Sunday, August 31, 2008

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Bertepatan dengan hari kemerdekaan Malaysia, saya hendak menulis dalam bahasa Melayu. Maaf jika Bahasa yang digunakan agak cacat, kerana saya sesungguhnya tidak berapa mahir. Ya, salah diri sendiri! =P Maka, marilah kita mulakan penulisan!

Saya tak faham...
Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang di Malaysia tak ada adab time beratur.

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang di Malaysia tak tahu dan tak kisah pasal isu-isu semasa di Malaysia (apatah lagi isu-isu di dunia dengan memberi kata-kata seperti: "Takpelah.. Asal sampai Malaysia tak berperang sudah") tapi kalau tanya pasal artis-artis serata dunia, cepat je nak nyampuk.

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia (lagi-lagi yang mengaku Melayu Muslim) rasa dorang 'cool' dan hebat dan lagi teruk, kalau berasa bangga membuat aktiviti-aktiviti yang berunsur barat (seperti clubbing dan minum arak).

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia suka buat kecoh pasal benda remeh-temeh.

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia tak reti bersyukur.

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia tak ramah walaupun sebenarnye kita konon-kononnya dikenali sebagai orang-orang yang ramah (tapi kenapa kalau saya bayar dan senyum dan cakap terima kasih kat cashier, dorang masam jer..?? Mungkin sebab saya kurang comeyl dan mereka hanya ramah dengan orang berlainan jantina dan pelancong-pelancong asing...? Mungkin...)

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia terlalu memandang tinggi orang-orang asing [maksud saya pelancong-pelancong asing, bukannye orang-orang dari Indonesia dan Bangladesh yang penat-penat buat kerja yang orang-orang kita sendiri malas nak buat (bukannya nak 'backup' dorang, tapi betul kan??)].

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang di Malaysia tak berapa tinggi (tapi ini mungkin sebab genetik, maka tak boleh salahkan sesiapa tapi saya masih nak mengungkit perkara ini. Haha...).

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia hanya tahu meraikan Hari Kemerdekaan dan bersungguh-sungguh untuk meraikannya tapi tak faham tentang bertapa pentingnya hari tersebut.

Dan saya lagi tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang di Malaysia hanya tahu mengkritik tapi tak tahu bagaimana untuk memperbaiki keadaan di Malaysia sendiri (ie: saya =P).

Selamat menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan!! =)

P.S: Bak kata pepatah, alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan (ecey~~), maka saya nak mengucapkan selamat berpuase (penuh!) kepada semua! Semoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna. InsyaAllah~~

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Am a Snake....??

One of my friend Ili asked me just now, out of the blue, while we were busy discussing other things...

Ili: So, will I see you this hari raya? Huhu...

Me: Huh?? What's that suppose to mean??

Ili: Since when do you have a problem with reading? Huhu...

Me: Haha.. I don't. But, I do have a problem understanding your question. So, please explain sket.

Ili: Adakah saya akan berjumpa anda hari raya ini??

Me: Haha... I understand English ok. Tapi apsal tanya soklan tu?

Ili: Saje. I had a dream.

Me: Ooook...

Ili: Mimpi dipatuk ular.

Me: Huh?? Membe aku kata kalo mimpi kene patuk ular, maknenye ade orang nak masuk meminang. Eeeehhh... Ke mimpi kene kejar ular eh?? Cause ari tu die mimpi aku kene. Sengal!! Ok, then??

Ili: Tapi ular tu cam tak menakutkan. Cam ular kertas tapi cam geli gak. Tu kire dipinang gak ke?? Hahaha...

Me: Ntah! Tak tahu pasal mimpi-mimpi ni! Haha... So, pe kaitan mimpi tu ngan aku?

Ili: Tah... Tapi aku rasa ular and ko ade keserasian??

Me: WHAT???? Itu tak boleh terima! Hahhaa... Pastu kena patuk ngan ular kertas, so kite akan jumpe time raya...?? Hahah... Mende ko nih??

Ili: Ye ah. Sebab ular tu cam ular kertas. Angpau duit raya. And ko and ular plak ade keserasian. Nampak tak connection die??

Me: Celah mana keserasian ni???????

Then she went on to talk about how a snake and I would even be serasi which I should not tell due to the weird explanation. Yeah2~~ Still tak boleh terima.

Me: Haih~~ You know the answer right???

Ili : So is it a yes...??

But I never got this last question. Probably cause disconnected kejap and it wasn't until I looked at the archive to write about it, baru nampak soklan ni. Sorry Ili!! But, if I did, I would have answered:

Me: Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out is it...?? =P

Ok, end of story. Sheesshh...!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The 5 Things???


The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.


What were you doing 5 years ago?
Hmm.. Was probably at MRSM KKB. God... I miss the moments I had there! The wonderful people I found there made the experience so much fun and bearable! =)

what were the 5 things on your list today?
1. Go to town and get some beautiful things for the room. Getting bored of the layout already.
2. Have lunch/dinner get-together with Ille, Mas, Ecah, Syakur, Moooks, Wami and Lutfan.
3. Main poker kat Facebook. LOL.
4. Menyambung project mystery. Jeng3~~
5. Membuat sesuatu yang berguna. Haha...

what are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1. Ice cream!
2. Kerepek ubi
3. Fruits!
4. Penguin chocolate cakes! Dia siap ade teka-teki pasal penguin kat blakang every packet! How cute is that? haha...
5. Marshmallow. Duh~~

what are 5 jobs you've had?
1. Cashier at Parkson Subang Parade. Really... Lol.
2. Babysitter for my lil sis kire ke?? I did get some money. Huhu...
3. Tutor for my lil bro. Tapi ni kerja ikhlas tanpa meminta gaji.
4. Personal assistant for my dad! This was a seriously sweeet job! Had to do some typing and also Powerpoint presentations for my dad who insistently wants to pay me for helping out. Terase bersalah. Semua mende ayah sponsor. Tapi dah nak kasi, trime je ah kn =P
5. Ok, I'm going to stop writing merepek jobs in these answers now. Huhu...

5 people you want to tag (yang belum ditag oleh Umi. Huhu...)
1. ili
2. atiq
3. robo
4. nad
5. fareez

(whoa that was a quick one huh?)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's All This Fuss About the Olympics??

Apparently, unless you're living in a total cocoon, away from any contact with civilization and unfortunate enough to not have any mode of communication to the outside world, then you wouldn't care or know much about the Beijing Olympics.
Yes, the ultimate multi-sports event that every single sane and ambitious sportsmen have ever imagined to be playing in is back again after four years.
Just by watching the spectacular opening, everybody knew that this was going to be one huge Olympics - and so far it has been so.

The main country contenders have got to be the host China and USA with their huge number of awesome athletes raging to go give it their best in the games. These two countries are forces to be reckoned with.

Anyway, I've always been a huge fan of the Olympics and among the few events I just love to get updated on are:
1) Soccer. Brazil and Argentina are definitely my hot favs for this event. With Ronaldinho finally coming back after a long break due to injury and Messi giving his best for his country (amid the "No, you're not going" "Yes, I am!" battle between him and his club), it feels like the World Cup have arrived early.

2) Tennis. Rafael Nadal has chosen a very good year to finally be in his ultimate best. With Federer out of contention, I'd say Nadal has very high chances to take the gold medal home.

3) Gymnastics. I was rooting for team USA to win but definitely China was waaaay better despite the fact that Alicia Sacramone was being blamed for her team's loss. But, for the overall title I'd say the US could safely get it what with Shawn Johnson having a clear shot of clinching it given that her teammate Nastia doesn't get it herself. And kudos to Yang Wei who finally got his well-deserved gold individual medal!

4) Swimming. Now, for those of you not interested in this sport, you'd better go check it out cause there's going to be a lot of record breaking (there have been too many of them happening already anyway) happening in this event, thanks to the outrageously talented Michael Phelps. He's been breaking records ever since he got to Beijing and on his way to achieve the ultimate record of 8 gold medals in a single Olympics.

5) Basketball. Definitely rooting for team USA and Spain. But, I just think that USA may well be on their way to taking a gold home. Well, that's just me.

6) And last but not least, badminton. Now this is a sport where I am most anxious to get updated on. Why? Because our very own Malaysian, Lee Chong Wei is still contending for the gold medal! Wuhuu...!! Well, this is basically the one sport where Malaysia have any chances of getting a medal. But, could he be the one answer to our very first Olympics gold?? Well, looking at the way he's been performing, I'd say he has quite a clear shot. Don't wanna jinx it though, but go Chong Wei go!! Or as the spectators in China chant: Jiayou!! Jiayou!! (which means "Add oil!! Add oil!!". Hey, don't look at me like that. I didn't make that up! Promise! =P)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's Her Birthday~~

It's Mahirah's 10th birthday today...
Wasn't able to be there to celebrate it with her (and not too happy with that)
Naseb baik dah beli present awal-awal. Kalau tak, tak abes-abes la membebel and merajuk la budak kecik tu. Huhu...

So, Happy Birthday Mahirah!! Grow up to be what you wanna be and soo much more!! *kisses* =) [Owh, she told me she wants to be a doctor haiwan since I'm gonna be a doctor manusia (InsyaAllah). But, setakat ni haiwan yang dia paling sayang and berani nak dekat are cats and dogs. Itu pun still memilih. Nak yang comel-comel jer. Yang lain semua die lari jauh-jauh sambil menjerit atau menangis histeria kalau binatang tu datang dekat. Huhu...]

This is her with her best friend Ilyasa (or Syasya as we call him) during one of their usual afternoon playtime session.