Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cork Games Over!! Phew~~

Alhamdullilah~~ Finally, we're done with Cork Games that we've been planning and fussing about since I don't even remember when. Banyak btul masalah yang timbul. Here are the list of all the dramas of Cork Games:

1) First of all regarding the date... Dah berape banyak kali kteorang tukar just for the sake of satisfying everyone's wishes. Mula-mula nak buat 25th March, pastu ade a few uni yang dah habes cuti, so we changed it to 29th March, cause it's a Saturday. Since we changed the date and it's a weekend, netball had to be done somewhere else cause the trampoline club wants to use the Mardyke Hall and since the university had some sengal policy that any sports club would override any other organization in terms of reservation, netball masih terumbang ambing. Sedey!! Pastu dapat pulak tahu yang date die clash with another activity that's done in Dublin. Pening sekejap ah gak pasal mende-mende tu. But, in the end, both activities were still done on schedule. No major conflicts (well... none that I know of)

2) Then, finally dah confirm place kat The Farm. Both soccer and netball was going to be done at the same place. Lega~~ Sekali die kasi 6 pitches. Lepas tu, 'netball' punya tiang pun dah siap beli sume. Because everyone was busy with exams and everything, we all accepted it with of course a warm welcome. Abes hilang tension jap pikir pasal Cork Games ni. Then, after the exams it was the start of the Easter Break. Everyone was on holidays till Monday. On Tuesday, Moooks went to check the field to ask the grasskeeper which one of the field they had given us. And right there and then, they canceled the reservation because apparently, some kind of league had started and they had just known on Monday, so due to yes, their sengal policy, we got override less than 4 days before the Cork Games!!! So much for 6 pitches!! Everyone was going crazy at that time. We can't book anywhere else cause it's too late. Lastly, we had to resort to using the Lidl playground for netball. Yup... we had to use a PUBLIC place with no netball facilities with the risk of rain and other people disrupting our tournament. Terase seperti nak give up je ngan mende ni. But, cubaan... We still went on. Football pulak kena tukar date ari Ahad cause they could only get the field for the tournament on Sunday. Hantar e-mail nak tukar date, ade yang tak puas hati. Logic ah kan... I'd be one of those people yang tak puas hati gak kalo tukar last minute if I wasn't the organizer. So, we changed the date back to the original plan, 29th March.

3) There was a little ray of hope when the boys succeeded in getting The Farm for the tournament on Saturday. I don't know how exactly this miracle happened. But, apparently, according to Moooks, they got it through pure begging (oh, and making the people in charge feel totally guilty =P) But, netball had to still be done at the LIDL playground. The night before, after all the commotion have finally settled, we were concerned about netball. Cause it's hard to conquer the whole place all day long because it's a public place. Yes, it's based on first come, fist serve, but still... Kteorang pun pasrah je ah. Cause there was no where else we could do it. The night before, we wanted to get the 'netball' goal posts ready. As we were about to get it assembled, Siti and I just gaped at the size of the net. It was HUGE!! Macam 4 bola netball kot bley masuk dalam tu! Seriously, I could not imagine us ever using that tiang!! Masa tu, sekali lagi rasa cam nak give up je... Haih~~ Tapi it's like a few hours before Cork Games start, so, we decided not to assemble it and just use the basketball court at the playground. Memang menyedihkan!!

4) Then, during the day of the tournament, I was already down because of the weather. Yeah, it was raining like mad and the wind didn't help either. But the positive side of it is that no one would come to the playground and disrupt our game if it's raining. By the time it was 10 o'clock, the rain had stopped. Phew~~ So, after getting the court ready (drawing the lines with chalk, tolak-tolak air sikit~~ haih~~) we started the games. Everything was fine until the rain came again! During that time, my team was playing, tak nak macam nak pengsan pulak kan dengan hujan-hujan tu. Dah ah dengan angin! Tolak bola ke kiri, bola melayang ke kanan! Nak shoot pun tak boleh... Adoi~~ Memang cubaan ah. So, we stopped the game for a while since there was no point in playing with the weather like that. Semua duduk bawah khemah yang dah dipasang dengan usaha yang sangat kuat! Haha... Last-last, one of the besi for the khemah patah! Memang sedey ah.

My Team: Ape2 Je!! =P

5) With the rain constantly hogging the limelight, we still proceeded with the games. It was my junior's team to play. They were short of one player, so I played for their team. Without having finished one half of the match, one of my juniors suddenly fell down. The game was stopped. Everyone was going to her saying, "Nape?? Cram ke??" And she replied, "Tak... Lutut ni sakit!!" So, we lifted her pants up and yeah, anyone could see that her kneecap was busted pretty bad. It was positioned towards the outside. Gile sakit!! But, Nad was sooo strong! She didn't even cry! So, after waiting a good 20 minutes or so (siap Nad sempat nak pengsan and bangun balik lagi) baru ah ambulance datang. Took her to the hospital.

Nad diculik oleh para paramedic.

6) The match still went on. The crazy rain and wind came and went as they please. Then, I heard the news that Nad did dislocate her kneecap and she had to wear a cast and use tongkats to walk around. Dah la nak gi traveel ngan Mak die on the 3rd of April!! Sian btul!!~~ But, anyway, we managed to finish the finals and everything. There were a few sesi emo before and after the finals which kind of disrupted the whole "bestnya-dah-nak- abes-Cork Games-feeling". Now, I'm the kind of person who is easily affected if someone goes shouting or anything else that involves people fighting, etc. So, yeah, I was afraid when the few people got fighting and crying during the finals. But, the tournament finished and we got 3rd place!! And I was the emcee for the prize giving ceremony (antara kerja-kerja senang vice pres =P) and seriously, I don't know why, but I seriously have the memory of a goldfish!! Salah announce "Best Player"!!! Malu betul!!! Padahal baru bincang like in the few 5 minutes. Huhu... Srius malu...

7) Pastu now, kerja mengemas and post-mortem pulak!! Adoi~~ Penatnya!! Kaki semua dah lenguh-lenguh, jalan cam ntah pape. Huhu... Lawak betul!!

Center bercekak pinggang saja. Isk3...

Ok, so I guess that's about it regarding the Cork Games and it's various drama. Banyak lagi sebenarnye, but we'll keep it at that. Huhu... Eventhough it's already the compressed version, tp macam dah tulih banyak sangat ni =P Anyway, just wanna say thanks to all who got involved and helped make it a success. And also, congrats to all the winners and get well soon Nad!!! =)
*will put some pictures when I get them*

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thanx kowghang!! So cute!!! =)

Ok, so maybe most of you guys already know that I am studying medicine now and yeah, I'm intending (given that everything runs smoothly, insyaAllah) to specialize in paediatrics. So, when I found this really cool charity website promoting the well-being of underprivileged kids,(I don't remember where exactly I found it. Probably just stumbled upon it. Dah jodoh~~ =P), I was really excited. Anyway, it's a Malaysian based charity and it helps children (basically budak-budak sekolah rendah la) from different backgrounds (anak-anak yatim, disabled and abandoned children, HIV positive kids, etc.) to generate money for them to get through life as normally as we privileged people.

They've a website which you can see if you're interested. It gives you the opportunity to sponsor a child and also sign up as a volunteer. Basically they're trying to promote transparency in charity, which is how it should be. Takde ah huge gigantic cheques with the amount printed on it with the hugest font ever telling the whole Malaysia how much they are sponsoring. Whatever happened to just plain ikhlas sedekah?? Anyway, that's another issue. Back to talking bout CaC (short for Click a Child)... CaC have also organized a few concerts to benefit this charity and they have a few more coming up. Click here to get more info from their website.

I'm totally into this whole program and since I'm still a student, I don't think sponsoring would be such a great idea. But being a volunteer sounds like fun. And they have a few branches in Selangor and also a branch in USJ which is kind of near my house. Maka dengan ini, akan terisilah cuti summer saya dengan (hopefully!) aktiviti-aktiviti volunteering ni. Main-main ngan dorang ke... Hmmm... Maybe I could spread the Mafia game wave to these kids as well!! Haha... Yer, dah gile ngan game Mafia now. Sme Moooks pnye psal! Ok-ok kembali ke pangkal jalan!! As I was saying, macam best je jadi volunteer ni. My summer holidays before this pun (baru sekali je kot... Macam dah banyak kali je. Huhu...) asyik berjalan-jalan je keje kan, baik tulun sikit-sikit. Naseb baik gak jumpe this website. I was worried how I was going to spend my long holidays since most of my friends have started their practicals and all. So, with this, I'd get to fill up my time with doing something that I love plus my mum won't be complaining as much if I go out since I won't be going where I usually go (perabih duit gi makan, tengok movie, shopping!=P). It's a win-win situation!! Hehe... So, I was thinking bout contacting those people when I'm already back in Malaysia. If I'm here, I won't be of much help rasanya. Anyway, jom ah ramai-ramai kite memvolunteerkan diri!! If you're free and don't have much else to do, pe salahnye spend a few hours with them. They'd sure appreciate it and you would certainly get this as a reward: Thanx kowghang!!! Terase sangat berbaloi!!~~ =P
Don't believe me?? Then, watch the video down there and you'll get what I mean. So cute!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Mafia... that's the most famous game right now in Cork (ok, not really in Cork, among me and my friends at least. Huhu...)
Since the start of the holidays (which was 3 days ago), I've played mafia in every get-together that have happened. I guess I was the main reason they played it cause every time hangout je,
"Wei, korang jom ah men mafia!! Mafia, mafia!! Tak nak ah men poker ni, kte kan ramai..." Semangat~~ haha... Pastu, since everyone already knows how to play, setiap kali pun sure nak men Mafia ni. =P

So, to anyone who doesn't know how it's played, I'm gonna try to explain it as simple as possible.

Ok, so the game Mafia is best played with a lot of people. But, since a lot of our friends went to the spring camp and also already went to their separate holiday destinations, most of the time, we only have about 9 to 10 people. Which is fine, but it makes the game go kind of fast, since we can only have one killer. What's a killer?? Ahaa... The killer is the most essential role in the game. He/she gets to kill whoever they want to. Then, there's the role of the doctor, who can heal anyone they wishes to (usually when I play, the doctors are always selfish and always save their OWN self!! Bahaya future doctors cani. And selalunya Nad ah jadi doctor and sebab die selalu sangat save diri sendiri and atas pengaruh Pe'e, kteorg pun vote kuar doctor-doctor selfish ni. Huhu... Sorry Nad!! Eventhough dah merayu, "Ala... please ah jangan kuarkan aku!! Aku selamatkan orang lain la lepas ni. Please ah jangan kuarkan aku!!", tapi still kne vote kuar. Haha... Lawak-lawak!!) Then there's also the spy/seeker. He/she plays a role in seeking out who they think is the killer and it's up to them to either reveal their identity (and risk being killed by the killer if they don't succeed in making the others believe they're the seeker. Setakat ni men, memang dorang ske je nak ngaku jadi seeker. Seeker penipu paling kurang berjaya adalah Kamil. Dah ah at that time I was the killer and he said I wasn't the killer and I was ready to make him my ally. Pastu smeorg vote him out cause muke tak boleh caye. Aisey~) or just play silent. Strategy penting... =P So, the other people besides the 3 roles that I mentioned, would be ordinary people. Ready to be killed... (everyone besides the killer and doctor, if they always heal themselves, can be killed in this game) And we also have one storyteller.

Ok, so the game usually starts after all the players get their roles. Then, the storyteller would ask everyone to sleep (meaning, close their eyes! The game is soo much fun if no one cheats. Seriously... =P) And then, the killer would be called to open their eyes and choose whoever they want to kill and close their eyes again. Then, the doctor would be called to open their eyes and can choose whoever they want to save and close their eyes again. Finally, the seeker would be called to open their eyes and guess who they think is the killer and then before they close their eyes, the storyteller would show some signs of whether they got it right or wrong (and only the spy/seeker and the storyteller would know about this). After that, everyone would wake up and the storyteller would say whether someone has 'died' or not. The remaining players have to discuss who they want to vote off the game, meaning vote who they think is the killer. Owh, but 'dead' people can't say anything after they've been killed. So, whoever is mentioned during the discussion would be singled out to be voted off. Only one person would be voted off for each round. So, for each round, given that a person is killed too, there would be two people who would be out of the game. Then if the players still haven't voted off the killer, the game would continue. Following the same steps as before, until the killer is caught or until the killer is left with another player only. It all involves a lot of convincing, defending and yes... acting!!

So, to anyone who haven't tried playing this game, seriously try it!! It's really great for a get-together. Unless you have another game to play (like wii ke... Kteorang dah ade wii pun still men Mafia. Huhu...), just try it! Guaranteed satisfaction! =)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

FREEDOM!!! (ok... not really~~)

Finally finished my exams!!!! Easter break is officially ON!!!
Owh, wait...
I've got the Cork Games to see to...

The BH logbooks and essay to finish up!

The ECDL project to pass up!!!

The summer exams to think about!!!!!!!

Ceh~~ So much for the holidays~~~ huhu..

*will be updating more after this =)*

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Through Their Eyes...

I found this really cool website a few months back that claims to donate rice to end world hunger. At first, I thought it was just one of those scams. I was skeptical at first. The website involves you answering word questions. I mean, how can a word game help in ending world hunger? It just seems so dubious. Not until a few days ago that is, when I saw an RTE news report that highlighted the website's successful help in elevating(if not a lot, at least a little bit) the starvation issue in the world, especially in Africa, did I finally believed the integrity of the website. And since I just recently learned about malnutrition and malabsorption, this issue is something I've recently been reminded about (eventhough tak kuar soalan pasal mende ni langsung time exam tadi. Huhu...)

It works like this. The website donates 20 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program each time you (yes, you!) answer a correct word question. Simple! And it's a win-win situation; you learn new words and people who are starving would get free rice. So, since most of us won't bear the thought of parting with our money, this is the least that we could do to help those people who are less fortunate than us. There are so many of them out there and seriously we can't even imagine living a minute in their shoes. We've become so accustomed to living in luxury that we tend to forget that there are people who not only have to work hard to get food, but would settle for anything really, just to survive. Yeah, to survive... They don't have the luxury to think about a 3-course meal, fruits, etc, they just want something (even though tak sedap) just to give them energy to live another day.

We're so used to living in luxury that sometimes we tend to forget to appreciate the things we're blessed with. We don't have to work hard to get food (ok, I don't mean our parents who work their asses off to put food on our plates, I mean, we as in me and you guys who get money from MARA, JPA, Petronas, our parents, etc without really having to put physical work into it) so we should at least show our gratitude by not complaining (ye ah, jangan ah complain kalo housemates ke mak ke masak tak sedap, at least ade food=P) and try not to waste the food we're blessed with. Ingat, sebutir nasi adalah umpama setitik peluh pekebun! (I don't why that phrase always grosses me out. Huhu... But, you get the point) So stop complaining about how you're too skinny or you're too fat, at least you're still living and food is everywhere for you to just eat without you having to feel a second of starvation. Ni perut berbunyi sikit dah bising kelaparan (mengutuk diri sendiri sebenarnye =P) So anyway, I've put the link down there and also a clip I found in Youtube about world hunger and suffering in general if you still don't understand the relevance of this issue. Really sad clip... Akhir kata, marilah kite bermain game ni (bile free je ok?? Jangan sampai tak belajar plak. Huhu...) so that we can also lend our fat helping hand to help elevate world hunger, while enriching our vocabulary!!=)

Click here to play and donate.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Wave of Change??

Ok, the title's a dead give away about the topic that I'm going to write about.
Yup, mesti la pasal the recently concluded Malaysian 12th General Election. Ape lagi~~

For the first time in many years, I was actually anxious about the results and kept asking people about it(because I couldn't get my hands on the updated result. Malaysiakini tak nak penuh plak server kan...) And the results were really surprising!! I mean, I've expected the opposition parties to be stronger this year but they exceeded far beyond anyone could imagine(ceh.. cakap macam jadi political analyst je=P)

So, 5 states and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur are now under the opposition party's ruling. And 3 of those states have some connection with me. Selangor my hometown is under PKR, Perak(my mother's hometown) is under DAP and Kedah(my father's hometown) is under PAS. What a combination!! Huhu...

Truthfully, at first I was a bit doubtful... I mean, ok I've never known how the opposition party would lead so, since this would effect me in some way or another(hey, I do come back to Malaysia even if it's for three months during the summer!=P), I have to care.I even said yesterday to a few friends of mine: "Wei... takut wei. Ape la nanti jadi kat Selangor sume. I wanna go back this summer to the same Selangor that I've gotten used too!!" And they calmed me down by saying: "Takpe... Kite kene yakin!! Kalau ni yang terbaik... Kite just yakin n doa je..." Yes, I've always been one of those people who's resistant to change. My bad... I know. So, now I'm just anticipating the changes that would happen. By the way, I don't really know what's happening really in Malaysia(the suffering because of high petrol prices, poverty, etc), so my opinions can't really be accounted for(yer... saya budak baru belajar. Huhu...). But, essentially, change is what we need.

So, kudos to all Malaysians!! I think they have all voiced out their opinions through the election.
Hope the new Malaysian government would be a better one!
And let's all just pray that this wave of change would benefit everyone and this is really what Malaysians want and need. Amin...!! =)

P.S: No, I'm not turning into a politically inclined person. Just writing what I think about the result since it's such a hot topic! =P

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Missing... =(

It's true when people say absence make the hearts go fonder.
When I started studying in Ireland, I miss Malaysia[the people(especially my family and friends), the food, the weather, the shopping complexes, the food(yes again... tu yang balik Summer terus tembam tu=P)]
I've always known about Malaysian issues back even before I came here. I just love Malaysian newspapers and spend a couple of hours just reading it from page to page(well, except the eulogies, classifieds, business sections. Dork?? Yeah, I know. Huhu...)
And when I'm here I start to know some indie Malaysian bands and I start watching Malaysian TV series.

So, since I'm missing Malaysia so much and I'm in my exam mode, one of my friend gave me a link to this new reality TV show. It's called "Raja Lawak" and these kind of lawak-lawak sengal is what I'm missing right now. Not the usual matured jokes I keep hearing in class. Huhu... Anyway, my fav contestant?? Nabil by far...!! Eventhough gaya cakap agak 'rempit', but he's a genuine joker!! Huhu.... Here's two of my favourite episodes.
*can't wait till the 5th of June!!! Mahu balik!!!=(*

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's My Birthday~~ =P

Yesterday, the 3rd of March was my birthday!!
Another year added to my age, another year wiser?? Hopefully~~ =P
Anyway, think this year's celebration is as memorable as the others.
Went on a roadtrip with my batch(well, majority of them anyway) and Bob(aka Borhan for KKBians, who came all the way from Galway), Jurai, Nabila(who both came all the way from the States) and also Buchuk(who came all the way from Germany).
Yeah, we had a little KKB 'reunion' here in Cork. Hehe...
Dah ah naik kete sama-sama sibuk bercerita pasal KKB memories and gelak-gelak tak ingat diri. Huhu...

My birthday cake?? Oreo cheesecake!!!
I actually had no idea that Syah, Ille and Ecah actually menipu konon-konon nak buat Stats the day before because they went to bake a cake for me~~ Auuuwww.... Sweet~~ huhu...
Then, Moookss also gave me a mug which according to him and Syakur has a character on it that resembles me~~ Haih... Dah memang rabun btul dorang ni. Eventhough asyik hujan je keje and hampa tak dapat makan nasi goreng Wami masak sebab basi, I enjoyed the trip. Sangat best!! Tapi balik-balik dah penat cam ape je. Rasa cam nak pengsan... So, sorry everyone who called me and either was rejected or I didn't hear the sound of my phone. Tak sengaja!!!=P

Then, the next day, my usrah mates gave another surprise. They ordered pizza and also cooked loads of special stuff(especially Taq yang membake cake dengan menggunakan garfu sebagai mixer and kaki untuk mengacau adunan semasa study group. Rupe paras cake tu seperti cake yang telah dipack hebat and dijual secara besar-besaran di kedai-kedai berhampiran. Hebat tak hebat la Taq ni. Huhu....) Then, I got a birthday card (eventhough it says "Happy Birthday Mummy!!", trime je ah =P) and a frame. Sangat lawa and sangat best~~

Basically, I had a really great birthday this year, like always. Have to remember to be as matured as my age sounds. Hehe...
Anyway, thanks to everyone who made it sooo much fun!! Love you guys loads!!~~~ =)

Here's what I found from Blogthings~~

Your Birthdate: March 3

You are more than a big ball of energy - you are a big ball of hyper.

You are always on the go, but you don't have a type a personality.

Instead of channeling your energy into work, you instead go for fun and adventure.

Witty and verbal, you can have an interesting conversation with anyone.

Your strength: Your larger than life imagination

Your weakness: You tend to be pretty scattered

Your power color: Lime

Your power symbol: Lightening bolt

Your power month: March