Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pilihan BIJAK!

Went waiting for the commuter to go back to sweet old Subang at 5-ish p.m.
Arrived home at 8p.m.

Seriously, if you're just about to board the komuter after office hours heading to Pelabuhan Kelang, just take an extra hour just to wind down at the nearest maple coz you won't be able to get INSIDE the komuter. Well, unless you're a ruthless person who don't have the courtesy to let the disembarking passengers get out first before shoving your way inside and at the same time completely ignoring the whole concept of QUEUING up and following the queue and using your super tajam heels or whatever other asset of mass destruction you've got on other people just to get ahead, or inside to be precise, then yeah, just follow my advice.

Just DON'T even think of wasting your time queuing up cause everyone else don't follow the rule of first come, first serve. It's definitely a survival of the fittest competition if you're adamant on making it in time for your daily dose of 7.00pm drama (whatever's on these days). And if it really was, I'd be the already extinct species, or if I'm lucky, the rare species that has to be put on the endangered species list.

Firstly, you'd have to survive by actually pushing everyone else in front of you to get in. Then, after you're in, it's another competition all-together. Survival for oxygen. (forget getting enough space to put your stuff down or even feel comfortable where you're squashed at. Once you're in, you're considered lucky. Huhu...)

So, how did I finally entered the komuter and arrived home just in time for dinner?
Well, after the 3rd time(whoever came up with the phrase 3rd time's the charm has apparently never came and witnessed the repetitive disappointments one has to go through just to go home using the komuter), I finally decided to just not rely on my luck (which apparently decided to go for a summer holiday as well) and just board the train heading to Sentul so that I could stop at Bank Negara and board the train to go to Subang from there. Brilliant huh? Wish I'd just followed this plan the first time I thought about it (which was the first time when I was not even allowed to smell the inside of the komuter. Sungguh sengal~~ Habes masa 1 jam lebih sebab tunggu nak board train jer)

And you wanna know the best part of this??
When I finally boarded the train to go back home at Bank Negara (I got a seat too!! Sweeet! Huhu...) the advertisement in front of me goes like this:

Pilihan Bijak
Tentulah KTM Komuter

Jimat Masa
Jimat Tenaga
Jimat Belanja

Well, at least one part of it is right. And don't blame me if I happen to be totally skeptical about things promoted on advertisements after this. My experiences thought me better. *sigh*

Friday, July 25, 2008

They Don't Call it The Holidays For Nothing Right??

Whoa~~ Finally updating my blog.
Sure dah takde siape yang check to see whether I've updated ke tak kan?? Haha...
Yaaa... saya adalah seorang blogger yang teramat-amat pemalas!
Every time I want to write about something, it's either the connection takde (FYI I'm currently using free wireless connection from one of my mysterious jiran yang sangat baik hati@kurang celik IT kerana tak letak password kat dienya connection. Whatever the case, thanx jiran misteri!! =P) or dah takde mood nak tulis cause when the mood comes, kena terus tulis. Kalau tak.. hilang idea! Yeah, yeah... Alasan~~

So, anyway, the summer holidays have passed for like 2 months already. I've been up to a lot of things! Been to the KKB reunion where there were lots of new faces who came this time around. Kindda missed the 'update' session cause well, my friends and I were busy gossiping and lazing around the room to notice that everyone else were downstairs telling each other what's been up with their life now and all (heard one of my friend even said she was planning to get married! Hmmm.. Menarik update itu! Hehe...) Pastu berjaya ajar dorang main Mafia, my most favourite get-together game. Owh, and also had this little session playing teka-teki where yours truly totally pissed a lot of people off with the "Kuda apa yang paling lawa sekali??" question. [BTW, the answer is Kuda SYURGA (and make sure you give the answer with a straight face and if you're really asking to be slapped in the face especially by Azie, throw in some hand gestures that's suitable i.e like you're trying to introduce a really awesome new gadget that's gonna save people with cancer/AIDs/starvation. Get it??)] The whole reunion was a lot of fun cause had the time to talk to my old friends and see what they were up to these days.

So, after the KKB reunion, I went to Australia for 2 weeks. Went to Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney. It was soo much fun especially the Gold Coast and Sydney trip. Well, eventhough technically I only spent like 2 days in Sydney but it was fun cause I get to spend time with Syal!! Its been two years already since I last saw her, so best ah dapat spend time eventhough kejap je with her. It's not the quantity, it's the quality that counts right?

The trip to Gold Coast trip gave me a lot of new experiences. Like... Sleeping inside a car for one night. Ini agak tak boleh blah la kan. Originally we were all supposed to sleep at the airport (hey, I didn't plan this whole trip. So, don't go saying that this is soo typical me. Huhu... No this time I wasn't responsible and the addition of the Gold Coast airport to the collection of airports I've already slept in wasn't made by me deliberately =P) Anyway, the night was spent playing cards, playing with shopping carts (ni kerja Ammar, Jem and Meera) and taking pictures before we were asked whether any of us lived in the apartment beside where we were playing by a guard. (guard yang sama yang telah memberi kata-kata membina kepada tiga manusia yang bermain cart tadi) Dalam kata erti yang lain, kteorang telah dihalau dari situ. Wuwu... sungguh sedey! So, because it was getting late anyway, we decided to wrap the night and just stay inside the car and yeah, try to sleep. The next day, we went to watch the sunrise. Semua pun layan je eventhough semua orang tengah sengal-sengal badan sebab position tido yang agak kurang baik (especially those yang tido kat driver's seat, steering wheel lagi kan. Haha...) Then, we made our way to our apartments, which was soo beautiful! The view from there was superb and it was soo spacious and comfortable! Definitely gets my sign of approval! =)

The days in Gold Coast was spent at the beach. Didn't actually get to see the surfers do their thing sebab lambat benar nak kena tunggu cause dorang plak kena tunggu wave yang best kan. Then, we also went to Movie World(where I went on the Superman Escape ride, it went from ZERO to 100 km/h in 2 seconds! Gile! Nak patah tengkuk!), Sea World (the highlight of this trip was the dolphin show. Comeyl2~~) and also went to the Currumbin Zoo (where I fed and touched a kangaroo!! Yipee!! But, they were super busuk! And they're actually kindda big and everytime nak snap picture with one of them, mesti muke tengah cuak. Haha...) Overall the trip was superb! Get to make new friends (Hafiz and Homi yang kedua-duanya sengal) Was thinking bout going there again. This time probably with my family. Bile ntah pun tak tahu.

Then, after the Gold Coast trip went to the MASCA thingy. It was actually a sports carnival held at the University of Queensland, Brisbane. It was kindda cool cause I get to meet my old KMB friends and also make a few new ones. Owh, and I also met my secondary school friend, Chew there! Of all the places to meet my old Subang friend la kan... Kat Subang tak pernah plak nak terserempak. Kat Aussie jugak... Then, I also met one of my juniors at KKB who happens to know my full name! Haha... Bagus memory die~~ So, it was fun catching up with these people. There was also a masquarade ball yang takde ah Masquerade sangat pun and tak macam ball langsung. Haha... Sorry2... Nothing against the organizers though. But, the food was great, didn't actually comprehend the whole concept of having to make two dishes of each course and selang-seli letak dish lain-lain kat each table. Leceh kan?? But it's not my job so I'll just leave it at that =P Owh, and I actually played netball for Victoria in the scorching heat! [yeah, I got sunburnt and also helped them (ye ker??) get third place]

What did I learn after my trip to Australia?? Hmm... I know how to play poker now! =P

Then, the rest of my summer holidays was spent with my friends, had another M04M reunion last Monday with Robo, Jiha, Aisyah, Jem, KS and Ammar. Hey, we even met Teo, the most mysterious and quietest guy in my class! Talk about a true class reunion. Hehe... Then, trips to the maple with Usaid and Yati and also Ili, Cipi and all. Owh, did I mention that I bumped into Nas-T(Abu from KAMI for those of you who don't know) at OU last Monday?? Mula-mula tak perasan pun dia. Just perasan gf die (yes... bummer) je cause she was walking too fast and actually struggled to walk fast(because of the expression from her face. Huhu...). I was thinking "Apsal minah ni jalan laju smacam ni??" Then I realized beside her was Nas-T! Pastu terus gile sekejap. Haha... He was as cute as he is on screen. Tapi macam pendek sikit laa. Average height for Malaysian guys kot. Haih~~

Owh, and also in case some of you haven't seen the Dark Knight, seriously go and watch it! Totally worth it especially if it's a treat from your brother. Teehee... Allright, till my next post then! (pray that it won't take another month. Hehe...)

P.S: pics nanti la letak =P