Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Elections... Should We Care??

Seems like the only thing people talk about these days(among Malaysians mostly) is the general election coming up really, really soon in Malaysia.
So, I'm going to give a shot at writing about this very obscure topic.
Not only the people in Malaysia are getting restless because of this, students studying outside of Malaysia are getting worked up about it too (well, generally most of them are. The rest either don't care or care because they worry about their scholarship status if an alternative party wins)
Anyway, I don't know much about Malaysian politics but I thought I'd try writing what I think(note the word I, meaning this is purely my point of view. No effect from a third party. Huhu...).

From as long as I can remember, I have always thought of politics as being too corrupted(from the stories I've heard and watching a double dose of Prison Break. PB memang boleh menpsychokan orang =P) I do not understand it because it was just waaay too complicated and by the time I came here, my knowledge about Malaysian politics were the ones I learnt from Sejarah lessons, the BTN camp, from what people have told me and also from the few readings I have done. Thankfully, I wasn't left in that state of constant ignorance. I've received a lot of input since coming here from various sources.

So, anyway, from the perspective of an amateur, I think that we should care about the election because it effects us, no matter what. It's our country and by being ignorant it wouldn't mean that you're not a part of it. Right now, I think Malaysians are in a state where everyone wants a change. They feel like the government we have now is not enough to support their needs and don't have the capability to make our country move forward. I personally believe(haha... teringat kat Miss ape ntah punye contestant tu...) that yes, we do need a change, but right now, I just don't see any party capable of bringing that change. Not the one ruling now(maybe because they've been winning since forever and don't feel the need to change anything..??), not the other alternatives that we have already. Note: I've never experienced how other alternative parties rule or what exactly is their plan towards bringing a change to Malaysia. But, that's my bad I guess, I was always wrapped around this safe bubble back at home where I don't feel the need before to think about these things. As long as I'm doing ok, my family's fine, then the government must be doing ok. But, after bursting the bubble I see that there's still a lot more things that aren't ok in other parts of Malaysia. Poverty, corruption, etc. Just because you're doing ok doesn't mean the rest of Malaysia is doing ok too. Just note that.

But anyway, if there's no other party that is capable of bringing a change to Malaysia, who else could take over?? This of course I have no idea to... All I know is that we seriously need a fresh breeze and eventhough most of us are afraid of what would happen if that fresh breeze do come, we just want to feel it. Then, we can make assessments and comparisons. There's no other way to be better than what we are today if we just sat complacently right?? Even if the same party wins, there has to be some changes made. And we, as the future leaders of Malaysia should feel the need to want to change Malaysia in every positive way someday. So, be the future fresh breeze for Malaysians!! Selamat mengundi(kepada yang boleh mengundi) semua!!! (semangat tak??=P) Owh, enjoy the clip below. Hilarious...!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cameras, cameras, cameras~~

Ok, dah malas nak type.
So, I'm just uploading some pics of the few activities I've done since coming back from the winter break~~

Tengah-tengah ice rink pun smpat nak bergamba. Haha...

Bowling... Muke-muke loser sme ni. Huhu...

Aktiviti merepek di Belfast (Winter trip with M04Ms)

Everyone's happy when I drive (haha...) at Connamara.

The Malaysian booth during ICW.

Finally, ICW and IAW dah abes~~

Now, back to studying!! (with my study group mates~)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pukang..?? Temeh..?? Tamah?? Temah...?? Timah..!!! Huhu...

Is it just me or do you guys wonder too what exactly is the meaning behind words like: Lintang pukang, Remeh temeh, Ramah tamah, etc...

I mean, yeah, we're trained to understand those words as a whole, meaning that remeh temeh means something trivial.
But, what does temeh means?? Pukang?? Tamah??
I was thinking about these things when during one of our usrah sessions(datang usrah tak semestinya dapat input Islamic je rite??=P) Anyway, my housemates kept on using these fancy words and I as always, keep on interrupting them mid-sentence dengan bertanya-tanya what exactly does those words mean.
Gune ayat simple sudah. Huhu... Yes, I sometimes wonder too why I care about these insignificant stuff.
Why didn't I generate these wanting to know more attitude when I was a kid??
Kalau tak, sure dah boleh irritate the Malay teachers with my questions. Haha...

I could just imagine the situation:
Me: Cikgu, apa maksud perkataan pukang, temeh semua ni cikgu??
Cikgu: Perkataan-perkataan ini tiada maksud yang sebenar. Tetapi hanya ada maksud apabila digandingkan bersama perkataan-perkataan lain. Sebagai contoh, pukang digandingkan bersama lintang, lintang pukang barulah ada maksud.
Me: Tapi cikgu... Mana boleh ade perkataan yang takde maksud. Mesti ade punya. Takkan ah orang yang reka perkataan-perkataan ni memang reka die tanpa ade maksud? Boleh eh camtu?? Cikgu confirm die takde maksud??(yer, yer jer cakap camni ngan cikgu. Haha...)
Cikgu: Perkataan-perkataan ini hanyalah untuk menegaskan dan menguatkan maksud sebenar perkataan yang digandingkan bersamanya.
Me: Tapi cikgu...
Cikgu: Jangan risau, tak akan disoal di dalam periksa anda.
Me: Owh, ye ker?? Oklah camtu...(and sambung berbual dengan membe sebelah. Padahal, tanya in the first place pun sebab kantoi berbual-bual time cikgu mengajar. Huhu...)

Yeah, I'm just crapping there. Segala dialog-dialog dan explaination yang diberikan oleh cikgu itu adalah rekaan semata-mata. Don't know whether it's true or not. Siapa yang terer BM and boleh explain, amatlah dialu-alukan. Huhu... Time suruh belajar BM, tak minat, sekarang orang suruh belajar medic, sibuk pasal BM. Adoi~~ Nak wat cane. Dah terpikir =P

P.S: You've just wasted 5 minutes of your precious time reading this post. Mesti menyesal. Hahhaha...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hardcore Tiredness

The IAW (Islamic Aspiration Week) has come to an end. I've received a lot of input and it really amazes me each time that there are so many things that I don't know or have forgotten about and should remind myself a lot more.

Anyway, now the ICW (International Cultural Week) has started and although I'm not among those in charge of this but if it involves your country, of course you'd want to lend a helping hand in promoting it and giving a good impression of it to others. Just now, the exhibition started and there were a lot of people who came to our booth. Owh, by the way, the ICW does not only present Malaysian culture, it also showcases among others, the cultures from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, France, China, India, Botswana, etc. But, the Malaysian booth did receive loads of visitors (maybe because we were among the few with food around, as one of the International Students' officer said to me jokingly, "Food attraction is always the best attraction!" Mana taknye, ade roti jala with curry, kuih lapis, curry puff, cucur and kek batik. There was this guy, whom I suspect did not have lunch yet before coming to our booth, he took a whole stack of roti jala before anyone had a chance to serve some for him. And after they poured him the curry to eat them with, he went straight on to devour them even before we had a chance to pass him the fork to eat it with. Pelahap!! Huhu...)

Yeah, anyway, our booth also had some traditional games displayed. We had congkak and sepak takraw among others. Since the congkak was set complete with the marbles, Ille and I sat down and played (orang dok sibuk melayan tetamu-tetamu yang datang nak tanya pasal Malaysia, kteorang sibuk main congkak plak. Haih~~ Ille, ille...=P) While we were busy playing, there were two friends who came and looked interested in what we were doing. Felicia(a Malaysian exchange student) was explaining to them what we were doing and then Ille and I showed them how to play it and asked them to play against one another. At first, they were kind of slow since they still haven't comprehended the whole concept of the game. But, after 5 minutes into the game, they were getting competitive and correcting each others mistakes and even some level of game insult was thrown once in a while... "Owh, your last marble was supposed to be here. Not there", "I'm a quick learner... That's why I'm winning." Haha... Panas je sorang lagi tu dengar. (that's them down there)

Then, we also had a performance. Unlike last year, Malaysia was the only country that had a live performance. A lot of my classmates came along to watch it and the 1st years did a great job! They had zapin, silat, dikir barat, kompang, sepak takraw, batu seremban and also congkak. It was really enjoyable and at times(most of the time for me=P) really funny! We even had some of our classmates come on stage to try the zapin. So, that marked the end of ICW.

Finally,(I think) we're not going to have any major events happening that would drain the energy out of me completely. I mean, seriously, setiap kali balik rumah, sure rase penat to a point where I would sometimes just lay on the bed and fall asleep a while later, without dinner and without changing into my pajamas. Serious, tak larat sampai macam tu!! And I'm not even one of the greatest contributors for all of these events. Just tolong sikit-sikit je. All I know is that I'm sooo happy now that I can have my alone time again and for me to study for the next module(yes, peksa lagi... it's in a month's time pulak tu. Adoi...) So, kudos to all yang telah menjayakan events tu!! We rock!!! =)

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Yes, I know, I'm such a crappy blogger.
I'm like updating less and less these days.
Busy with my studies, IAW and yeah, travelling~~
Anyway, I just got back from Connamara, Galway, following this program called 'MyVi (My Vision)'.
What did we do there?? Well, basically besides getting the chance to meet my friends(Syaz came all da way from France!!! Owh... time kat Subang, takde plak nak hangout!! Huhu...) and enjoying the view, we had 'ceramahs' explaining the 'Syahadatul Haq' concept.
No, I'm not going to explain it now. In the next post maybe. I've just arrived at Cork after 4 and a half hours drive(of course I didn't drive! Duh~~ Kak Di and Kak Yan alternately drove) So, anyway, pening pun tak hilang lagi. Nanti kang ajaran sesat plak~~ So, I'll just save it for later=P

It was an eye-opening programme and I enjoyed it and would strongly suggest anyone who hasn't been to it to go. There's nothing to lose anyway. Ok, gotta stop now. I could hear an orchestra playing in my stomach (i.e: stomach grumbling- gaya Prof Heffron cakap. Haha...)
P.S: to those people wanting me to post the answers to my teka-teki, the answer is NO!! Carik ah answers die sampai jumpa~~ =P

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Exam+classes+guest+birthday party + toothache+sakit mata+IAW + shopping + membuat kecoh di Brookfield+bowling + the never ending survey all in 1 week!

I have only realized yesterday while I was wondering why I was soo tired these past few days that I've just finished my exam last Monday and directly(after 30minutes of hot chocolate break) we had classes as usual.
It's like as Faimee says: "Exams aren't everything! Do it and just get on with your life!!"
Kalau senang tak pe la jugak kan... Haih~~

The next day, I went shopping. Konon-konon retail therapy. Dah la pokai!!
But, knowing me, sekali dah kuar gi shopping, berlambak ah bawak balik!!
Haha... I bought like 4 new clothes... Memang puas hati. 2 laa.. like 2 whole weeks tak kuar-kuar umah. Sekali kuar... Haih~~ I've seriously got to control this. Susah-susah...

Then, on Wednesday, a friend of mine from Dublin came. It was her first time coming to Cork, so I had to make a good impression. Nanti kang tak nak datang lagi pulak kan?? Hehe...
So, we went jalan-jalan at UCC, showed her my university which was obviously waaay bigger than RCSI. Haha... And then, we went to the humble city of Cork.
Since I have classes the following day and the weather's not that great, I couldn't bring her to the other more interesting places. So, sorry Hafsah!!=P

Then, we were invited to Ika's 3rd birthday party. She's the daughter of Kak Ros and one of the chef in Cork. It was fun because there were a lot of new people there(especially kanak-kanak comeyl) and the food was great!! Ade paru masak sambal, perut masak cili padi, ayam percik(ye ker?? dah lupe ah... sme mende pun makan je. Besides, one of my gigi belakang tu baru nak start tumbuh, so I was nursing a toothache. Haih... time-time ade food sedap-sedap la nak sakit gigi!!) and then there was sambal belacan dengan ulam and loads of other food!! To those living in Malaysia, maybe rasa biase je dengan food tadi. But, for us here, those are among the rare dishes and kalau dapat makan, memang best ah!!=P And when Ika was going to blow her candles on her cake, she was dressed as Snow White complete with a castle behind. Comeyl gle!! But, by the end of the day, she was exhausted and slept even before everyone went home. She looked just like Snow White after eating the poisonous apple... I even took her picture with my lousy camera phone. She was just to cute!!=) Owh, and I'm wearing my specs cause my right eye was red(probably cause I keep falling to sleep with my contacts on~~ Haih~~ Sume peksa and last minute studying punye pasal. Huhu....)

Above: Ika the Snow White exhausted~~
Below: Syakira and I.
Both: Aren't they just adorable?? Nak anak please?? Haha...

Anyway, after that, the next day I had classes, so Hafsah was left at home untuk menghiburkan diri sendiri. Huhu... Dah la, Miha and I membuat kecoh di Brookfield! Pergi bukak pintu yang tak patut dibukak and the alarm went off!! Haha... Tergopoh-gapah lari and dengan muke guiltynye gi report kat pak guard. The alarm wasn't turned off even after we had walked like 5 minutes away from the Brookfield!! Dah la kuat!! Rasa serba salah!! Huhu...

And during the night, went to watch the screening of 'Occupation 101', a documentary about the never-ending battle between Palestinians and Israelis. How it started and all. It was really interesting and I'm gonna be writing a review about it after I've watched the whole movie. Hari tu CD die stuck and we then started with our meeting about IAW(Islamic Aspiration Week) which is gonna start next week! Biar betul~~ Huhu...

Then, the next day pulak, I participated in a bowling competition hosted by KUC(Kelab UMNO Cork). I entered just for the sake of having some chill time after the exams. None of my housemates joined!!! Ape ah... And my team lost~~ Maybe cause I sucked too bad during the 2nd game. Yeah, I can only play one game and after that, I'd either suck or I'd just stop playing. Huhu... So, Wami, Niesa and Azan, my bowling teammates!! If it weren't for me, we could've won 2nd kan?? Takpe... next year ade!! Huhu...

Then, went to send Hafsah back and had Miha stay over at my place. Konon-konon la Miha tu nak study la ape la... Last-last gi layan cite Jepun!! And I was drawn to watching it as well!! But I slept halfway through. Penat sangat~~ So, now back to the normal, boring routine as always, bangun pagi, pergi kelas, balik rumah, study, tido, bangun pagi, pergi kelas lagi.... yadda, yadda, yadda...

Owh, and I have this crazy long survey to do for BH class!!(Person, Culture and Society class) The survey asks among others, questions about stress, our learning environment, personal resources, etc... Dah la 12 pages!!!! Karut betul!!! So, that's about all that I've been doing this whole week. Patutla balik-balik je bilik, terus pengsan. Huhu... And now, back to the daily ritual as usual... I HAVE to finish answering this survey!!! Haih~~ Boring~~ Owh, and as lame and out of date as it sounds, I'm gonna be watching "Stardust" today!!! Been wanting to watch it for soo long, just don't have the time~~ People say it's fun! I'm just hoping it is cause it'll be a great movie to wrap my hectic week up~~=)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mari Berteka-teki~~

I keep falling asleep everytime I want to update. Penat sangat ke?? Maybe... Asyik tido tak cukup je time nak exams. Haih~~ Study last minit lagi!!
Anyway, jom main teka-teki!! Here are a few that I remember due to their 'sengal'ness value.
Give it a try. Anyone dapat jawab, akan diberi ipod touch. Yes, the real ipod touch! Well, at least the picture of a real ipod touch!! Hahahaha... Ok, ok... that was lame. Anyway, here goes!

1) Dalam banyak-banyak ikan, ikan ape yang kuat?? (from Amin)

2) Dalam banyak-banyak ikan paus, ikan paus ape yang paling besar?? (from Sah)

3) Dalam banyak-banyak air, air ape yang bile jatuh kat atas tanah, tak menyerap?? (from Haris I think)

4) Dalam banyak-banyak binatang, binatang ape yang paling banyak telur?? (teka-teki semi-lucah dari Ammar)

5) Ok, this one requires a whole lot of imagination coz situation die tak berape logik. Anyway, ada 3 batang pencil dalam satu pencil box ni. 2 jantan, 1 betina, tiba-tiba pencil betina tu mengandung. Masalahnye pencil jantan yang mana satu is responsible?? (from Fara)

Ok, that's all. Jawab, jangan tak jawab=P And while answering, try listening to this song. My favourite right now!! Selamat menjawab and majulah teka-teki untuk Malaysia. Haha...