Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guess Who's Back!! =)

Hola! Guess who's back on the blogging world! =)
Ok, so I was bored and needed to find something to do after laboring myself to Neuroanatomy just now. I had played my guitar, I watched an episode of The Simpsons and then it struck me...!
Hey, I've been abondoning my blog for ages, why not write something up! So, here I am...! =P
So, what have been happening since I last wrote?? A whole lot!
Like for example, I've traveled to Spain and Scotland during my Christmas Break (wow... it's been that long since I last wrote huh??), I took Spanish as my special study module and now can speak a bit of it, not that good, but still can speak a bit of it, I've turned 23!! (owh maaaann, I'm sooo old!), I've won gold medal in futsal and soccer! (sports I've only learned to play recently. Hehe...), and soo much more things that have happened!

Anyway, I promised to write about the Spain and Scotland trip to my housemates who are insisting I write it up especially parts that are embarrassing or funny, but mostly embarassing... (most of them happened, surprise, surprise, to me of course. *sigh*) So, I guess I'll save that for later. Today, I just felt like writing about the returns of 2 of my fav show in Malaysia, One In a Million (OIAM) and Ghost (Wuhuuu...!!).

So, I was a bit late I guess on knowing that OIAM was back. I've just known about it last week, and it was already in their Top 4 stage. Nasib baik bukan tau after it was finished and all kan. Hehe... Anyway, I guess the hot topic for this year's OIAM obviously is the fact that the once "sengau" boyband singer, Tomok, is on the show. And yes, I have to be honest, I was one of the few sceptics of how he would fare, but after seeing his performance, especially covering songs such as "Crazy In Love", "La, La, La Kerjalah" and "Aku Cinta Padamu" I have to admit, I was impressed! His voice has lost all of the "sengau''ness and it was kind of entertaining to see him (a bit dramatic at times, but hey, a bit of drama never kills right?). But yeah, I guess he's slowly regaining my respect as an entertainer (tapi sumpah mende chain yang dangling kat dienye seluar tu cam semak gleee! Nak gak cakap tu. Huhu...) and I guess I have to sincerely applaud my junior, S, for believing in Tomok, even when he was in his ''sengau'' heydays. Syabas S! Tak sia-sia anda melalak "Sejarah Mungkin Berulang" beribu-ribu kali. But thankfully, sejarah tidak berulang and he has changed. Huhu... Anyway, my vote on who would win the 1 million? I'd probably say Esther(the only girl left in the competition! *gasp*). She has this great voice and creativity that just oozes 1 million ringgit quality. And besides, a part of me just feels like a non-artist should be winning this. Owh, but this year's season I think really is one of the best so far. My personal fav was Amelia, but too bad (spoiler alert!!) she was voted off last week. Anyway, I can't wait to see who wins it though.

Owh, and I've just watched Ghost 2 yesterday. In case you guys haven't even heard of the series Ghost, go watch it! I think it's really one of those few quality Malaysian series that are really worth watching. Sorry laaa geng-geng SpaQ, saya kurang berminat dengan cerita drama series begitu. Huhu... Anyway, it has a new case opened, some rich lawyer's daughter was kidnapped and now they need to find her and with the help of a new ghost (yes, it's like "Ghost Whisperer'). Two of the original casts are back, Cheryl Samad and Naz. Other than that, the casts are all new and yes, I've never seen or heard of them before. But, the show looks promising, thankfully. I was actually dreading to see it, because usually when a successful series goes into it's 2nd season, they lose their first magic and the show would just be crappy but thankfully, Ghost 2 didn't let me down =) Owh, and guess what, since Nas-t would not be in this series anymore, there's a replacement for him, it's Anding who plays Alam who's a very unique, funny and yes, most importantly, cute character!

Ok, that's all I want to babble for now. Promise I won't disappear for another month before writing again! =P Till then, happy studying or holidaying, whichever continent you're living in! =)