Monday, December 1, 2008

My Apologies...

I've been such a sucky friend. I know...
I don't message that often, I don't call, heck, I don't even go online that frequently (or at least not when most of my friends are online anyway).
So, yeah, I think I owe all my friends an apology for being such a lousy friend.
It's just that this semester has been totally hectic. I can't even stop to catch a breather and I seriously need one now. *sigh*
It just strucked me when two of my best friends told me the same thing: Saying they really missed me and felt like it's been ages since I came back and it's been ages too since we talked.
And now, I'm starting to feel the distance. Before this, I'm usually really not that busy and always have time to chat and catch up, so I don't really feel like being far away from them sucks that much(besides the not being able to hangout together part that is).
Now, it's like there's not enough time to talk and catch up properly (what with the time difference and both people having all sorts of things to do at that time) and I'm missing out on a lot of new things that's happening in their lives(which is bad for a friend to not know).
So, yeah, I'm sorry for being such a lousy friend.
But, you guys still love me right?? =P
Don't worry, when Summer time comes, I'm all yours! LOL

Anyway, wish me luck for my exams! =S