Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sending Our Prayers~~

Saya seorang blogger yang crappy I know... I know...
But, anyway, just want to update people with some latest news happening in my life recently.

Do you guys still remember Ahmad Atiq Abdul Hamid (or Atiq for short) who was the best student for SPM during my year, which is 2003, with 15As...??
Well, he continued his excellence even in KMB and continued his studies in University of Nottingham, UK.
Unfortunately, just got some bad news, he is sick right now. Really sick...
He was found on the bathroom floor by his housemates and after a thorough check in the hospital, he was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation. He might have to undergo surgery to remove the tangles of blood vessels. (I'm not 100% sure whether it's in his brain or not but by the emails that I got, it suggests that it's effecting his brain. Need more sources to clarify this though.) The doctors are also worried about his failing kidneys. And he's still in the hospital now.

Sedey gile bila tau berita ni. He was never close to me cause we never had any classes together time kat KMB but I know him (come on, it's Atiq Stabilo and was the best student in KMB!! Mesti ah semua orang kenal kat KMB tu!) and he's really nice. Totally down to earth eventhough genius gile!! Tapi tak pernah pun nak brag or what ever. Never heard any bad stories about him. Kalau orang mention nama die je, sure sebut mende-mende baik je. That's how nice he is.

So, I just want each and everyone of you who's just read this, eventhough tak kenal die, just to pray for his health and pray that he gets well soon. That's the least we can do. Pray that he would be allright. InsyaAllah~~

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tag... Jangan tak tag... Huhu...

Was tagged and since I've just learnt the meaning of being tagged and in keeping with that tradition, saya pun menjawab la soklan-soklan ini.

Top 5 presents you wish for:

1) BC Rich Ice Acrylic Mockingbird (it's a guitar... =P)
2) sedikit isi di badan. Hahahaa... Dah lost 2 kgs since the start of the exams. *sighs*
3) hmm... ice cream?? I'm missing McD's vanilla ice cream=( Haha.. yeah, I'm not that big on expensive gifts.
4) Someone who smiles and thanks me because I had officially made their day (^_^)
5) a medical degree!! =S

Person who tagged me..

5 impressions about the person who tagged you...
1) Blunt
2) Fun
3) Rebellious
4) Erm, likes to swear..??
5) Complicated

Most memorable things done or given..
Hmm... Entah. But, if I really thought about it, ade kot. Haha... What can I say, we went way back.

Most memorable words said
Maleh... (sekarang saya masih menggunakan ayat ini dengan cara percakapan itu. Hahaha...)

If he becomes my lover, I would...
Haha... let's just not go there.

If he becomes my enemy, the reason would be..
Nah... Can't really find the heart to be an enemy to anyone. Maybe pissed off kejap boleh ah. Enemy?? No, not my kind of thing.

8 people who I would like to know how they feel about me (Haha... ayat ni agak dodgy. But, abaikan je tag ni kalo korang maleh nak layan. Huhu...) and 8 people tagged by me...
1) Cipi
2) Ili
3) Buchuk
4) Ila
5) Jurai
6) Robo
7) Atik
8) Atiq

Who is no. 7 having relationship with?
Hmm... Chee ke Atik??? Hahahhhahaaa...

Who is no. 8 having relationship with?
Have no idea~~ But, currently probably with a psycho girl. Jangan marah Atiq!! =P

If no. 8 and no. 1 is together, would it be a good thing?
Wow... Menarik2~~ Wonder what number 3 would think about it.

What bout no. 1 and no. 5?
Haha... Owwwhh.. comeyl juga kalau no 1 and no 5 get together. Again... wonder what no 3 would say about this.

What is no. 3 studying?
Mechanical engineering eh mooks??

When is the last time u chatted with no.6?
Hmm... Don't exactly remember when but tak lama pun. Dia suka menghantui hidup saya sehingga sanggup berpindah ke Subang. Please ah Robo!! Takde tempat lain ker??? Hahaha...

Does no. 4 work?
Nope. Still studying...

Any of them has any cousins in their school?
Hmm.. None that I can recall...

Would you be with no. 8?
Kamu ni kelakar la soklan... (diikuti dengan ketawa separuh ikhlas)

How bout no. 5?
Jurai?? No... number 1 dah amek kan. Tak reti ah nak rebut-rebut ni. Hahhaa..

Does no. 2 have any siblings?
Mesti la ade... Si tue yang akan kawen tak lama lagi, Odie, Mia, Afiq and Hayat (betul ke eja tu Ili??)

How do u get to know no.2 and no.4?
No 2 at surau KKB. Hahah... Suci betul tempat jumpa. No 4 sebab sama block time kat KKB and also the same class time form 5.

Where does no. 1 live at?
SS2 PJ!!

How do u get to know no. 8?
Same block dulu time kat KMB and she always goes to my room by mistake. Ingatkan bilik Lynn. Kan Atiq kan?? Hahaha... And then jodoh kami berpanjangan till now. Huhu..

Is no. 5 the sexiest person in the world?
Jurai memang sexy. Sebab tu semua orang nak berebut die. Sexy graduated engineer! Hahhaa...

P.S: Kalau salah informasi tentang siape2~~ Maapkan saya. Saya kan ade memory span like a goldfish! Hahaha...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dance Battle La Plak~~

It's been a while since I last wrote. So, pushing aside my crappy finals, I'd just choose one of the few topics I have been wanting to share since the finals started.

Ok, so maybe some of you have heard about this, especially if you've watched "Step Up 2" and you're a fan of Miley Cyrus (she's the star of Disney's Hannah Montana), but there's this whole dance battle going on at Youtube between ACDC (Adam/Chu Dance Crew) and M&M (Miley & Mandy Cru).

It's reportedly supposed to be THE biggest ever Youtube dance battle. Well, I haven't heard of any other dance battles happening in Youtube, so yeah, they can claim that.
Anyway, it all started off when ACDC (owh, by the way, Adam Sevani is the star from Step Up 2, he played Moose, and Jon M. Chu is the director of Step Up 2) challenged M&M (Mandy is Miley's friend) to a dance battle. There are no rules behind this battle. They could recruit anyone they want to be part of their crew. Anyway, here's the clip for the challenge from ACDC:

Then, 3 days later, Miley and Mandy fought back with this vid. They even had Channing Tatum (from Step Up 1) come for a feature:

Then, after a week, ACDC fought back and they recruited almost everyone in their crew! Haha... They had, the Jabbawockeez (no, it's not the name of a snack, it's actually a dance group. A great one at that). They also had Chris Brown (who was totally awesome! Check his vid with Adam Sevani out), Adam Sandler, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan (ok... I have no idea why she was in it. But, yeah, she was) and even Diana Ross!! Just to name a few... And I guess the round goes to ACDC because it was waaaaaaayy better compared to M&M (now, this one reminds me of a snack. Haha...) Ok, here's the clip of ACDC's response:

So, it's been forever since M&M posted anything that said they're up for the challenge. But then, just a few hours ago, M&M have posted that they were fighting back on the 10th of June and they were ending it. The clip looked promising, so yeah, it'll be fun to wait. Well, we'll see if they really would make ACDC look bad won't we. But, personally for me, I'd go with ACDC anytime. I don't know, but they have just a bit more substance I guess. Don't know bout you guys though... Sebenarnye, entry ini sangat membosankan. Tapi... Maleh nak delete. So... biar je ah. Hahaha...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Try Not to Laugh...

Have one more paper left before the end of the summer exams...
Tak larat dah nak cuak. Tak larat dah nak rasa perasaan seperti loser. Huhu...
But, that's a different story.
Anyway, just wanna share this really hilarious clip with you guys.
It totally made my day! (thanks Syah for sharing!)
I was laughing throughout the whole clip. And sekarang tengah sakit perut sebab gelak teruk sangat. Hehe...
Haish~~ Habis hilang ilmu cani kang~~
Anyway, it's a Japanese game show and it involves marshmallow!! Yipee..!!
Check it out! Owh, and challenge yourself not to laugh ok?? Good luck with that! (^_^)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sakit Rumah~~

Promised myself I won't blog until the end of the exams...
But I just had to share this.
Since it's the exams time, I've totally become psychotic and depressed and this message I got from Arip kind of made me smile+sad+sakit rumah...!! (ape mende sakit rumah ni?? Hahha... Ok, ok, you'll know soon enough).

(Lyrics courtesy of Arip... Nanti balik Malaysia, nak dengar die nyanyi lagu ni. Hahaa...)
Musim bunga...
Duduk seorang...
Musim dingin...
Takde sape...
Tak mengapa... Tak mengapa...
Sakit rumah... Sakit rumah...
Kepala pecah...
Menyerah kalah...
Tak mengapa... Tak mengapa...
Sakit rumah, sakit rumah...

[cebisan lirik lagu sakit rumah a.k.a HOMESICK ='( didedikasikan khas untuk makguru(yeah.. he calls me that. Huhu...)]
Ok, so I'm homesick+depressed+tired+stressed+(any other negative feeling you can think of), and I'm just blessed to have so many great friends who believe in me even though I myself can't find a way to believe in my own self. Thanx kowghang!! =P
Anyway, whatever happens, I know I'll be strong even if everything falls apart. So, don't worry... Just pray for me ok?? =)

Baiklah, dah dah...!! Have to get back to Prof Heffron's notes...!! Will write more after the finals. All the best everyone!! (^_^)