coming new year!! Hope you have a great day and year ahead!!"
I was like: "Owh, thanks!! You too...!! Have a great year!!"(while scrutinizing them closely looking at any trace of drunkenness... Nope! Too early to get drunk and they looked too eager to be joking. Yeah, I can be quite skeptical sometimes...)

So, then I realized... Right... There's like 2 more days till we reach 2008.
How time flies... Baru je gak bincang-bincang dengan Shida nak celebrate New Year kat mana.

So, since it's almost the New Year, time for reflection!!!=)
How much have I changed during the course of 2007??
Hmm... Let me see...
1) I have my own car!![well, technically I share it with Usaid(my bro) cause it's in Malaysia anyway and I spend most of my years here. Although I don't own a license(yet!=P) but, it serves as a motivation for me to take my license!! Right..?? Hopefully next year...]
2) I have seen cadavers and have not(yet!) fainted during each anatomy practicals that I've been in. Unlike some people I know. Hehe...(not that I'm bragging. It could happen to anyone right?? But, next time make sure if you wanna faint, let it be near Alan, ok _a_?? Hahha...)
3) I have been to Paris, Amsterdam and Pulau Redang this year, which have all made me realize what a beautiful world we live in and how we are soo missing out a lot if we don't travel(if we have the opportunity) and make new friends along the way.
4) I have made new and exciting new friends this year. Hazwan, Shut, Wan, Mizerque, Mas, Abid, Pakdin, etc. Majority of whom I knew when I was traveling. One can never can have enough friends right??=)
5) I believe that I have become more independent this year. Proof?? I can travel by bus for long hours without complaining that much. I can also jalan-jalan at Dublin alone and also go to each of my friends' house(ok, with the help of the directions from my friends and using public transport. But, still... The old Dayah would never travel using a bus anywhere!! Let alone travel alone to a place I've never been at. Good improvement right??=P)

Ok, five is enough I guess. Don't want to bore people with too many things. Besides, some things are just meant to be kept private right??=)

Anyway, here's my list of New Year's resolutions:
1) Get a driving license!!
2) Refrain from shopping too much and save some money...
3) Own the very irresistible ipod touch(kind of contradict the above resolution right?? Haha...)
4) Be a better person(always is and always will be my New Year's resolution every year. I just think that you can never stop improving yourself spiritually, academically, socially, etc. cause there's always room for improvement)
5) Travel to more places(Australia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Spain, etc.) and meet more cool people!!=)
6) Be in my second year. InsyaAllah.... Berusaha-berusaha!!!
7) I'm going to be 22 next year. So, this is the year I'd have to erm... never mind. The point is, by 23, I would have already fulfilled this resolution(tak boleh kasik my mum win on this one. Haha...) Semak ah resolution ni... Tak paham?? Bagus!!=)

There's a lot more I want to do next year. But, I'm actually the kind of person who takes things one day at a time. Tackle one problem as it comes. Besides, even if we plan, Allah knows best and what's better for us. So, just chill~~ Don't worry too much and embrace the coming of 2008 with open arms. Soo many new things would be coming your way so don't close your doors to new experiences cause it would definitely make you a better(hopefully) person. And just remember, to make better years from bitter days and you'd be allright!!=)

PS: I'm still in Dublin. So, rakan-rakan yang berada di Dublin, if you have any plans for the New Year, tell me k?? Budak-budak RCSI, duduk diam-diam kat rumah study. Haha...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paris ├ętait impressionnant !!!

That actually means Paris was awesome!!
Seriously... We(Jiha, Alisa and I) were thinking about making Paris as an annual holiday spot.
Well, until we get bored with it and there's nothing else to see there.
I've been procrastinating writing about this. Sebab malas!! Haha...
Ok, before kemalasan datang kembali, baik start.

We left Dublin in the morning. Arrived at around 12pm. Then, took the bus to the main city which took 1 and a half hours. Lama gile!! So, we took the Metro to our accommodation(main ikut orang je. Jalan jauh betul. Padahal ada je Metro yang dekat) This trip was actually a spontaneous trip yang memang sungguh tak diplan. All we knew were our accommodation's name(Formulae 1), places we want to go and see(eg:Disneyland, Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, etc.) and some tips from people who've been there. So, mula-mula nampak cam blur gile ah. After that, cam dah semakin hebat(siapa-siapa berhajat untuk ke Paris, sila tempah saya sebagai tour guide. Upah hanyalah sebijik ipod touch. Haha...)

Anyway, once we arrived at the Metro station that was supposedly near where we were going to stay for the next 5 days, we were completely lost! And the numerous people we asked about the place don't have the slightest clue where it was!! Dah la sejuk pastu tak tau nak pergi arah mana. Haish~~ Then, we finally agreed to go towards the Stade de France(a huge stadium) after the majority of the people we asked pointed towards that way. So, off we went with bags in tow towards the stadium. It was kind of a long walk, so when we passed a shop, we stopped to buy drinks(actually Jiha je yang nak beli air. Alisa and I were looking for some shelter from the cold and also to ask the directions, yet again, to the hotel). The pakcik could speak in English(rasa cam nak sujud syukur je kalo jumpe someone that could speak in English) and he was actually from India. But, he didn't know where the place was(we were thinking. What kind of place membe Alisa recommend ni?? Kenapa semua orang tak tau??? Adoi...) But, we still went towards the stadium's direction and pusing punya pusing, jumpa gak sign nak pergi there. Bergembiralah kteorang ikut sign tu.

But, after about 30 minutes tak jumpa-jumpa jugak. Then, after getting rejected a few times(Alisa ah selalu kene reject kalo bab-bab tanya ni. Haha...), there was this one auntie that gave us the directions there(which was again salah). Pastu last-last pergi masuk hotel mana-mana tanya where exactly tempat tu. Setelah penat membebel-bebel kesejukan, kepenatan and marah-marah kawan Alisa(he said it only took 5 minutes to reach there from the station. Yeah right! It took us 2 hours and a half!), we finally reached the hotel.
Anybody thinking of staying there while traveling to Paris, it's a nice place. But, seriously, DO NOT follow the signs leading there. Sampai bila pun tak jumpa cause sign die cacat. Ikut sign nak pergi McD.

So, after spending a couple of hours in the room, we went out to buy the RER(train) tickets to Disneyland(Senang esok tak payah nak kecah-kecah baru nak beli cause we were planning to go out early the next day). Then, alang-alang dah dekat station, we decided right there and then to terus je pergi Eiffel tower malam-malam tu. Tak sedar diri sejuk malam-malam buta. But, it was worth it! Eiffel tower was really beautiful and minus the fact that there were loads of guys selling souvenirs and mengganggu concentration kteorang untuk tangkap gambar and the freezing cold weather, it was totally fun!! But, I wasn't that excited seeing Eiffel Tower, maybe cause I'm more of a nature person. I mean, Eiffel tower was just a tall ensemble of metal that looks pretty with lights and I got excited at first upon seeing it, but it wears down after a while. Still, seeing it in real life was a great experience.

Ok, so the plan for today was to get out early and spend the whole day in Disneyland. As expected, we got out late. And while we were rushing to go down and out of the hotel, we met 3 Malaysians downstairs(at the reception area). Since we were rushing and we were kind of in shock that there were actually other Malaysians(merata-rata Malaysians ni) staying at the same place we were staying(turns out there were another group of Malaysian students staying there as well besides them), we just said "Hi!" in a hurry and made our way hastily towards the exit(Jiha slack pergi tarik-tarik pintu yang patutnya ditolak. Dua pulak tu. Haha... Takpe Jiha, cuba lagi!! Kteorang paham... Nervous jumpe A_i_...=P)

Then, when we reached the station, I remembered one of the guys(Pakdin) who was our college mate(back in KMB), studies in India. So what was he doing all the way here in Paris?? Tiba-tiba rasa bersalah cause tak stop and tegur dorang. Ye ah, sure dorang tak tahu jalan semua. Well, we weren't experts either tapi at least we could all get lost together. Huhu...

Nak dijadikan cerita, the train came extra late and we met them again at the station and turns out they were heading towards Disneyland as well. So, instead of just three girls, we ended up spending the rest of our trip with 3 additional people. 2 guys(Abid and Pakdin) and also another girl(Mizerque... Hope I got the spelling right). So, we went in both parks(Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios park) and got on almost every rides that were marked as being horrifying (except the space shuttle thingy which looked totally cool but it was already late by the time we reached there and it got too cold) and the shows that were recommended.
Note of advice: DO NOT get fooled by the cute Nemo ride. It was actually one of the best rides in the Walt Disney Studios park but it was definitely not cute!! Fun because it was unpredictable.. but we got fooled by the cuteness of it and thought it was just another harmless ride. Anyway, just can't wait to come again and go on it another time!=P
But, whatever it is, Disneyland was fun!! The only complaint I have(besides the cold) is that I wasn't able to take a picture with Mickey. Sdey!!=S


We(Jiha, Alisa, Mizerque, Abid, Pakdin and I) started the day with going up the Eiffel tower. We went all the way up(Level 3) and took loads of pictures there(the wind was blowing kind of hard, making it extra cold, but we still braved ourselves, with the occasional rests. Rugi ah kan bayar-bayar, tak nak tangkap gamba and enjoy the view from up above).
After Eiffel, we went to see the Arc de Triomp. The arch honours those who fought for France, particularly during Napoleon's time.

Then, we went towards the famous Champs Elysees road. To anyone who wants to go to Paris just to shop, do not think of spending your money here. Almost all of the things are super expensive!!(wow!! penggunaan ayat super!! haha... inside joke. harap maaf!=P)
Don't know if there are sales, the prices would be reasonable though. But, with my status as a student, I could only settle with window shopping.

So, after that, went to see the Grand Palais and Petite Palais and basically took pictures there and around the area. Paris is extremely beautiful at night.
Then, we went towards Musee' da Louvre. We purposely went after 6pm cause one of Mizerque's friends told her that after that, the entrance is free.(yes, we Malaysians love free stuff, don't we?=P) Met some more Malaysian friends here. Mei Lin, Jino(I keep meeting them everywhere I go!! London la, Malaysia la, ni dekat Paris pulak), Ding Dong and Zhe Dong. Owh, I forgot to mention, we even met one of our friend's(Khalil's) Mak Long. What a coincidence!! Memang merata-rata la Malaysians ada.
After basically dragging ourselves[we were all exhausted and just wanted to see Mona Lisa(which was kind of disappointing.) and were all hungry to explore the whole huge museum], we made our way outside to take some more pictures!!

After taking a couple of photos, we went towards KFC(which was halal!! yay!!) and met some more Malaysians there. They were actually studying in Paris. Told us where Hard Rock Cafe was(We searched for Hard Rock Cafe that afternoon to no avail) But, since it was already late after chowing down at KFC, we just went back and saved it for the next day. Everyone was soo tired anyway.

Today started with a trip to Notre Dame with us meeting yes, another group of Malaysians. Kali ni pakcik-pakcik yang ade kerja with aerospace or something like that. Layankan je la... Went inside the cathedral and took some pictures outside and inside. Orang dorang dok sibuk berdoa, kteorang sibuk tangkap gambar. Lawak betul... After that, went to buy some more souvenirs around the area. Then, we made our way to Hard Rock Cafe. Berborong sakan sorang-sorang kat situ. Bujet murah la kan. Huhu... But, it's ok cause bukan selalu pun. (ye ker??=P)

Then, went to the supposedly 'cheaper' place to shop(Printemps). Murah apenya, semua barang-barang mahal betul!! Memang tak mampu la. Unless dia tukar currency jadi RM instead of Euro. Huhu... Then, after dinner semua, we went to Eiffel tower again cause the other three tak sempat tangkap gambar time malam-malam there.


Today is actually the leisure day. Woke up a bit later than usual. Then, Alisa, Jiha and I teman Abid(supposedly for an hour tapi jadi sampai 3 hours lebih. haha..) while Mizerque and Pakdin went to the airport to settle bout their lost luggage. Played cards(poker, etc.) and learned a new magic trick to pass the time. Then, when it got too late, the three of us had to leave and head towards the airport(Jiha pun bersedih. haha...). by the time we reached the airport, the weather wasn't that great. The fog was horrible and true enough, the flight was delayed.

Turns out, we had to be transferred to another airport(at Lille). All of the passengers went on the buses that were provided and all was good for the first few minutes, and by the time we were on the bus for an hour, everyone were fast asleep, even the energetic makcik beside me. Guess how long the trip to Lille airport took? Owh yeah... 2 looong hours. Last-last, what was supposed to be an 8.20pm flight, turns out to be a 1.20am flight. Sampai Dublin, around 2am(Paris's time is an hour earlier compared to Dublin's). Tak nak lama pulak perjalanan kan?? Macam balik Malaysia je. But, we were laughing all the time. Cakap Malay mana orang nak paham. Dah la berperang dengan makcik Cruella deVille with her victory smile setiap kali dapat potong our line. Kejam!! Tidak lupe juga kepada plastic guys Alisa. Haha... Memang terhibur gak la eventhough flight delay dengan dasyatnya. Muka-muka orang lain semua tak bermaya je. Huhu...

So, basically that's about it regarding the Paris trip. Banyak benda-benda lain yang berlaku. But, nanti panjang jadinye. So, I'll leave it at that...=)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Adik-adik, When You Want to Go Travelling, What's The First Thing That's Supposed to be on Your Checklist...??

Hmmm... Let me see...
Money?? Check!
Clothes?? Check!
Toiletries?? Check!
Flight ticket?? Wait, where is it now?? Owh.. there! Check!
Handphone, MP3 and charger?? Check, check, check!!
Notes??(konon-konon untuk study kalau ada masa free) Check!!
Laptop??(takut kena curik. Mana la nak tahu kalau-kalau flasher tu bertukar profession jadi pencurik kan...) Check!!
Serunding??(makanan senang untuk dibawa travel oleh anak-anak Melayu diluar negara) Check!!

Hmmm... Think that would probably be it.
Ok, off to Dublin!!
Since my house was quite far from the bus station in Cork, about 35minutes walk, I went out of the house early, even took a cab when I reached town and thought I wasn't able to make it at the pace I'm going(my foot is not 100% well yet, so my power walk pace is reduced), and still missed the 10am bus. I almost never make it in time for buses at my preferred time.
(Note to self and other Corkians: If you think you're already late and most probably would miss the bus, then you're most of the time right. Cause the bus service here is super punctual and the traffic and road in Cork is like crap. So, even if you took a cab, it'll take much longer compared to if you just walked. So, just save your money)

But, no fret! There's another bus coming the next hour.
So, went on that bus, and 4 hours later, reached Dublin.
Sampai-sampai dah pergi shopping dengan Jiha. Haha...

So, lepak-lepak at their house. Ate what Sarah cooked(sedap!!=P). Watched 'Jangan Pandang Belakang' for like 10 minutes before getting totally bored with it(tak takut pun Taq!! tertido-tido lagi adelah...) and teman Jiha and Alisa tengok "KAMI" and swooning over Abu. *sighs* haha...
Then, when we were about to go out to go and play PS2, sebenarnye nak kena bincang pasal Australia trip, at Ammar's house, tiba-tiba cam terkeluar topik pasal PASSPORT!!!
And it just hit me so suddenly! I was like: SHIT!!! Lupe bawak passport!!!!! Haish...

So, even with my constant reminders of how laDDu(Cauliklaffter's polite way of saying boDDo) I was, forgetting the most important thing to bring when you want to go travelling, I still had to go back to Cork to get it.
4 looong hours back to Cork and 4 hours back again to Dublin. Buang masa betul!!!(and not to mention money!! Boleh beli baju sehelai ok?? Haish~~)
It's a good thing that I noticed I didn't bring it today instead of tomorrow or the day we're going to go to Paris or even worst at the airport cause the whole trip would definitely be called off!!
So, alhamdullilah for that.

Moral of the story:
1) Make a proper checklist before going anywhere!!
2) Suggest to the Irish government to build a bullet train or something that goes 400km/hour from Cork to Dublin so that it wouldn't take 4 loong hours to reach.
3) Make a necklace and attach my passport to it and wear it everyday. Haha... Yeah right.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Garangnyer!! Tapi cute..." berkata Abu yang lagi comeyl *sighs*

It's weird isn't it...??
When it's time for the holidays, that's the time when I suddenly have nothing to do.
I mean, I'm running out of shows to watch(cause basically I've watched every single episode of every single series I layan. And Prison Break, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl either dah habis season or taking too long to get the newest episode out. Berani dorang!!)

So, I was bored and wanted to watch something.
Then, suddenly remembered that Di and Taq layan one series yang I tried to layan before but fell asleep like 10 minutes after and in between the 1st episode either it was because it was too boring/doesn't have that much scenes with Abu(acted by Nas-t) in it/I was too tired at that time. This is not a review of the series as a whole. I mean, I won't be talking about the social issues, whether it's suitable for Malaysian viewers/teenagers, blah.. blah.. blah.. not this time. Banyak sangat kalau nak tulis pasal tu. Huhu... Maybe next time, kalau rajin. You guys who've watched/will be watching it can judge it by yourself right? And they did say "Kegiatan-kegiatan negatif didalam cerita rekaan ini perlulah dihindari bersama..." So, pandai-pandailah..

Anyway, I tried watching it 2 days ago and since there were only 8 episodes, I finished it the next day(and totally fell for Abu!!=P)
The 1st episode was kind of boring. Maybe cause I don't know any of the characters(duh.. kata 1st episode) and the plot of the story is still rather hazy. No wonder I fell asleep watching it the first time. Haha...

Anyway, basically KAMI was produced to support and promote indie local bands.
It revolves around 5 teenagers who became friends through chance when they met at a gig.
Lynn(the girl from kampung yang garang tapi cute..!! haha...), Ali(the ex drug addict yang boleh tahan comeylnya), Adii(Ali's cousin who acts like a rock that holds the group together), Abu(the funny badboy yang hot and comeyl*sighs*=P) and Sofie(the beautiful girl who have to work hard to be taken seriously)

Each one of them has issues of their own and at the first few episodes, they covered each of the characters' background story and issues.
Started with Lynn's, then Ali's, Sofie's, Adii's and Abu's.
Since they at a later time met, so, much of the scenes were redundant and hence the script that Abu said the first time they met Lynn at the gig: "Garangnyer..!! Tapi cute..." was repeateed like 5 times if I'm not mistaken. Haha... No wonder it's stuck in my brain!
Anyway, my personal fav is Abu's story. I've always been a sucker for mysterious bad guys with a big heart when I was in high school. Yeah, go figure. Biasalah, kurang matang. Haha... Nowadays though, I'd rather have a mysterious gentleman with a big heart=P
Anyway, Abu's story was sooo funny+sad... I know... Weird combination of feelings. But, try watching it and I'm almost completely sure you'd feel the same way.

Ok, I don't want to delve deeper in the plot and all that.
Cause it'll probably spoil the story for those people who haven't watched it yet and there's no joy in that.
But, what I can say is the series is OK for Malaysian standard.
I mean, I don't really watch that much Malaysian series, besides 'Gol and Gincu' and the occasional series I watch when my lil bro is watching it. So, I obviously can't be the best judge to rate it.

I'm not sure if they're showing reruns of the series in Malaysia right now, but you could always catch it at the 8tv website or try searching it at Youtube.
Nasib baik ada website macam ni. Boleh la jugak tengok cerita-cerita Malay. Sometimes changing your taste is good=)

So, silalah watch kalau anda rasa berminat, baru habis exams and don't have any other series to watch. Haha...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oooh... How the World Would Be So Much More Beautiful Without Exams!

Finished the exams already!!!!!(eventhough cam truk gak la... Huaaaahhh..!! Cane ni?? First test pun dah cam kantoi. Ok, stop! Don't want to talk bout it. It'll just spoil my celebratory mood.)

Aaaahhh~~ The feeling of freedom is overwhelming~~
Now, the winter holidays is officially ON!!
If my foot doesn't still hurt, I would've jumped up and down like crazy already.
Guess I'd just have to settle doing that in my imagination... Hehe...

What did I do to curb my frustration after the exams??
Pergi city!!
Thought I was only going to eat out. Spent some time lepak-lepak kat Istanbul dengan Wani, Miha and Nad(advice to budak-budak Cork, sila jangan membazirkan duit anda dengan membeli chips and cheese. Sungguh tidak berbaloi. Baik balik rumah, buat sendiri. Pasti lebih enak!!=P)
Then, met up with Syah and Pareq, they were at the city as well, shopping...
So, joined them and the result: One new jacket and a top[puas hati!! Retail therapy does help... Bile kite nak gi Mahon Point(a shopping center) pulak korang???=)]

Then, tomorrow I'm gonna go ice skating with my classmates!!
Yes, even with my foot not completely healed.(lambat betul la!! Orang nak gi holiday ni!! Kan best kalau ade power macam Claire Bennet. Jatuh masuk River Lee sampai patah tengkuk pun ok lagi. Hehe...)
Then, after that, gonna go to Dublin and Paris!! Can't wait!!
I'm going to make sure I shop, sight-see, take pictures, etc. to the fullest!!
It's not like I'm going to go there a zillion times(Paris I mean... Dublin cam akan selalu je dijenguk=P)

Akhir kata marilah kita tawakal and doa results ok.
Usaha dah buat. Kalo tak dapat results yang best pun, rezeki masing-masing kan.
He knows what's best for us. So, don't fret.

So, happy holidays everyone!!!(jangan meroyan sangat. Tunggu summer holidays baru boleh nak meroyan habis-habisan. Note to self actually=D)
Ok then, got sleep, movies, TV series and guitar playing to qada' now without feeling totally guilty=)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Sexually transmitted disease??? Nope!
Super Top Detective?? Huh?? No...
Aaaah... Bosan ah. Asyik salah je(psycho cakap sorang-sorang)
STD stands for STRESSED+TIRED+DEPRESSED. Sums up what I'm feeling now.

I hate, hate, hate exams!!!(who doesn't? Kalo ada yang suka exams, then you can kindly come here and sit for the paper for me.)
How can a paper that lasts for about an hour and a half have this much impact on me???
And how in the world did they come up with mixing Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology and Histology into ONE paper??
Tengok!! Sekarang dah pening nak baca mana satu. Baca satu, lupa yang lain. Baca yang lain, lupa plak yang lagi satu. Adoi~~
time camni la masalah PERV, and apa-apa entah lagi nak crop up. Semak sungguh!!
Exams and problems do come in pairs for me.
It's ok... Dugaan... And I've probably got used it to it by now. And masalah-masalah telah diselesaikan(well, at least from my point of view. And kalo perv tu datang lagi, Pareq kata nak curah dengan air panas from hot water bottle dia tu. Harap-harap sempat bukak before die cabut. Hahaha...)

So, I guess, the only thing keeping me going is having the drive to at least not fail.
And knowing that my family back home have placed such high hopes on me and know that I can do it(it's beautiful isn't it the way your family always has your back even when you do fail and how they can have so much faith in you that you just push yourself to the fullest wanting to fulfill those hopes).
And also knowing that I'll be out of here after the exams.
No perv(hopefully...), no stress, no studying[for a few days before jumping right back in to FM1002(the current module I'm taking)]
Can't wait to go to Dublin and then Paris!!! Wuhuu...!!
Disneyland here I come!!!(yeah, sometimes fantasy's the way to go when reality just sucks too much. The villains and the good guys could also be distinguished unlike in reality where looks and of course words can be soo deceiving. Patut la Ili suka sangat Disney and fantasy movies=P)

I guess I'm stressing so much cause it's been such a long time since I had to sit for a major exam.
But, people do say, "Success comes from failure."(but, I don't wanna fail!!! Then, go study!! Baik-baik!!)
Ok, back to the books!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gimme, gimme more~~

For the more observant, you'd probably notice that those are the lyrics for Britney's new song. 'Gimme More'
What am I doing using it as the title of my post??(I'm NOT a big fan of Britney, so...)
Actually, Diyana(one of my housemates) have been wanting to learn to play this song on the guitar because according to her, she wants to learn to play more singable songs now. Erm, yeah... 'Nice' song choice!! 'It's sooo singable and not slutty'!!! (sarcasm there just in case you don't get it)
Of course, me being me, totally don't agree with it and objected her suggestion that I learn it first and teach her... I mean seriously, eventhough I've never heard of the song at that time, why would anyone want to learn how to play Britney's songs???
It's just... well, it's just not understandable.
After hearing the song and the oh-so-not attractive video clip, it confirmed what I said to Di earlier that all guitarist should just stay away from her songs(unless you're paid to play it. Haha..)

Well, lo and behold!! Yesterday, guess who started learning this song?
Yup!! Me... and Taq.
I was sceptical at first. But, then Taq made me listen to Marie Digby's version of the song. [for those of you unfamiliar with Marie Digby, she's a YouTuber who just became famous because of her great guitar playing skills(ok, at least by a woman's standard), her super-nice vocals and of course having gorgeous looks only helps it right??=) Check out her version of Umbrella that got her famous]
Her version of 'Gimme More' was waaaaay better than Britney's(like duh~~).
I was actually more interested in learning how to play the song cause the chords she used aren't the ones I'm familiar with and besides she did make the song worthwhile to learn.

So, there we were, Taq and I, learning how to play the song[wearing our telekung... Selekeh btul!! Mengaji kan lebih bagus, Taq??=P Itulah namanya meroyan. Meroyan sebab sakit hati dengan OSCE yang tak memuaskan hati!!! (OSCE is one of the exams I had this winter. It generally tests the our clinical skills, like how you deal with patients, taking their history, performing tests, knowing about diseases and their symptoms, etc.) ]

I could say we kind of succeeded in learning the song. Well, at least dapat ah chord ape yang dia guna and the strumming pattern. With more practice, we'll probably be invited to be guitarists for Chris Crocker's mini consert. Haha...(another YouTuber. But, erm... not a guitarist.)
For those of you still feeling weird as to why I spent my precious time learning this song, well take a listen to Marie Digby's version, then we'll go from there=)

P.S: Note to self and Cauliklaffters! If it's not Mr Peter, any of our friends, or Indian Moon ringing the bell, ignore it. Especially, if they ask where Tesco is. PERV!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

What I Want For the New Year or on My Birthday or anytime I/you(preferably you...) have Enough Money is...

I'm not asking a lot.
Just a small gadget that have been begging me to buy it(or for you to buy it for me. This works better for me though=P).
It may be just a tad bit costly...
But, like a friend of mine always says, "Friendship trumps over money anytime..."
So, please.... Please get me this ipod touch.
P.S: I'd love to get the 16GB, but if you're more inclined to get me the 8GB, I'll be more than willing to take it....=)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Please Don't Make Me Cry~~

No, don't be alarmed by the title of my post.
It's actually taken from the lyrics of Eisley's song; Telescope Eyes.
I'm soo addicted to that song right now.
I've heard the song a couple of years back.
But, just recently, the song keeps on haunting me.
(nak exam memang semua pun nak haunt and distract me from studying. Syaitoon...!! huhu...)

Anyway, here are the lyrics:

Oh, you humor me today
calling me out to play
with your telescope eyes, metal teeth
I can't be seen with you, you freak

Go cry, go run away
let your short legs carry you away
with your big dress
and your dirty hair
your pen's waiting for you
just get far, far away from me
I don't want your disease

please don't make me cry
please don't make me cry
I'm just like you
I know you know
I'm just like you
so leave me alone

Dear Matthew, why can't you see?
you're just not near enough like me
with your telescope eyes, metal teeth
I can't be seen with you...

There are a lot of interpretation about the lyrics.
Some people thought it was about having an imaginary friend, or being afraid of the dark when they saw the video clip.
But, basically, the lyrics is a payback to a friend of one of the members of Eisley.
He(Matthew) was a neighbour of hers and would always call her out to play but at school acts as if he doesn't know her; just because she wears glasses and braces. What a jerk.
But, they were young then, and considering the fact that guys mature less faster than girls(anyone cares to dispute that??=P), it's kind of understandable the way he acted.
I guess at that time of age, most kids want to be seen as cool and hanging out with a nerdy looking kid would make you look sort of uncool. Yeah, whatever~~
I mean, I was always the non-discriminating type. If you're friendly to me(given that you're not psychotic in a really psycho way... hahah...) then I'll be friendly to you.

So, anyway I'm not quite sure which of the Eisley girls(Eisley is not an all-girl band. They have a guy on drums and the other on bass guitar. Four of them are siblings and one is a family friend. Totally sweet!!) wrote that song. But, I guess the Matthew guy must be really regretting his actions in the past, considering the fact that all three girls are beautiful and famous now...=P

I guess the lesson we can learn from this song(yes, songs can even teach you lessons about life) is that we have to treat people with respect regardless of their looks(we never know when they'll suddenly become a hot guitar/keyboard playing chick, rocking it out with her band) and also don't think about what people would say or think when you become friends with them. What you think matters. You know them better than any of the other people. Some people are just afraid of knowing someone outside of their circle cause they're afraid of something that's different from them. Because they don't understand the differences and don't want to even find out about it(could somehow be related to the way some people have a mind-set about Muslims and don't want to understand them and change that mind-set, I guess). So, forget what people say and think. Live your life and get to know as many people as possible. Differences in each one of us makes the world a better place. Then, you won't have regrets later on. At the end of the day, we're all the same. Humans...

Anyway, I've put the video of the song down there. But, the lyrics are different. A lot of the lyrics from the original song were asked to be removed and changed due to 'commercial' value, as suggested by their recording label.
Besides the song getting a more upbeat tempo, I think what their recording label asked them to do was crap. Liked the original song waay better. But, people's opinion differ. So, enjoy!! Akhir kata, Eisley rocks!!=)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Finale... Finale...

If you're haven't watched the newest series of Heroes and Desperate Housewives, please stop reading. This post may contain spoilers~~ =P

Ok, so today I watched the season finale for Heroes.
What I thought about it??
It was sooooooooooooooooo BORING!!!
It was boring because the story's becoming more and more predictable and I kindda think that the story's not going anywhere, like Nana says, every episode semakin merepek.
For the first time, I agree with you Nana. Hahhahaa... (doesn't mean I'm not still emo with you for not telling me the news though... Huh..!!)
And perlu ke watak Sylar ada lagi??? BOSAN!!!

The only part that made me look forward to the next season is knowing what happened to Niki. Poor Mikah yang comeyl(nak anak please!!! hahaha...). He can't possibly lose his mom too...
But, Niki's character is still important for the writers to just kill off right??

But, we'll never know. Pernah je writers yang psycho ni bunuh important characters [e.g. Marissa from The OC(sampai hati dorang kill off Marissa!!!) and the 'presumed' death of Dr. Sara Tancredi from Prison Break(I don't really believe this. Especially since it's Prison Break and anything can happen here. Conspiracy, conspiracy~~ ya, saya sudah pandai menilai kebenaran sesuatu=P)]

So, Heroes ended with Nathan getting shot and Niki didn't quite made it out of the fire after saving whats-her-name(totally forgot and maleh nak carik kat intenet).
Ala, tapi with Heroes, you don't really get all that sad when a character dies.
Ye ah, tiba-tiba hidup balik~~ Aaaah... Tak thrill lagi membosankan... (tapi masa ayah Hiro BETUL-BETUL mati, sedey!!!)

Talking about characters being killed off, the newest episode of Desperate Housewives ended with Lynette shouting in anguish upon seeing Mrs. McClusky's house totally ruined due to the tornado(this was pretty brilliant. I mean, the tornado part... Who would've thought huh??)
Her entire family plus Ida was in the basement of the house, taking shelter from the tornado.
So, during the intro, Mary Alice, as the narrator, said something about how at the end of the tornado, the Wisteria Lane ladies are going to lose a friend and one of them would lose a husband.

Ok, so... That kind of had me hooked from start to finish(pernah ke Desperate Housewives punye episode tak berjaya menhookkan their fans??) and I was thinking over and over, please don't let it be Tom(for the somebody's gonna lose a husband part) and also don't let the other housewives die. It's soooo going to kill the series[like killing off Marissa kind of killed The OC. Yes, I'm still not really over it eventhough the series is over. You have a problem with that, you deal with me!!!(tak paham, abaikan... hahaha...)]
Turns out Victor si albino died(somebody's husband died... tick!) and Sylvia si psycho died also(but she's not any body's friend...)
Then, siapa friend dorang yang mati ni???!!!!
My guess??? Ida.... Character yang paling selamat untuk dimatikan(jahat?? Maybe jahat gak sikit. Tapi nak kill off siapa lagi???)

Anyway, the continuation of this episode would be aired not so immediately... or so I've heard.
The whole writers' strike is still on and heard that the writers and producers aren't getting any closer to calling truce(Get it over already!! We've got stories to unravel!!)
So, I'm going to have to be a little bit patient then.

Wonder if I'll still be hooked on Heroes though...

Ok, sudah!! Sambung study!!=S

Friday, November 30, 2007

Bonus Question: What's the Connection Between a Golf Ball & My Foot??

Before 6.45pm yesterday, there was no actual connection between those two.
But, as people always say. Ajal maut di tangan Tuhan... Jatuh tangga dan bengkak pun di tangan Tuhan...

And so the story goes...
Taq, Miha, Wani and I were walking down the stairs to get to the lift on the 2nd floor from the surau(which is located on the 3rd floor) at Brookfield. The surau is situated such as we had to take the lift until the 2nd floor and then go up the stairs to the 3rd floor to get there. Weird, I know. Blame it on the people who planned the building. Huhu...

Anyway, as we were going down the steps, Taq was complaining how thirsty she was;
"Hausnya!!!(it's dahaga ok, Taq?) Nak air!! Nak air!! Nak pengsan dah ni haus!!"
I then said, "Ala, tunggu je sampai rumah nanti. Sekejap je pun"
"Eh, tapi ade tmpt minum air kat bawah tu..." berkata Miha.
"Jauh tak??" Taq asked.
"Tak ah. Dekat 2nd floor tu jer. Tepi tu." Miha and I said to her.
"Owh.... Dayah nak!!" Taq said while extending her hand towards me.
"Nak ape??" I asked, confused.
"Botol la..." Miha tukang pengurang(ye ker??) kekonfiusan berkata.
Taq then said again, "Cepat la... Nak pengsan dah ni haus!!"
"Haha... takpe, biar je pengsan" I jokingly replied.
(eventhough takde dialog dari Wani, sesungguhnya die wujud, tetapi mungkin sedang sibuk membayangkan Abang S_i_o_ kesayangannyer~~ haha...)
Then, while I was rummaging through my (extremely heavy!) bag searching for my bottle, bedebuk!! jatuh...!! Jatuh tangga yang horror tu!!!(takde ah sampai tergolek-golek. Just termiss satu step and jatuh. Loser gile... Huhu...
But, seriously... Pelik ah kenape boleh jatuh teruk camtu. I was holding on to the stairs' handle, when i started to slip. But, because of gravity and the excessively heavy bag(psycho ape entah gi bawak buku anatomy, physio, etc. yang berat-berat gi kelas ari tu. Bujet kuat study ah...)

Ape-ape pun, yang penting, sakit!!!! I'm not the type of person who admits that I'm hurting even when I'm sick. Partly because it'll only worry people and I have this crazy thinking that admitting you're sick would only make it even more real(and I'm studying medicine...?? haish~~) Anyway, after falling down the stairs, I of course still braved myself to walk back home. Dah ah jalan kat sini cam cacat sikit(It's uneven and memang cacat la senang cerita. Huhu...) and it was a 10minutes walk(usually... But, just now, it took 5minutes longer. Tak biasa betul jalan pelan-pelan ni!!).

Then, when I arrived home. Lepak-lepak la kejap. Thinking at the back of my mind: "It'll go away. Maybe after some rest." After dinner, I chilled out in my room for a while. Then, suddenly the foot(it was my left foot by the way) started to irritate me. The pain got a little bit worst. I inspected it. Ok jer... Juz bengkak sikit and cam tak boleh nak straightkan die and range of movement pun limited. Then, I went on chilling out(bukan nak study!! Exams nak dekar dah ni!!). Then tiba-tiba cam terpandang kaki tu lagi. Then, baru la perasan dengan sangat terkejutnya yang die dah bengkak kat the other side of the foot(bahagian buku lali). It swelled like there was a golf ball embedded in it!! Menakutkan!!!(so now you know the connection between those two...=P)

So, the fall was taken a little bit seriously by me after that. My housemate started laughing at the sight of it. (Siap buat lawak nak buat golf open kat Cauliklaffter. Sengal!!)
I'm just glad it happened(I'm not glad it happened, but it already did) today instead of next week ke. Cause the week after ade exams!!(Owh, or maybe if they saw my 'tempang'ness, they'll give me extra credit for even coming to the exams=P)

Haih~~ Probably have to take the day off tomorrow!! Huah...!! Tak pasal-pasal dapat cuti peristiwa. Miss la lectures and study group...=(
But, takpe daripada tempang seumur hidup, baik kasi die rehat dulu kan?
When these kind of things happens, you start to really appreciate what you have(this is actually the 2nd time I've injured my left foot. The 1st time was when I landed horribly wrong during netball practice. Promised never to jump too high after that, but then this... Again, we never ever could predict our future... So...)
Anyway, gotta put ice on it after this(thanks Ille for the ice and Cauliklaffterers[eventhough gelak je kerja korang. Tak dapat nak join trip out to town tomorrow!!! Sedih!!!), and also thanks to those people who were concerned about me too!!=)]

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who Wants To Be A "Ribuan"nair???

MARA finally gave all of us studying in Ireland scholarships based on the new rate!!!(plus the remaining money from September till November) two days ago.
Wuhuu...!! So, the majority of us are ribuannairs~~
Sayang MARA!!! (pujian dengan harapan dapat la naik lagi. hahaha... ha... rapan...)

Suddenly, all the pressures and tension felt due to the upcoming exams, were lifted when we saw the balance on our bank accounts.... Well at least for a few minutes only... Then poooom!!! back to reality~~ The extra money ain't going to be there if you don't pass your exams rite??

So, as excited and agitated as all of us were; thinking what we were all going to do with the money, (amanah ah wei korang duit tu. So, tak payah ah nak beli gitar, necklace robotman, winter jacket or pergi travel sangat~~Note to self actually...) we all had to suppress the big calling to go and splurge on something till.... this Friday!!! hahaha.... So much for suppressing it=P But credit should be given. Cause at least we waited till Friday baru nak gi shop. It's kind of a big achievement=P

But asal eh?? Tiba-tiba rasa macam nak balik Malaysia time winter break ni?? (melampau?? mungkin suam-suam melampau...)
Nasib je cuti 2 weeks. Kalo tak....
Ok, enough rambling for today. Got loads of studying to do~~
Anyway, selamat berbelanja dengan hemah n practical to all the new orang-orang kaya Ireland!!=)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pabila Wai Po Khe Tatt Kata Bosan dan Ecah Kata Lawak~~

It's freezing cold here in Ireland.
(yeah, those of you studying at Russia, UK, etc. might dispute that your respective place is much more colder than here. Sape suruh study kat negara-negara yang ade salji. Skian. huhu...)
This is probably the main reason why I don't prefer to go anywhere during winter.
I'd rather wait till the looonger Easter Break(which lasts for a month. Eventhough certain orang cakap: "Tak remaja ah tak nak travel time winter!!" Aaaaaahhh.... Tak kisah!! Daripada memekak sepanjang vacation sebab sejuk, baik jalan dekat-dekat sini je.) But after that is the Summer exams(finals!!! argh...!!). So, you know...
The vacation's not gonna be as fulfilling as I'd like it to be, with the guilt and all(tipu gle... last Easter lepak Amsterdam ok jer... haha.... hmmm.... --->gelak mula-mula tapi bertukar jadi emo remembering the amount of money I spent. Haish~~)

But, the most important thing is that I get to enjoy my SUMMER break!!!
Planning to go to Australia(ok, basically have to... cause promised to Syal, Jem, Harisun and Zie already. And it was supposed to be last year's plans. But, biasa ah. 1st time balik Malaysia, mesti ah nak spend the whole time there. Amek skali! 3 months and a half spend kat Malaysia SAHAJA. Nak balik lagi?? Of course!!!)

So, in order for me to have a stress free year. Meaning; I can go travel during the Easter Break and have a very enjoyable Summer Break I'd have to score and study!!!(I wannna meet everyone I didn't get a chance to meet last time around. Budak-budak Subang especially. Entah pape kite ni. Duduk dekat, tapi susah nak jumpe. Yeah, I know, my fault!!=P)

Got exams coming up next month(sounds like I have a lot of time when I say it like this. Words!! Have only 2 more weeks to go actually... Berusaha Dayah berusaha!!!)
So, I've taken a pact to not YM as much as I am doing now(I'm still gonna be online, just not replying i guess. Or maybe tak online terus. You know temptations like these. Susah sikit nak menangkis. But, you know I still love you guys rite!! Hahah... So, Buchukudin, tak boleh ah selalu main pool dah. Praktis menangkis sihir ok?? Nanti kite buat World Championship) Then, I'd have to jauhkan diri from my guitar. And I don't want to layan Friendster, Facebook. Fanpop or whatever crap I layan nowadays. Except the occasional posts on this blog and maybe a few episodes of Heroes, Grey's, Gossip Girl and Naruto(nasib baik Prison Break tengah break) just to keep my sanity at a moderate level. Haha... Nak gak tu!!!(Time-time periksa ni la banyak je benda nak crop up!!!!) Tak pe... 3 weeks habis laa...(Keep telling yourself that: ayat Robo)

Anyway, wish me luck everyone!!!=) Cuak2!~~
nerdkan diri Mode activated-

Saturday, November 24, 2007

In LOVE-ing Memory of Beleigh/Rosie/Baby... (repost from my old blog. been kindda lazy)

Beleigh~~~ Guess what that is.

"An Irish town??" Eeet....!!! Try again~

"Erm, your new Irish friend" Eeeet...!! Wrong~~ But, you're getting warm. Come on, one more try~

"Hmmm..... Is it.... Erm, ballet in Gaelic?? (Gaelic's the traditional language of Ireland) Eeeet....!!! Wrong again~~ It's.... the new addition to Cauliclaffter-a cat!!
(Cauliclaffter is the name of the house I'm currently living in with 5 other loony girls)

And it's pronounced like the word 'belang'(stripes); in a kelantanese slang. yeah, go figure~~

Anyway, this new (and I suspect, temporary) addition to our house started yesterday. I actually saw the cat at Brookfield(this is one of the buildings UCC owns. Specially made for health science related students) like 3 hours before it was catnapped by my housemates. After coming back home from the very confusing physio lab, I went inside the kitchen to see what Syah's cooking(nasi lemak with sambal sotong~~ wuhuu..!!).

Suddenly I saw the cat sitting quietly in a box. Taq n Ille were both busy entertaining it(maybe that's why beleigh was soo quiet. hahaha....) and they said:
"Dayah!!! tgk ni..!!!"(probably waiting for me to jump in joy or something)
I replied, after actually comprehending that there was actually a cat in the house:
"OMG!!! mana korang jumpa kucing ni?? eh, jap. ni bukan kucing yang kite tengok kat Brookfield tadi ke?? Bukan pakcik tua tu punye ke?? What is it DOING here??"
Ille then said: "Ala, die nak lintas jalan kat Brookfield tadi. Nanti kalau jadi ape2??"
"But, don't you guys have to ask permission from Mr Peter(our landlord) first?? I mean, he would like to know if there was a cat living here right??" I said, always being the one to see the situation in a holistic way (it's a more cool word instead of being the bearer of bad news, right??=P)
"Haah... nanti kalau tiba-tiba Mr Peter datang rumah, mesti ah die terkejut kalau tiba-tiba ade kucing kat rumah." tiba-tiba Nenek K_ _ _T menyampuk. (hahahaha.... sorry babe. the name's just soo funny)

And we went talking about the fate of Beleigh. Ok, personally it's not like I hate cats(although it does sound like it). It's just that they can be quite messy sometimes. I've had a history of very messy cats back at KMB. But Beleigh looks well-groomed. Her(yes, Ille even established that it's a female. I don't want even to dispute that; cause it would actually have to involve in me showing a real evidence. So, whatever... Beleigh's a female. End of that) ears, fur and paws were sooo clean. It must be somebody's. Besides, they don't really have stray cats or dogs here in Ireland. Every pet walking on the street must be someone's. But, for the time being it's ours. We've decided to wait for the owner to put up an advertisement. (Shouldn't we be doing it instead?? Hmm...)

After talking bout the fate of Beleigh, we came to discuss bout what to call her over dinner. Di probably came to the worst name ever. She wants to call it BABY. I mean, seriously?? As Taq says; "We don't call cats baby..." (yeah, now we all know what name you call ehem....!! haha...) Personally, I have a problem with that name cause firstly, it sounds totally weird to call a cat by it. Secondly, it just reminds me of someone which makes me feel nauseous (Ok, that was mean. But, that's really how i feel. So, deal with it=P). So, Beleigh it is.

So, now Beleigh is sleeping with Ille. It hasn't entered my room yet. Sorry Beleigh, but I love my private space and it takes more than your cute, innocent face to gain my trust and let you enter it. Besides, what's the point in falling for Beleigh if it's not gonna stay for a long time. Makes it harder when she's finally going to leave. Yeah, I have a twisted mindset and I'm slowly relating the story of Beleigh to some other issue. So, I'm stopping. Anyway, welcome Beleigh!! (erm, could we like split the rent to 7 now??=P)

-Current news... Beleigh has been taken back by his(yes, it's actually a male) owner, Andrew. He didn't even know it was a male and actually named him Rosie. Poor Beleigh... He must be even more confused about his sexuality. Haha... Later next week, he went wandering again only to be found 2 days later. Haish~~-

Leave Yourself Alone!!!

I don't usually make fun of people cause i think that it's just plain mean and rude.
Besides, I'm a firm believer in letting people do whatever they want to.
But, a friend of mine(his name has to be withheld due to privacy reasons=P) gave a link to this video.
I'm not going to say anything. But, come on man, seriously??
Tell me what you guys think about it.
Owh, btw I'm not a Britney fan. But I think the press should just cut her some slack.
-I promote world peace-

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And so it goes~~

Ok, so I've been bitten by the Blogger bug...
Don't know why, but this blog is more interesting than the one provided by Friendster...
Probably due to the much more interesting(and more??) applications that can be used.
Used to have a Blogger account before. But, i kind of left it for a very loooong time.
And as expected, forgot the name of the page, let alone the password and username I used.
So, this is the start of something new~~
Just another platform for me to voice out a piece of my mind~~