Monday, December 1, 2008

My Apologies...

I've been such a sucky friend. I know...
I don't message that often, I don't call, heck, I don't even go online that frequently (or at least not when most of my friends are online anyway).
So, yeah, I think I owe all my friends an apology for being such a lousy friend.
It's just that this semester has been totally hectic. I can't even stop to catch a breather and I seriously need one now. *sigh*
It just strucked me when two of my best friends told me the same thing: Saying they really missed me and felt like it's been ages since I came back and it's been ages too since we talked.
And now, I'm starting to feel the distance. Before this, I'm usually really not that busy and always have time to chat and catch up, so I don't really feel like being far away from them sucks that much(besides the not being able to hangout together part that is).
Now, it's like there's not enough time to talk and catch up properly (what with the time difference and both people having all sorts of things to do at that time) and I'm missing out on a lot of new things that's happening in their lives(which is bad for a friend to not know).
So, yeah, I'm sorry for being such a lousy friend.
But, you guys still love me right?? =P
Don't worry, when Summer time comes, I'm all yours! LOL

Anyway, wish me luck for my exams! =S

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Miss Worried

I'm worried about a lot of things these days. And worrying makes me a little bit anxious.
And I don't like being anxious all the time coz it's annoying, it's like a nagging feeling that you just can't sit still with.
And I don't really get anxious that easily but yeah, I am anxious most of the time these days. This definitely calls for some major break (ie traveling, retail therapy). The only problem is I can't really go on holiday and can't really go for retail therapy now because the exam is near (Worry Number 1). Yes, it's that time of year again. The time for self torture and caffeine/chocolate/(fill in with whatever fetish beverages you like) abuse. Haha... I make it sound like it's such a bad thing. Well, for me it is. I just hate exams (now, who doesn't, please kindly come here and take the exams for me). So, yeah, I'm worried about my exams. Not only for my Neuro papers but also for Spanish (DO NOT regret taking this. It'll be useful when you go to Spain. DO NOT regret taking this.... DO NOT *chant to myself*) and of course the Clinical Practice paper. But, I guess in the end just worrying about it and not doing anything to make sure that I get a decent result would just be a waste of time. So, come on! Get NERDing! =)

Worry Number 2: My parents are going to Hajj tomorrow and yes, I'm worried sick. I know they'll be in good hands and all but to just think that they'll be in a foreign place with loads of strangers... Well, it just worries me. Now, I guess I understand how my parents feel everytime they send me off here. I did pester them to get a SIM card each when they get there and message me everyday about their life there, but thats probably asking too much. They'll probably be busy most of the time anyway. So, I guess I can just pray (and ask you guys to pray for them as well) for their safe journey, pray that they won't be hindered by any sickness and everything would run smoothly for them. Amiin.

Which then brings us to worry number 3:
Since my parents would be gone to Hajj, my youngest brother and sister would be placed under the care of my uncles and aunts. One of them wants to live in the kampung with my aunt because he likes being free and being able to do activities that you could only do properly in a kampung (ie: kejar ayam, lastik cicak, tengok telur ayam menetas, etc.) and the other one wants to live with my uncle in Ipoh because she has company there and she wants to learn the piano (or so she says) with her 13 year old cousin. So, since her brother knows her best and would not in his right mind leave her alone with our uncle and aunt in Ipoh(who would easily fall prey to her sweet persuasions to do things/buy things for her), they're going to spend half of the time in Ipoh and the other half in Changkat Jering (it's near Taiping for those of you who don't know). Why I'm worried exactly since they'll be in such good hands? Well, these two always fight, I mean, always! So, I guess I don't want them to fight all the time and trouble my aunts and uncles. Believe me, they're already a handful when they're not fighting. Huhu... But, maybe this little independence away from my parents should teach them to stick together for a change. We'll see...

Ok, that's probably enough jabbering for one post. Sorry again for not being a "Tegar Blogger" (as Nad puts it). Will put more effort into it! Promise! (and then, I go missing without any posts for a month. LOL). To all the people taking the exams, all da best! And to all the people who're on holiday (especially to those in Malaysia), dah dah, senyap-senyap je cuti tuh.. =P

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Did We Get Here??

Ok, just updating because I've gotta share this song with you guys.
It's called Decode by Paramore. Totally cool! It's actually the soundtrack for Twilight, the most talked about movie opening soon based on the novel series of the same name. One of my classmate recommended me to read the book and watch the movie when it comes out. But, instead, I stumbled upon the soundtrack of the movie. Well, I've just listened to one of the song actually, so not the whole soundtrack anyway. Hehe...

Seriously, the song's like haunting me today. It's on repeat for the whole day! =P
So, give it a listen!

Owh, and you could go to Paramore's official website to see the video.

And for you people who are guitar freaks, try playing it using this tab. I tried playing it. Sounds kind of similar. Bunyik die, when i tried playing nak dekat serupa macam ni laa... (the acoustic version, except takde piano and violin. Hahhaa.... Perasan gile. Owh, and of course laa my voice bukan cam suara Hayley kan. lagi merdu and lunak bak kata Di. Hahhaa.. Yeah right! Anway, the acoustic version is really awesome! Sila dengar. Ini arahan. LOL)


P.S: 2 posts in one day! Wow! Now, that's a record right?? =P

Under Pressure

Got 2 people tagging me and loads more nagging me about my neglected blog.
So, yeah, I'm under pressure to update and thanks for tagging and nagging anyway, cause that actually broke the erm, laziness of updating..?? LOL. Sorry bloggie for neglecting you! =P Anyway, here I go:

Tagged By: Ecah & Fendi

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?
Which him/her?? The people who tagged me you mean? Ok. Both are my friends and we study at UCC together. (korang ngaku kan kite kawan?? Kan2?? LOL)

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
a) lepaaak (it's kindda hard to see this guy get flustered by anything!)
b) orang cina mualap. LOL
c) suke kenakan orang! (I still remember ko and Kamil punye FAILED attempt to kenekan aku! Haha... Berani nak kenekan orang camtu. Dekat guru of mengenakan orang pulak tuuuh! Haha..)
d) pakar IT. Ask him anything about the computer or whatever related to it. I'm sure he can help you. Huhu...
e) independent.

Ecah/Niesa/Hanisah (haha..):
a) very, very independent
b) very private and mysterious
c) kuat makan!
d) tak suke makan pedas. (makan pedas sikit dah buat bunyi orang tak tahan makan pedas. Alaa... tak reti nak explain. Korang tau kan?? Huhu...)
e) dibenci buat masa sekarang (cause she's gonna go back to Malaysia this winter! Huh...!!)

3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you.
Fendi: He and one of his other friend decided to play a prank on me one day. And well, of course it didn't work! I'm way more skillful in playing pranks on people! LOL. But, still it was a good attempt. Syabas Fendi! Haha...

Ecah: She decided to go back to Malaysia during the winter holidays! I HATE yoooou!! LOL

4. The most memorable things he/she have said to you?
Fendi: Bley tolong releeeeks tak?
Ecah: Weii, aku jadi balik Malaysia weeei...!

5. If he/she become your lover, you will…
Haha... Lawak la kamu soalan! Ok, next!

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will…
Haha... Sekali lagi, lawak laaa kamu soalan! Ok, next!

7. If he/she become your lover, he/she has to improve on…
Haaaaaiiihh.... Ape soklan nii??

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is…
Either one of them goes back to Malaysia when I'm not going back there as well! I hate you Ecah! LOL.

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
Suruh dorang belanja saya! Hmm... Besnyaaa... Hahah...

10. The overall impression of him/her is…
Dorang due sangat best! Makes my life in Cork a little bit interesting =)

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
Huh?? Apekah soalan ini...??

12. The character of you for yourself is?
Cartoon character k? Powerpuff Girls! (oooh... I miss watching this!)

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
Again.. cartoon character k? Cruella deVille! (and every other villains there is! LOL)

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
Myself thank you.

15. For the people who care about and like you, say something about them.
They're a bunch of really, really precious people. Love you guys loads! =)

16. Eleven people to tag (no I'm not tagging you guys, just putting names to answer the questions. Hehe... So, you are not obliged to answer these questions):
1) Ili
2) Cipi
3) Ila
4) Syal
5) Shida
6) Tiey
7) Buchuk
8) Faiq
9) Kojek
10) Fareez
11) Robo

17. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
Mudah! Number 7.

18. Is no. 3 a male or a female?
Mudah! Female

19. If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?
Woweee... Let's ask number 2 what she thinks about it. LOL

20. How about no. 5 and 8?
Shida & Faiq??? Dah terbayang-bayang dah card kawen dorang... Awww... Sweet!

21. What is no. 1 studying about?

22. Is no. 4 single?
No. She's dating number 9 and 11.

23. Say something about no. 6
Best friend yang banyak cakap. LOL. Owh, our birthday's just a day apart! =)

(Yeah! Update pun blog! Hahaha...)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

NaK Balik Malaysia Lagi Please...?? Huhu...

If I were to say that aloud, the majority of my friends would go out of their way to give me a slap! Seriously... Ok, maybe not literally. But, yeah, they'd definitely try to get me back to my senses for wanting to go back after only a few months back here. Huhu...
Anyway, when I miss home, I'd watch things that remind me of it.
Like listening to Yuna's EP every single day! Hahhaa... Pathetic, I know... Tapi nak buat camne!
And just now, I was watching the trailer for KAMI the Movie. Haih~~
I soooo wanna watch it! Tapi cam harapan je it'll be released in Ireland anytime soon. Big Hollywood movies pun takes ages to be premiered here, apatah lagi cerita yang menggunakan bahasa asing.

For those of you who don't already know, I'm a huge fan of KAMI the series and of course Abu (played by Nas-T). So, it's only natural that I'd want to watch the movie right?
Perlu la kan die premiere on the 1st day of Raya. Who in their right mind goes to the cinema during the 1st day of Raya?? Weird~~
So, anyway, enjoy the trailer while I go searching for other sources to channel my homesickness~~ It's really not that good a trailer, I think, but still wanna watch it because I wanna see how it compares to the series.

Owh, by the way, for those of you who keeps on asking, nooo, I won't be going back home anytime soon. Well, not planning to anyway... But who needs plans right? LOL.

(2 posts in one month! I'm on a roll! Haha...)

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Hidayah!!! Hi... da... yah...!

Yeah, Hidayah... My name. Perfectly easy to say right??
Well, perfectly easy if our tongue's used to saying it correctly.
Perfectly easy if we're used to saying long names.
But, my name's not that long right? That's what we Malaysians and Arabs (because it does come from their language) think. But, according to my classmates and lecturers (who are mostly not well versed in Malay or Arabic), it's kind of a mouthful. Let me give you a few situations just so you can get the picture and feel me. LOL.

Situation 1:
Every month, I have to go for a GP (General Practitioner) Attachment. It's where we go to the GP's clinic and meet up with their patients with certain diseases and do history taking and physical examination on them. It's done in groups of three. I haveDave (a Canadian) and Owen (an Irish) as my group mates. They're totally cool and we had never been in the same group before this so we all kind of just started knowing each other. So, as expected, during our first session, introduction was necessary right? So, everyone was telling each other their names. When it was my turn, I tried telling them as slowly and as clearly as possible, cause I was used to people not knowing how to pronounce it. So, I was going: "My name's Hi... da... yah..."
They didn't have any problem repeating after me. So, I was really thrilled that they got it the first time! Then, after the session, we waited for the bus together and Dave was mumbling to himself: "Hidayah... Hidayah... Hidayah... Did I get it right?" He actually got to practice saying it a couple of times before getting it right. Hahah... Then, Owen suggested, "Can we just call you Hidi?" Obviously cause he didn't quite master it. LOL.

Situation 2:
I took Spanish language as my extra module this semester. I've missed two classes before this because the fisrt class, I was still back in Malaysia and the second class, I had the GP attachment thing. So, I was totally lost during my first class! The lecturer was talking and teaching pretty fast and she was almost always talking in Spanish, which didn't make things any better.
Then, we each had to answer her question about what we were planning to do during the weekend and also had to tell her our name.
When it was my turn, I of course fumbled but managed to get through (phew~~)
She asked (in very fast Spanish talk) my name. So, I answered, "Mi nombre es Hidayah" (I should've replied like this, but apparently I made some very weird sounds that sounded like this, but I made sure my name was pronounced correctly) Then, the lecturer made this very weird face... and she said: "Erm... Let's give you a more Spanish name.... Rosssssaa (make sure you stress the Ssss since that's how they pronounce it)" And the whole class was laughing! Sigh~~ And all throughout the class, of course laa kene ejek kan, lagi-lagi dengan si Bazli, Wany and Syedot. Haih~~ Then, after the class, the lecturer came and asked me to repeat my name again and yeah, she got it moderately right after a few tries. LOL. Apparently, it's kindda hard for her cause they don't really pronounce 'H' when speaking Spanish. So, that means my name's actually pronounced "Eeedayaaa".

Situation 3:
Every week, I have tutorials in groups where we learn to do physical examinations regarding various complications. So, everyone was expected to know what should be done and should be able to answer the questions the instructors asks us. So, as we were working in groups of 7, we had to rotate between different stations and play out the different situations with the rest of the group mates or just answer the questions the instructors asks us regarding the various stations. We had this situation during one of the First Aid tutorials where a woman's head was bleeding and each one of us was asked how we'd handle it. The funny thing was, I was never asked anything, unless I voluntarily answered because the instructor picked us to answer questions by calling out our name from our name tags. She was staring at my name tag all throughout the session, but she never knew how to pronounce it I guess, so I was spared from being asked any question directly. Haha... That's probably one of the perks of having a 'hard' to pronounce name.

P.S: No, I haven't given up on blogging. Just been really, really disorganized with all the catching up to do after missing 2 weeks of lectures! And also with Eid celebration, futsal training, etc. Sorry if post ini agak hambar. Berkarat aah dah lama tak memblog! Haha...Hopefully this won't be the only post for the whole month! =P

Thursday, September 11, 2008

10, 000 Debt?

Oook... Let's play a guessing game?

1st guessing game:
How can someone be in debt of 10,000?? What did he spend it on? Down payment for a house/apartment (whatever you can get with that amount of money nowadays)? A new car? Wasted it all on a night of gambling gone wrong? Used it to venture on a new business??

2nd guessing game:
What currency is the 10,000 debt made in??

Ooookkk... So, think of an answer.

Done thinking????

Answer for guessing game number 1:
Apparently, a junior of mine in KMB, lost his SIM card. Well, he's studying in the UK and yeah, he lost it during the summer holidays, meaning he lost it in Malaysia. Unfortunately for him, he uses the bill pay system. And even unfortunate for him, he didn't realize he lost his SIM card in the first place and of course didn't report the loss so that the mobile company could at least bar the number from usage should someone come upon it and decided to use it. Well, his unfortunate luck doesn't end there. Someone did come upon his SIM card and decided to use it. Luckily (getting tired of the word unfortunate already. So, let's use the point of view from the person who stole the SIM card now. Huhu...) for the thief the SIM card does not have a pin code! (or maybe he somehow cracked it. I don't really have all the details. Another junior of mine told me about this story) Ok, so he, thinking like any other thief would, used the SIM card to call almost every single person in Malaysia and also Bangladesh that he knew in his life. He called and he called and yes, he called... Till the phone number was barred. No, not because the person who owned the number suddenly realized that he had lost his SIM card, but because the phone company suddenly realized that the bill amount was getting too extravagant from the usual about 30 the guy usually spends a month. Well, luckily for the guy who stole the SIM card, they barred the number only after the bill reached 10,000. And you think they took that long to finally bar the number. Genius! The guy have probably talked his ear off already. He probably had enough radioactive waves or whatever they say is transmitted inside him already due to the time spent using his mobile phone. (Hey! There's an idea! Why not we do a radioactive test on everyone to find out who the culprit is. I'm sure he'll go totally off the radar!) So, now this unfortunate junior of mine, is in debt of 10,000!

Answer for guessing game no 2:
Yes, since he's studying in UK, you'd might already guessed the answer. It's in United Kingdom Pounds. So, taking into consideration the rate nowadays, he precisely owes the mobile provider about RM60,712.80. Ouch huh???

So, anyone interested or have any idea how to help him out??

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Bertepatan dengan hari kemerdekaan Malaysia, saya hendak menulis dalam bahasa Melayu. Maaf jika Bahasa yang digunakan agak cacat, kerana saya sesungguhnya tidak berapa mahir. Ya, salah diri sendiri! =P Maka, marilah kita mulakan penulisan!

Saya tak faham...
Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang di Malaysia tak ada adab time beratur.

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang di Malaysia tak tahu dan tak kisah pasal isu-isu semasa di Malaysia (apatah lagi isu-isu di dunia dengan memberi kata-kata seperti: "Takpelah.. Asal sampai Malaysia tak berperang sudah") tapi kalau tanya pasal artis-artis serata dunia, cepat je nak nyampuk.

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia (lagi-lagi yang mengaku Melayu Muslim) rasa dorang 'cool' dan hebat dan lagi teruk, kalau berasa bangga membuat aktiviti-aktiviti yang berunsur barat (seperti clubbing dan minum arak).

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia suka buat kecoh pasal benda remeh-temeh.

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia tak reti bersyukur.

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia tak ramah walaupun sebenarnye kita konon-kononnya dikenali sebagai orang-orang yang ramah (tapi kenapa kalau saya bayar dan senyum dan cakap terima kasih kat cashier, dorang masam jer..?? Mungkin sebab saya kurang comeyl dan mereka hanya ramah dengan orang berlainan jantina dan pelancong-pelancong asing...? Mungkin...)

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia terlalu memandang tinggi orang-orang asing [maksud saya pelancong-pelancong asing, bukannye orang-orang dari Indonesia dan Bangladesh yang penat-penat buat kerja yang orang-orang kita sendiri malas nak buat (bukannya nak 'backup' dorang, tapi betul kan??)].

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang di Malaysia tak berapa tinggi (tapi ini mungkin sebab genetik, maka tak boleh salahkan sesiapa tapi saya masih nak mengungkit perkara ini. Haha...).

Saya tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang Malaysia hanya tahu meraikan Hari Kemerdekaan dan bersungguh-sungguh untuk meraikannya tapi tak faham tentang bertapa pentingnya hari tersebut.

Dan saya lagi tak faham kenapa kebanyakkan orang-orang di Malaysia hanya tahu mengkritik tapi tak tahu bagaimana untuk memperbaiki keadaan di Malaysia sendiri (ie: saya =P).

Selamat menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan!! =)

P.S: Bak kata pepatah, alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan (ecey~~), maka saya nak mengucapkan selamat berpuase (penuh!) kepada semua! Semoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna. InsyaAllah~~

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Am a Snake....??

One of my friend Ili asked me just now, out of the blue, while we were busy discussing other things...

Ili: So, will I see you this hari raya? Huhu...

Me: Huh?? What's that suppose to mean??

Ili: Since when do you have a problem with reading? Huhu...

Me: Haha.. I don't. But, I do have a problem understanding your question. So, please explain sket.

Ili: Adakah saya akan berjumpa anda hari raya ini??

Me: Haha... I understand English ok. Tapi apsal tanya soklan tu?

Ili: Saje. I had a dream.

Me: Ooook...

Ili: Mimpi dipatuk ular.

Me: Huh?? Membe aku kata kalo mimpi kene patuk ular, maknenye ade orang nak masuk meminang. Eeeehhh... Ke mimpi kene kejar ular eh?? Cause ari tu die mimpi aku kene. Sengal!! Ok, then??

Ili: Tapi ular tu cam tak menakutkan. Cam ular kertas tapi cam geli gak. Tu kire dipinang gak ke?? Hahaha...

Me: Ntah! Tak tahu pasal mimpi-mimpi ni! Haha... So, pe kaitan mimpi tu ngan aku?

Ili: Tah... Tapi aku rasa ular and ko ade keserasian??

Me: WHAT???? Itu tak boleh terima! Hahhaa... Pastu kena patuk ngan ular kertas, so kite akan jumpe time raya...?? Hahah... Mende ko nih??

Ili: Ye ah. Sebab ular tu cam ular kertas. Angpau duit raya. And ko and ular plak ade keserasian. Nampak tak connection die??

Me: Celah mana keserasian ni???????

Then she went on to talk about how a snake and I would even be serasi which I should not tell due to the weird explanation. Yeah2~~ Still tak boleh terima.

Me: Haih~~ You know the answer right???

Ili : So is it a yes...??

But I never got this last question. Probably cause disconnected kejap and it wasn't until I looked at the archive to write about it, baru nampak soklan ni. Sorry Ili!! But, if I did, I would have answered:

Me: Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out is it...?? =P

Ok, end of story. Sheesshh...!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The 5 Things???


The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.


What were you doing 5 years ago?
Hmm.. Was probably at MRSM KKB. God... I miss the moments I had there! The wonderful people I found there made the experience so much fun and bearable! =)

what were the 5 things on your list today?
1. Go to town and get some beautiful things for the room. Getting bored of the layout already.
2. Have lunch/dinner get-together with Ille, Mas, Ecah, Syakur, Moooks, Wami and Lutfan.
3. Main poker kat Facebook. LOL.
4. Menyambung project mystery. Jeng3~~
5. Membuat sesuatu yang berguna. Haha...

what are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1. Ice cream!
2. Kerepek ubi
3. Fruits!
4. Penguin chocolate cakes! Dia siap ade teka-teki pasal penguin kat blakang every packet! How cute is that? haha...
5. Marshmallow. Duh~~

what are 5 jobs you've had?
1. Cashier at Parkson Subang Parade. Really... Lol.
2. Babysitter for my lil sis kire ke?? I did get some money. Huhu...
3. Tutor for my lil bro. Tapi ni kerja ikhlas tanpa meminta gaji.
4. Personal assistant for my dad! This was a seriously sweeet job! Had to do some typing and also Powerpoint presentations for my dad who insistently wants to pay me for helping out. Terase bersalah. Semua mende ayah sponsor. Tapi dah nak kasi, trime je ah kn =P
5. Ok, I'm going to stop writing merepek jobs in these answers now. Huhu...

5 people you want to tag (yang belum ditag oleh Umi. Huhu...)
1. ili
2. atiq
3. robo
4. nad
5. fareez

(whoa that was a quick one huh?)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's All This Fuss About the Olympics??

Apparently, unless you're living in a total cocoon, away from any contact with civilization and unfortunate enough to not have any mode of communication to the outside world, then you wouldn't care or know much about the Beijing Olympics.
Yes, the ultimate multi-sports event that every single sane and ambitious sportsmen have ever imagined to be playing in is back again after four years.
Just by watching the spectacular opening, everybody knew that this was going to be one huge Olympics - and so far it has been so.

The main country contenders have got to be the host China and USA with their huge number of awesome athletes raging to go give it their best in the games. These two countries are forces to be reckoned with.

Anyway, I've always been a huge fan of the Olympics and among the few events I just love to get updated on are:
1) Soccer. Brazil and Argentina are definitely my hot favs for this event. With Ronaldinho finally coming back after a long break due to injury and Messi giving his best for his country (amid the "No, you're not going" "Yes, I am!" battle between him and his club), it feels like the World Cup have arrived early.

2) Tennis. Rafael Nadal has chosen a very good year to finally be in his ultimate best. With Federer out of contention, I'd say Nadal has very high chances to take the gold medal home.

3) Gymnastics. I was rooting for team USA to win but definitely China was waaaay better despite the fact that Alicia Sacramone was being blamed for her team's loss. But, for the overall title I'd say the US could safely get it what with Shawn Johnson having a clear shot of clinching it given that her teammate Nastia doesn't get it herself. And kudos to Yang Wei who finally got his well-deserved gold individual medal!

4) Swimming. Now, for those of you not interested in this sport, you'd better go check it out cause there's going to be a lot of record breaking (there have been too many of them happening already anyway) happening in this event, thanks to the outrageously talented Michael Phelps. He's been breaking records ever since he got to Beijing and on his way to achieve the ultimate record of 8 gold medals in a single Olympics.

5) Basketball. Definitely rooting for team USA and Spain. But, I just think that USA may well be on their way to taking a gold home. Well, that's just me.

6) And last but not least, badminton. Now this is a sport where I am most anxious to get updated on. Why? Because our very own Malaysian, Lee Chong Wei is still contending for the gold medal! Wuhuu...!! Well, this is basically the one sport where Malaysia have any chances of getting a medal. But, could he be the one answer to our very first Olympics gold?? Well, looking at the way he's been performing, I'd say he has quite a clear shot. Don't wanna jinx it though, but go Chong Wei go!! Or as the spectators in China chant: Jiayou!! Jiayou!! (which means "Add oil!! Add oil!!". Hey, don't look at me like that. I didn't make that up! Promise! =P)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's Her Birthday~~

It's Mahirah's 10th birthday today...
Wasn't able to be there to celebrate it with her (and not too happy with that)
Naseb baik dah beli present awal-awal. Kalau tak, tak abes-abes la membebel and merajuk la budak kecik tu. Huhu...

So, Happy Birthday Mahirah!! Grow up to be what you wanna be and soo much more!! *kisses* =) [Owh, she told me she wants to be a doctor haiwan since I'm gonna be a doctor manusia (InsyaAllah). But, setakat ni haiwan yang dia paling sayang and berani nak dekat are cats and dogs. Itu pun still memilih. Nak yang comel-comel jer. Yang lain semua die lari jauh-jauh sambil menjerit atau menangis histeria kalau binatang tu datang dekat. Huhu...]

This is her with her best friend Ilyasa (or Syasya as we call him) during one of their usual afternoon playtime session.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pilihan BIJAK!

Went waiting for the commuter to go back to sweet old Subang at 5-ish p.m.
Arrived home at 8p.m.

Seriously, if you're just about to board the komuter after office hours heading to Pelabuhan Kelang, just take an extra hour just to wind down at the nearest maple coz you won't be able to get INSIDE the komuter. Well, unless you're a ruthless person who don't have the courtesy to let the disembarking passengers get out first before shoving your way inside and at the same time completely ignoring the whole concept of QUEUING up and following the queue and using your super tajam heels or whatever other asset of mass destruction you've got on other people just to get ahead, or inside to be precise, then yeah, just follow my advice.

Just DON'T even think of wasting your time queuing up cause everyone else don't follow the rule of first come, first serve. It's definitely a survival of the fittest competition if you're adamant on making it in time for your daily dose of 7.00pm drama (whatever's on these days). And if it really was, I'd be the already extinct species, or if I'm lucky, the rare species that has to be put on the endangered species list.

Firstly, you'd have to survive by actually pushing everyone else in front of you to get in. Then, after you're in, it's another competition all-together. Survival for oxygen. (forget getting enough space to put your stuff down or even feel comfortable where you're squashed at. Once you're in, you're considered lucky. Huhu...)

So, how did I finally entered the komuter and arrived home just in time for dinner?
Well, after the 3rd time(whoever came up with the phrase 3rd time's the charm has apparently never came and witnessed the repetitive disappointments one has to go through just to go home using the komuter), I finally decided to just not rely on my luck (which apparently decided to go for a summer holiday as well) and just board the train heading to Sentul so that I could stop at Bank Negara and board the train to go to Subang from there. Brilliant huh? Wish I'd just followed this plan the first time I thought about it (which was the first time when I was not even allowed to smell the inside of the komuter. Sungguh sengal~~ Habes masa 1 jam lebih sebab tunggu nak board train jer)

And you wanna know the best part of this??
When I finally boarded the train to go back home at Bank Negara (I got a seat too!! Sweeet! Huhu...) the advertisement in front of me goes like this:

Pilihan Bijak
Tentulah KTM Komuter

Jimat Masa
Jimat Tenaga
Jimat Belanja

Well, at least one part of it is right. And don't blame me if I happen to be totally skeptical about things promoted on advertisements after this. My experiences thought me better. *sigh*

Friday, July 25, 2008

They Don't Call it The Holidays For Nothing Right??

Whoa~~ Finally updating my blog.
Sure dah takde siape yang check to see whether I've updated ke tak kan?? Haha...
Yaaa... saya adalah seorang blogger yang teramat-amat pemalas!
Every time I want to write about something, it's either the connection takde (FYI I'm currently using free wireless connection from one of my mysterious jiran yang sangat baik hati@kurang celik IT kerana tak letak password kat dienya connection. Whatever the case, thanx jiran misteri!! =P) or dah takde mood nak tulis cause when the mood comes, kena terus tulis. Kalau tak.. hilang idea! Yeah, yeah... Alasan~~

So, anyway, the summer holidays have passed for like 2 months already. I've been up to a lot of things! Been to the KKB reunion where there were lots of new faces who came this time around. Kindda missed the 'update' session cause well, my friends and I were busy gossiping and lazing around the room to notice that everyone else were downstairs telling each other what's been up with their life now and all (heard one of my friend even said she was planning to get married! Hmmm.. Menarik update itu! Hehe...) Pastu berjaya ajar dorang main Mafia, my most favourite get-together game. Owh, and also had this little session playing teka-teki where yours truly totally pissed a lot of people off with the "Kuda apa yang paling lawa sekali??" question. [BTW, the answer is Kuda SYURGA (and make sure you give the answer with a straight face and if you're really asking to be slapped in the face especially by Azie, throw in some hand gestures that's suitable i.e like you're trying to introduce a really awesome new gadget that's gonna save people with cancer/AIDs/starvation. Get it??)] The whole reunion was a lot of fun cause had the time to talk to my old friends and see what they were up to these days.

So, after the KKB reunion, I went to Australia for 2 weeks. Went to Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney. It was soo much fun especially the Gold Coast and Sydney trip. Well, eventhough technically I only spent like 2 days in Sydney but it was fun cause I get to spend time with Syal!! Its been two years already since I last saw her, so best ah dapat spend time eventhough kejap je with her. It's not the quantity, it's the quality that counts right?

The trip to Gold Coast trip gave me a lot of new experiences. Like... Sleeping inside a car for one night. Ini agak tak boleh blah la kan. Originally we were all supposed to sleep at the airport (hey, I didn't plan this whole trip. So, don't go saying that this is soo typical me. Huhu... No this time I wasn't responsible and the addition of the Gold Coast airport to the collection of airports I've already slept in wasn't made by me deliberately =P) Anyway, the night was spent playing cards, playing with shopping carts (ni kerja Ammar, Jem and Meera) and taking pictures before we were asked whether any of us lived in the apartment beside where we were playing by a guard. (guard yang sama yang telah memberi kata-kata membina kepada tiga manusia yang bermain cart tadi) Dalam kata erti yang lain, kteorang telah dihalau dari situ. Wuwu... sungguh sedey! So, because it was getting late anyway, we decided to wrap the night and just stay inside the car and yeah, try to sleep. The next day, we went to watch the sunrise. Semua pun layan je eventhough semua orang tengah sengal-sengal badan sebab position tido yang agak kurang baik (especially those yang tido kat driver's seat, steering wheel lagi kan. Haha...) Then, we made our way to our apartments, which was soo beautiful! The view from there was superb and it was soo spacious and comfortable! Definitely gets my sign of approval! =)

The days in Gold Coast was spent at the beach. Didn't actually get to see the surfers do their thing sebab lambat benar nak kena tunggu cause dorang plak kena tunggu wave yang best kan. Then, we also went to Movie World(where I went on the Superman Escape ride, it went from ZERO to 100 km/h in 2 seconds! Gile! Nak patah tengkuk!), Sea World (the highlight of this trip was the dolphin show. Comeyl2~~) and also went to the Currumbin Zoo (where I fed and touched a kangaroo!! Yipee!! But, they were super busuk! And they're actually kindda big and everytime nak snap picture with one of them, mesti muke tengah cuak. Haha...) Overall the trip was superb! Get to make new friends (Hafiz and Homi yang kedua-duanya sengal) Was thinking bout going there again. This time probably with my family. Bile ntah pun tak tahu.

Then, after the Gold Coast trip went to the MASCA thingy. It was actually a sports carnival held at the University of Queensland, Brisbane. It was kindda cool cause I get to meet my old KMB friends and also make a few new ones. Owh, and I also met my secondary school friend, Chew there! Of all the places to meet my old Subang friend la kan... Kat Subang tak pernah plak nak terserempak. Kat Aussie jugak... Then, I also met one of my juniors at KKB who happens to know my full name! Haha... Bagus memory die~~ So, it was fun catching up with these people. There was also a masquarade ball yang takde ah Masquerade sangat pun and tak macam ball langsung. Haha... Sorry2... Nothing against the organizers though. But, the food was great, didn't actually comprehend the whole concept of having to make two dishes of each course and selang-seli letak dish lain-lain kat each table. Leceh kan?? But it's not my job so I'll just leave it at that =P Owh, and I actually played netball for Victoria in the scorching heat! [yeah, I got sunburnt and also helped them (ye ker??) get third place]

What did I learn after my trip to Australia?? Hmm... I know how to play poker now! =P

Then, the rest of my summer holidays was spent with my friends, had another M04M reunion last Monday with Robo, Jiha, Aisyah, Jem, KS and Ammar. Hey, we even met Teo, the most mysterious and quietest guy in my class! Talk about a true class reunion. Hehe... Then, trips to the maple with Usaid and Yati and also Ili, Cipi and all. Owh, did I mention that I bumped into Nas-T(Abu from KAMI for those of you who don't know) at OU last Monday?? Mula-mula tak perasan pun dia. Just perasan gf die (yes... bummer) je cause she was walking too fast and actually struggled to walk fast(because of the expression from her face. Huhu...). I was thinking "Apsal minah ni jalan laju smacam ni??" Then I realized beside her was Nas-T! Pastu terus gile sekejap. Haha... He was as cute as he is on screen. Tapi macam pendek sikit laa. Average height for Malaysian guys kot. Haih~~

Owh, and also in case some of you haven't seen the Dark Knight, seriously go and watch it! Totally worth it especially if it's a treat from your brother. Teehee... Allright, till my next post then! (pray that it won't take another month. Hehe...)

P.S: pics nanti la letak =P

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Drama Queen??

Tak sabar nak balik Malaysia!!!!~~
Tak sabar nak get away from all these crappy stuff!!
Tak sabar nak jumpe semua membe-membe yang best!!
Tak sabar nak live with my family again!
Tak sabar... Tak sabar...

Yeah, I'm not too good with waiting.

There... That's my entry. Huhu... (suare mendatar)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sending Our Prayers~~

Saya seorang blogger yang crappy I know... I know...
But, anyway, just want to update people with some latest news happening in my life recently.

Do you guys still remember Ahmad Atiq Abdul Hamid (or Atiq for short) who was the best student for SPM during my year, which is 2003, with 15As...??
Well, he continued his excellence even in KMB and continued his studies in University of Nottingham, UK.
Unfortunately, just got some bad news, he is sick right now. Really sick...
He was found on the bathroom floor by his housemates and after a thorough check in the hospital, he was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation. He might have to undergo surgery to remove the tangles of blood vessels. (I'm not 100% sure whether it's in his brain or not but by the emails that I got, it suggests that it's effecting his brain. Need more sources to clarify this though.) The doctors are also worried about his failing kidneys. And he's still in the hospital now.

Sedey gile bila tau berita ni. He was never close to me cause we never had any classes together time kat KMB but I know him (come on, it's Atiq Stabilo and was the best student in KMB!! Mesti ah semua orang kenal kat KMB tu!) and he's really nice. Totally down to earth eventhough genius gile!! Tapi tak pernah pun nak brag or what ever. Never heard any bad stories about him. Kalau orang mention nama die je, sure sebut mende-mende baik je. That's how nice he is.

So, I just want each and everyone of you who's just read this, eventhough tak kenal die, just to pray for his health and pray that he gets well soon. That's the least we can do. Pray that he would be allright. InsyaAllah~~

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tag... Jangan tak tag... Huhu...

Was tagged and since I've just learnt the meaning of being tagged and in keeping with that tradition, saya pun menjawab la soklan-soklan ini.

Top 5 presents you wish for:

1) BC Rich Ice Acrylic Mockingbird (it's a guitar... =P)
2) sedikit isi di badan. Hahahaa... Dah lost 2 kgs since the start of the exams. *sighs*
3) hmm... ice cream?? I'm missing McD's vanilla ice cream=( Haha.. yeah, I'm not that big on expensive gifts.
4) Someone who smiles and thanks me because I had officially made their day (^_^)
5) a medical degree!! =S

Person who tagged me..

5 impressions about the person who tagged you...
1) Blunt
2) Fun
3) Rebellious
4) Erm, likes to swear..??
5) Complicated

Most memorable things done or given..
Hmm... Entah. But, if I really thought about it, ade kot. Haha... What can I say, we went way back.

Most memorable words said
Maleh... (sekarang saya masih menggunakan ayat ini dengan cara percakapan itu. Hahaha...)

If he becomes my lover, I would...
Haha... let's just not go there.

If he becomes my enemy, the reason would be..
Nah... Can't really find the heart to be an enemy to anyone. Maybe pissed off kejap boleh ah. Enemy?? No, not my kind of thing.

8 people who I would like to know how they feel about me (Haha... ayat ni agak dodgy. But, abaikan je tag ni kalo korang maleh nak layan. Huhu...) and 8 people tagged by me...
1) Cipi
2) Ili
3) Buchuk
4) Ila
5) Jurai
6) Robo
7) Atik
8) Atiq

Who is no. 7 having relationship with?
Hmm... Chee ke Atik??? Hahahhhahaaa...

Who is no. 8 having relationship with?
Have no idea~~ But, currently probably with a psycho girl. Jangan marah Atiq!! =P

If no. 8 and no. 1 is together, would it be a good thing?
Wow... Menarik2~~ Wonder what number 3 would think about it.

What bout no. 1 and no. 5?
Haha... Owwwhh.. comeyl juga kalau no 1 and no 5 get together. Again... wonder what no 3 would say about this.

What is no. 3 studying?
Mechanical engineering eh mooks??

When is the last time u chatted with no.6?
Hmm... Don't exactly remember when but tak lama pun. Dia suka menghantui hidup saya sehingga sanggup berpindah ke Subang. Please ah Robo!! Takde tempat lain ker??? Hahaha...

Does no. 4 work?
Nope. Still studying...

Any of them has any cousins in their school?
Hmm.. None that I can recall...

Would you be with no. 8?
Kamu ni kelakar la soklan... (diikuti dengan ketawa separuh ikhlas)

How bout no. 5?
Jurai?? No... number 1 dah amek kan. Tak reti ah nak rebut-rebut ni. Hahhaa..

Does no. 2 have any siblings?
Mesti la ade... Si tue yang akan kawen tak lama lagi, Odie, Mia, Afiq and Hayat (betul ke eja tu Ili??)

How do u get to know no.2 and no.4?
No 2 at surau KKB. Hahah... Suci betul tempat jumpa. No 4 sebab sama block time kat KKB and also the same class time form 5.

Where does no. 1 live at?
SS2 PJ!!

How do u get to know no. 8?
Same block dulu time kat KMB and she always goes to my room by mistake. Ingatkan bilik Lynn. Kan Atiq kan?? Hahaha... And then jodoh kami berpanjangan till now. Huhu..

Is no. 5 the sexiest person in the world?
Jurai memang sexy. Sebab tu semua orang nak berebut die. Sexy graduated engineer! Hahhaa...

P.S: Kalau salah informasi tentang siape2~~ Maapkan saya. Saya kan ade memory span like a goldfish! Hahaha...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dance Battle La Plak~~

It's been a while since I last wrote. So, pushing aside my crappy finals, I'd just choose one of the few topics I have been wanting to share since the finals started.

Ok, so maybe some of you have heard about this, especially if you've watched "Step Up 2" and you're a fan of Miley Cyrus (she's the star of Disney's Hannah Montana), but there's this whole dance battle going on at Youtube between ACDC (Adam/Chu Dance Crew) and M&M (Miley & Mandy Cru).

It's reportedly supposed to be THE biggest ever Youtube dance battle. Well, I haven't heard of any other dance battles happening in Youtube, so yeah, they can claim that.
Anyway, it all started off when ACDC (owh, by the way, Adam Sevani is the star from Step Up 2, he played Moose, and Jon M. Chu is the director of Step Up 2) challenged M&M (Mandy is Miley's friend) to a dance battle. There are no rules behind this battle. They could recruit anyone they want to be part of their crew. Anyway, here's the clip for the challenge from ACDC:

Then, 3 days later, Miley and Mandy fought back with this vid. They even had Channing Tatum (from Step Up 1) come for a feature:

Then, after a week, ACDC fought back and they recruited almost everyone in their crew! Haha... They had, the Jabbawockeez (no, it's not the name of a snack, it's actually a dance group. A great one at that). They also had Chris Brown (who was totally awesome! Check his vid with Adam Sevani out), Adam Sandler, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan (ok... I have no idea why she was in it. But, yeah, she was) and even Diana Ross!! Just to name a few... And I guess the round goes to ACDC because it was waaaaaaayy better compared to M&M (now, this one reminds me of a snack. Haha...) Ok, here's the clip of ACDC's response:

So, it's been forever since M&M posted anything that said they're up for the challenge. But then, just a few hours ago, M&M have posted that they were fighting back on the 10th of June and they were ending it. The clip looked promising, so yeah, it'll be fun to wait. Well, we'll see if they really would make ACDC look bad won't we. But, personally for me, I'd go with ACDC anytime. I don't know, but they have just a bit more substance I guess. Don't know bout you guys though... Sebenarnye, entry ini sangat membosankan. Tapi... Maleh nak delete. So... biar je ah. Hahaha...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Try Not to Laugh...

Have one more paper left before the end of the summer exams...
Tak larat dah nak cuak. Tak larat dah nak rasa perasaan seperti loser. Huhu...
But, that's a different story.
Anyway, just wanna share this really hilarious clip with you guys.
It totally made my day! (thanks Syah for sharing!)
I was laughing throughout the whole clip. And sekarang tengah sakit perut sebab gelak teruk sangat. Hehe...
Haish~~ Habis hilang ilmu cani kang~~
Anyway, it's a Japanese game show and it involves marshmallow!! Yipee..!!
Check it out! Owh, and challenge yourself not to laugh ok?? Good luck with that! (^_^)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sakit Rumah~~

Promised myself I won't blog until the end of the exams...
But I just had to share this.
Since it's the exams time, I've totally become psychotic and depressed and this message I got from Arip kind of made me smile+sad+sakit rumah...!! (ape mende sakit rumah ni?? Hahha... Ok, ok, you'll know soon enough).

(Lyrics courtesy of Arip... Nanti balik Malaysia, nak dengar die nyanyi lagu ni. Hahaa...)
Musim bunga...
Duduk seorang...
Musim dingin...
Takde sape...
Tak mengapa... Tak mengapa...
Sakit rumah... Sakit rumah...
Kepala pecah...
Menyerah kalah...
Tak mengapa... Tak mengapa...
Sakit rumah, sakit rumah...

[cebisan lirik lagu sakit rumah a.k.a HOMESICK ='( didedikasikan khas untuk makguru(yeah.. he calls me that. Huhu...)]
Ok, so I'm homesick+depressed+tired+stressed+(any other negative feeling you can think of), and I'm just blessed to have so many great friends who believe in me even though I myself can't find a way to believe in my own self. Thanx kowghang!! =P
Anyway, whatever happens, I know I'll be strong even if everything falls apart. So, don't worry... Just pray for me ok?? =)

Baiklah, dah dah...!! Have to get back to Prof Heffron's notes...!! Will write more after the finals. All the best everyone!! (^_^)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April Fool...??

Since it's almost time for the last module's, CP written exam and OSCE (it's an oral exam where you're presented with patients with certain symptoms and you'd have to do checks and ask questions that relate to their symptoms to try and determine or affirm what's wrong with them. Owh, ade gak written masa OSCE ni) results to be posted, I've become psychotic and always refresh the Blackboard homepage like almost every few minutes. Cuak ok!!! Macam ape je peksa ari tu. Haih~~ Pastu, semalam Helen Joustra from the Med School updated the Blackboard with this announcement:
Mon, Apr 21, 2008 -- FM1001: FM1001 Supplementary Exam
Please note that the FM1001 Supplementary Exam is held on:

Friday 25 April 2008
2.30 pm sharp
room 2.63 Brookfield Health Sciences Complex

The Exam duration is 1.5 hours. Please be in time for this Supplementary Exam.
Ini gile yang dipertua!!! (click link tu kalau tak paham. Huhu...) Bayangkan laa... 6th May dah start finals... Pastu nak kene study untuk finals yang ade 3 modules (yang dah campur 4 subjects, Anatomy, Histology, Biochemistry and Physiology), BH (Person Culture and Society) and CP (Clinical Science & Practice) gak. I've already made a timetable and itu pun tak confirm sempat nak cover betul-betul semua. Pastu die nak tambah SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMS??? Haih~~ Memang lepas baca, terus menggila dengan Taq. Dah pasrah dah masa tu. Pasrah dalam kegilaan. Pastu macam-macam theory la yang keluar. Me and my wild imagination. Hehe... Gi bising-bising kat semorang. Sorry Wany, Fendi and Syedot!!! Kasi korang heart attack gak =P Pastu gi ngadu kat housemates, kene gelak jer... Sekali Syah check dienye Blackboard... Dorang pun ade gak!!! Hahhaa... Abes satu rumah jadi gila...!! Then, after a few very excruciating hours, it turns out...
Mon, Apr 21, 2008 -- FM1001: FM1001 Supplementary Exam: additional information
Please note that Supplementary Exams are only held when one or more students were not in a position to sit the original exam for medical reasons. Those students need to submit an official Medical Certification.
Our apologies if this was not clear to you.
Berani die!!!! Kalau laaa ade orang ade heart problems ker... Confirm dah selamat dah... Haish~~ April Fool dah lama lepas... So, tak lawak ok buat camtu. Huhu... Tapi pikir-pikir balik, bagus jugak sebenarnye kalau ade peksa tu betul-betul kan?? Kasi pressure lebey sket. Hehe... Anyway, back to studying and nerding!!! Owh, by the way... Tolong doakan jugak eh so that I can answer everything and tak menggelabah cam selalu and get the results accordingly!! Amiiiinn...!! Cuak2~~ Huhu... Won't be updating and going online that much after this. Kene fokus!!! =P To everyone sitting for the summer exams soon, all the best!!! =)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Germany and Prague Trip: Recap in 10mins (promise!)

Ok, you've either got to read fast or just skim through. Don't waste your time more than 10 minutes for this post (Why?? Saje... Haha...)

During this Easter Break, I went with my housemates, Syah, Taq and Ille to Germany and Prague, Czech Republic. Akhirnya berjaya gak menarik dorang travel outside of Ireland!! Huhu...
Anyway, we spent the 10 days going about many places! Sangat seronok cause we got to meet and make new friends besides getting to know about a new culture. Ok, so maybe it's mainly because I love traveling and making new friends that I found it to be extra exciting but it was really fun!

We started the journey from Cork and everything was fine (this is like a rare occasion whenever I travel cause there must always be something wrong every single time! Malang nak wat cane... Huhu...) We were early for the check-in and everything went smoothly till we reach Munich. Eventhough pakcik yang jaga passport sume tak reti senyum and cakap-cakap German dengan kteorang sambil kteorang terkebil-kebil kat situ tak paham, ok jer semua after dorang tengok kteorang confident je cakap yang kteorang ade membe kat Augsburg. Alhamdullilah. Then, lepas jumpe Buchuk (I prefer to call him Mooooks) we got into the train to Augsburg. Masa ni laaa dapat message keramat! Haha... Ok, I actually brought my laptop so that I could finish up my BH essay (sambil travel nak wat kerja?? Who was I kidding?? Haha.. Takpe, semangat tu ade! =P) So, the message was from Wany. It went like this: "Wei, ko tertinggal charger laptop ko. Nak aku pass kat dak-dak boys tak??" Owh, there were some of the Cork guys going to Berlin as well. Sibuk gile nak gi tempat sama ngan kteorang. Haha... So, after I received that message, I deleted it terus and dengan yakinnya said: "Mana ade tertinggal!! Saje je nak kasi... (stop in mid sentence)" yeah... Masa ni baru perasan yang memang betul-betul tertinggal. Haih.. Bawak laptop penat-penat pastu lupe bawak charger! Pandai... pandai...

Ok, so sampai dekat Augsburg, berkenalan dengan kedai roti murah tepi umah Moooks (ade simbol piglet comeyl tu maknenya murah ah kedai tu. Yeah, Germany memang pelik. Haha...) Semua pun dah kepenatan. Moooks tiba-tiba menghilangkan diri. Rupa-rupanya malu ngan poster die. Hahaha... Tau malu!! Anyway, Taq dah semangat dah nak jumpe Ehem! tapi die tak balik practical lagi. So, we all rest kejap, pastu get ready untuk gi funfair. Wuhuu..!! I love funfairs!! It was a such a long time since I last went to one anyway. Masa tengah baru nak pergi, Taq dapat gak jumpe dengan Ehem! Terus semangat! Berseri-seri je muke. Bahagia tengok membe bahagia camtu. Huhu...

Ok, pastu kteorang pun gi laa funfair. Went home a few hours after that with a seriously bad headache and sore back. Semua sebab main bumper car dengan naik mende pusing-pusing tu. Peringatan: jangan naik mende-mende yang boleh menyebabkan anda mengeluarkan kata-kata kurang enak untuk didengari kerana cuak bersama orang-orang tersayang =P
Balik-balik kena hidang dengan nasi lemak and paling penting sambal die memang SPECIAL!! Mesti sebab Taq ada. Kteorang pun makan ah dengan tidak senyap kerana terlalu sedap. Kalau senyap je kteorang time makan tu... Haaa... Itu tanda-tanda food tu tak menepati certain criteria. Tapi Taq senyap je ah... Muke cam merah-merah sikit. Tak tau asal. Maybe sambal pedas sangat kot. Kot laaa...

Then, the next day, we went to Nurnberg. Moooks tak dapat nak join cause die ade practical. So, kteorang diserahkan kepada Epi (ex-schoolmate Syah. Syah ni sebenarnya anak pengetua. Kteorang pun baru tau) Anyway, naseb baik ah ade Epi ni kalau tak, kteorang shopping je. Dah ah asyik dok mengumpat dengan pakcik-pakcik and makcik-makcik kedai je. Mentang-mentang kteorang tak paham. Tapi from the tone pun kteorang tau tone mengumpat. Isk3... Anyway, kat Nurnberg, kteorang banyak gi tempat-tempat bersejarah (banyak ah masa habes kat tempat-tempat bersejarah ni daripada shopping. Bagus betul!)

At the Volksfest with budak-budak Nurnberg.

Then, we also went to the funfair at Nurnberg. Volksfest nama die. This was even bigger than at Augsburg! Dienya rollercoaster nampak lebey mencabar ah. Huhu... So, Syah and I went on it with the other guys. Dorang tu saja nak dengar kteorang jerit je. Haish... But, it was great!! It has 5 loops (kalo tak silap ah) and by the third loop, I couldn't shout anymore. Haha... Then we just walked around and watched them play with the guns. Naseb baik dorang kasi ape yang dorang menang tu kat kteorang. Kalo tak, sure dah bising bosan. Huhu... Owh, and dak-dak Nurnberg memang kuat makan and kuat merepek!! Best ah... Tapi yang tak puas ati tu, dorang ni kuat betul tangkap gamba!! Lagi vain dari kteorang!! =P Kat sini ah kteorang kenal ngan membe-membe Epi yang len... Kak Shima (finally!! jumpe gak a Malaysian girl!! Haha...) Pesa, Paih, Baws, Timi, Sani and Safwan. There was one other guy yang kteorang tak berkenalan sangat pun. Anyway, thanx a whole bunch korang!! Layanan yang sangat best!!

The following day, we went to Munich. Walked around the city and went to the various famous places Moooks took us. Before it was getting dark, Mooks took us to the BMW showroom and die pura-pura nak tunjuk kteorang stadium yang ade dekat situ. Last-last kantoi sebab nak gi dengar BSB (yes! the boyband) punya concert. Tapi tak start lagi masa tu. Muke hampa... Takpe.. Len kali dorang datang la tu... Jangan hampa Moooks! Then, we also went to the Allianz Stadium and it rained pretty bad. No... it didn't just rained!! It was showering. Abes basah jacket dengan 'snow' and hujan. Dah ah we were going to spend the night at the airport (cause our flight is at 6 sumthing a.m. So, we decided to just crash at the airport) Naseb baik dapat port best. Masing-masing dapat "bilik" sdiri. Haha... Bahagia je some of us tido eventhough pakcik cleaner tu datang bersihkan kat tempat kteorang nak dekat 3 kali kot!! Kotor betul kat tempat kteorang eh pakcik??

Waiting for the train at one of the many train stations.

Then, we got on our flight to Berlin. Finally!! Got some sleep time!! Naik-naik terus diam je... Haha... After we reached Berlin, we went directly to our hostel, lepas breakfast at McD that is. the hostel was relatively easy to find and we were all tired and couldn't wait to take a much needed shower and rest for a while. Tapi tengok-tengok, tak boleh masuk bilik lagi before 2p.m. Are you kidding me? We reached the hostel at about 10 a.m kot... Penat plak tu. Haih... Then, we all decided to go to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof, HB for short) which is waaaay bigger than KL Central (like duh~~) and is a great achitectured building in itself. Shopping jap kat sini (haha... who says you can't shop at train stations?? Ade banyak gak plak tu kedai!! Kalah shopping center kat Ireland. Huhu...) Then, we had lunch and met up with Wanoi and Am. Went to the hostel and finally got some rest. But, knowing me, I didn't sleep at all!! (masalah sikit nak tidur time matahari still ade. Weird, I know) Then, masa nak kuar balik gi Alexanderplatz, dah rasa cam tak sihat. Haish~~ So, I wasn't there when they went there and also to take Ejang. I had to be left behind. But, at least I got better during the night!! But, we didn't go anywhere except to take Paeh Wannabe and had our dinner. Hampa gak ah...

Pics in Berlin. Courtesy of Moooks

Then, the rest of the days in Berlin, we went to the Berlin Wall, Charlie's Checkpoint, Beranda bergetoh (Bradenburgertor sebenarnye. Haha... Tour guide tak eja nak wat cane! =P), Berliner Dom, Reichstag, etc. But, the highlight of the trip?? Masa stop makan kat Amy's Malaysian Restaurant (it's owned by a Malaysian. Sedap!! And most importantly, bayar 10e je!! Makan banyak betul... Seronok... Rezeki kan~~ Alhamdulillah!!=D) Then, we left Moooks and our new made friends to go to Prague. Muke masing-masing macam sedey je. Takpe, takpe, korang boleh datang visit kteorang kat Cork, lagi-lagi Paeh Wannabe kan? Kate nak pancing 'whale' buat sambal tumis. Hahaha...

Anyway, semua cam cuak-cuak because of the stories we heard from people who already went. Stories about the extremes the pickpockets in Prague go through to get what they want (koyak-koyakkan beg la). But, naseb baik laa... Time kteorang pergi, takde pun kene mende-mende camtu. The only setback we had was when we first arrived and we stopped at the wrong station. Haish~~ Wat nyusahkan Mahir dengan Syaz je. Sorry korang!!

So, we stayed at Mahir and Syaz's home. Besar betul tempat dorang!! Jealous! Huhu... Met some more people.. Shana and Zila. But, they were all busy with their exams and classes so we had to jalan-jalan sendiri. So with the map from Syaz and the directions from Mahir, we went to see the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Vysehrad [die macam kubu ah. Penat boleh tahan gak ah jalan kat sini. Lagi-lagi lalu jalan Kasy Maty (betul ke tak entah eja die tu. Tapi literally kasi mati betul ah jalan tu. Penat!!! Huhu...)] naik tower kat atas Petrin Hill. One word to describe Prague?? Beautiful! Seriously... I feel like I wanna go there again. So, siapa-siapa yang nak gi lagi kat sane, tell me ok?? =)

The memorial at Petrin.

Owh, man... My 10 minutes' almost up! Ok, ok... Anyway, balik from Prague, we went to Augsburg again. Gi menghantui hidup Moooks kan.. Haha... Lagipun Taq dah tak tenteram sebab dah lama berpisah dengan Ehem!! So, kene ah balik sepantas mungkin. Masa nak sampai Augsburg ni rasa cam masuk Amazing Race. Kena kejar train sampai due kali!!! Haha... Lawak betul!! Naseb baik sempat! Kalau tak, merempat laa cause semua pun last train. Anyway, the next day we went to Neuschwannstein Castle. Lawa!!! Itu je ah ayat untuk describe tempat tu. haha... (Padahal dah tak larat nak type dah... =P)

At Neuschwannstein Castle.

The last day at Germany was spent sekitar Augsburg je. Pergi uni Mooooks, gi city center skejap. Then, we made our way to Munich airport. Makan dulu and that was the end of our Easter trip. Semua selamat sampai ke Cork tanpa kecedaraan yang ketara, hanya kepokaian yang ketara. Tapi Taq diam ah dalam flight. Takpe... Kteorang paham. Haahhaa.. Anyway, thanks to Moooks, Cipeng, Jimah, Naim and Matnan for letting us loud girls into your house. Sorry nyusahkan!! And thanks again to everyone who made our trip soo much fun!! Tak rugi terlepas tengok Hujan perform. Huhu... (dalam nada makan hati sikit-sikit =P)

Syah, anak pengetue, and Taq, yang sedang sedih, on the way to Munich Airport.

P/S: Ade beberapa elemen tambahan di dalam cerita ini untuk menceriakan cerita. Ala, korang kan semua pandai main bluff. Pandai-pandai ah check! Haha... Harap maaf kepada sesiapa yang digunekan untuk tujuan-tujuan tersebut =P Owh, and kalo ade ape-ape typo ke sorry ah. Dah maleh nak check coz panjang sangat!! Haha... Owh, and sorry there's not a lot of pictures. Tak dapat semua lagi besides the ones from the Prague and Berlin trip. Alamak!! My 10 minutes' up (ye ker?? Macam dah lebih)!! Till then cuuuusss!!! =)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Found Out... Hehe... Kantoi~~

Haha... Lawak betul manusia ni kadang-kadang. Macam-macam kerenah.
Anyway, today I just found out that two of my friends are dating each other. Malu-malu plak die nak cerita. Hehe... So, you might say nothing weird about that, right? But, the fact that the boy used to date (not just date... they had even talked about marriage) the girl's best friend and also the girl was the person who erm, well... kind of became the leader of the guy's hate club, makes it just a little bit awkward... Haih~~ Manusia and drama-drama mereka. Huhu... (and these two aren't the first couple I know that have gotten together in this situation)
Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for them! Ye ah, mesti ah tumpang gembira kan. At least they've found each other, regardless of what had happened in the past. Doa dorang dipanjangkan umur dalam keberkatan and diberikan jodoh bersama. Amiiiin!!! =D

So, anyway, my point is... Kita tak tahu jodoh kita dengan siapa and bila. So, stop making such a big drama out of your entire life or relationship. Keep it simple. If it happens, it happens. Tak payah heartbroken sangat right? Cause remember that if it doesn't work out, then maybe there's something better waiting for you. You'd just have to wait. Allah know best... That we all have to remember. Mende-mende ni tak payah kejar sangat kan. It'll come when it comes. Pastu remember that eventhough it looks like there is no way in hell that your life is gonna turn around for the best, there must be a way. Because there is no burden that is given to each one of us that is beyond our capabilities (walaupun sekarang rasa cam nak meletup je sebab finals. Haih...) So, stop making such a big fuss about how your life is so screwed up compared to other people's and stop fussing about something that isn't supposed to be dramatic at all. Wat semak je kan... Your time for happiness will come. Kita jangan panic. Panic bukan picnic. Huhu... Akhir kata, selamat bercinta kepada rakan-rakan ku!! Jangan lupe card jemputan ok?? Lagi cepat, lagi bagus... Boleh menang hadiah honeymoon free tu... Hahahaha... Me?? Nah... Still waiting for that Mr. Right... *grins* Kalo tak pun, I'll just dedicate my life to WHO. Senang cerita... =P

Owh, down there is one of my favourite song now. "I Found Out" by The Pigeon Detectives. Silalah layan vid clip yang semat and lawak itu =P Soundtrack untuk post ini. Hahaha...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A few days after I came back from my long trip, I started having this feeling of homesickness. Tak best langsung perasaan tu. Nak study takde mood. Nak makan pun cam tak selera. Nak pergi kuar rumah pun maleh. Ape lagi untuk bersosial dengan ramai-ramai orang kan. Maleh nak wat semua mende ah senang cite. Huhu...

Then, one of my friends asked me to watch satu series ni (dah banyak kali dah die suruh tengok. But, takde masa kan...=P). It's a Malaysian series. It's called 'Ghost' and it stars among others Cheryl Samad (yang sangat chomeyl!), Nazruddin Rahman (I swear his mole's distracting =P), Reefa, Carmen Soo (yang sangat hot. Sriously... Guys go check her out. Hahha...). But most importantly, Nas Muammar Zar (also known as Nas-t. Ala... the guy from KAMI yang jadi Abu tu..!!) IS in it!! In case some of you guys don't already know, he's one of the two guys I currently have a crush on. The other one?? Erm... Pierre Andre!! Hahahhahahaa... After watching this series and also because of other factors, suddenly my homesickness faded!! Weird... Maybe because tengok Nas-t terubat sikit kot, I dunno. But, I guess if it helps, then biar je ah. Hehe...

Ok, so anyway, this series has 10 episodes in total. It's not a lot, naseb baik. Cause I don't do well with waiting and I don't really have the time to watch that much anyway now (finals is drawing near and I'm in a tight schedule to finish everything up! Cuak~~). And the season finale dah air dah pun. So, I got to watch every single episode without feeling frustrated sebab cerita tergantung. Anyway, the story is about an artiste that has died and can't apparently go to the other side because he was actually murdered and someone made it look like he died in an accident and he needs to know who did it so that he could move on. Eza (Cheryl Samad's character) is the only person who could see him and hence she goes out of her way to help him find the truth about how he died. Throw in a psycho fan, an affair, a powerful Datuk and a few love story here and there and then walla!! Recipe for a mystery!

Nas-t yang chomeyl n best!! =)

Tapi best ah crite ni. It's different from all the other Malaysian series I've watched before. It's sole idea is not revolved around romance alone but it's mainly about the mystery behind Zack Imran's (Naz's character) death. Memang suspense gak ah tengok but towards the end you could already guess who did it. Ala, macam game Mafia gak. Kita bunuh everyone and exclude them from the list of potential suspected killer and then you'd finally know the story already (semua pun nak praktikkan dalam game Mafia. Haha...). Ok, since I don't want to spoil the story for anyone, in case you do plan to watch it, I won't write any thing else about it. So, happy watching!! =D Owh, I've also included the trailer for the series just to give you a feel of how the story is. Enjoy!!~~

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lazy Again~~ So, jom teka-teki!!!

I'm back!!!
And seperti biase, maleh nak tulis panjang-panjang lagi.
Haha.... Like I said, I'm such a crappy blogger... Haih~~

Anyway, since like forever dah jawapan untuk teka-teki yang dah berkurun diletakkan tu tak dibagi-bagi lagi, I'm gonna give the answer~~

1) Dalam banyak-banyak ikan, ikan ape yang kuat?? (from Amin)
IKANo power center!!!

2) Dalam banyak-banyak ikan paus, ikan paus ape yang paling besar?? (from Sah)
Ikan paus salut tepung. (kan kalo kte goreng cam udang salut tepung ke, die jadi lagi besar dari
bse... =P)

3) Dalam banyak-banyak air, air ape yang bile jatuh kat atas tanah, tak menyerap?? (from Haris I think)
Air yang dalam botol!!!

4) Dalam banyak-banyak binatang, binatang ape yang paling banyak telur?? (teka-teki semi-lucah dari Ammar)
Singa yang cam dalam tarian singa tu.... kan ade ramai laki yang bawah die... so...

5) Ok, this one requires a whole lot of imagination coz situation die tak berape logik. Anyway, ada 3 batang pencil dalam satu pencil box ni. 2 jantan, 1 betina, tiba-tiba pencil betina tu mengandung. Masalahnye pencil jantan yang mana satu is responsible?? (from Fara)
Pencil yang takde rubber. Ok, kalo tak paham... Abaikan...

Ok, sekarang tibalah masanya untuk teka-teki baru....
1) Dalam banyak-banyak ular, ular ape yang ade bulu kening??

2) Makan pisang, tapi rasa strawberry... Ape mende tu...??

3) Dalam banyak-banyak kotak... Kotak ape antara yang paling berdosa sekali??

Semua soklan teka-teki ni diberikan time gi travel kat Germany. Dak-dak Nurnberg yang kasi.
So, silalah jawab eh kalo reti~~ =P

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Germany and Czech Here We Come!!

Tomorrow would be the start of my Easter Trip to Germany and Czech. Yay!!
Would stop first at Munich, going to Augsburg and then on the 4th we'd go to Berlin. That would then be followed by the Prague trip on the 6th and finally back again to Augsburg on the 8th before going back to Cork on the 10th.

Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini, untuk meminta jasa baik everyone who's reading this to pray for our safe journey (I'm travelling from Cork with 3 of my housemates) and just pray that there won't be any drama this time around. Seriously, tak larat dah ngan drama-drama bile nak travel ni.
Pray that I won't forget my passport...
Pray that my flights won't be delayed...
Pray that none of our luggages would be stranded anywhere...
Pray that the weather would be ok...
Just pray that we go through this trip without any major glitches ok?? =P

Right... Back to packing now!!! =D

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cork Games Over!! Phew~~

Alhamdullilah~~ Finally, we're done with Cork Games that we've been planning and fussing about since I don't even remember when. Banyak btul masalah yang timbul. Here are the list of all the dramas of Cork Games:

1) First of all regarding the date... Dah berape banyak kali kteorang tukar just for the sake of satisfying everyone's wishes. Mula-mula nak buat 25th March, pastu ade a few uni yang dah habes cuti, so we changed it to 29th March, cause it's a Saturday. Since we changed the date and it's a weekend, netball had to be done somewhere else cause the trampoline club wants to use the Mardyke Hall and since the university had some sengal policy that any sports club would override any other organization in terms of reservation, netball masih terumbang ambing. Sedey!! Pastu dapat pulak tahu yang date die clash with another activity that's done in Dublin. Pening sekejap ah gak pasal mende-mende tu. But, in the end, both activities were still done on schedule. No major conflicts (well... none that I know of)

2) Then, finally dah confirm place kat The Farm. Both soccer and netball was going to be done at the same place. Lega~~ Sekali die kasi 6 pitches. Lepas tu, 'netball' punya tiang pun dah siap beli sume. Because everyone was busy with exams and everything, we all accepted it with of course a warm welcome. Abes hilang tension jap pikir pasal Cork Games ni. Then, after the exams it was the start of the Easter Break. Everyone was on holidays till Monday. On Tuesday, Moooks went to check the field to ask the grasskeeper which one of the field they had given us. And right there and then, they canceled the reservation because apparently, some kind of league had started and they had just known on Monday, so due to yes, their sengal policy, we got override less than 4 days before the Cork Games!!! So much for 6 pitches!! Everyone was going crazy at that time. We can't book anywhere else cause it's too late. Lastly, we had to resort to using the Lidl playground for netball. Yup... we had to use a PUBLIC place with no netball facilities with the risk of rain and other people disrupting our tournament. Terase seperti nak give up je ngan mende ni. But, cubaan... We still went on. Football pulak kena tukar date ari Ahad cause they could only get the field for the tournament on Sunday. Hantar e-mail nak tukar date, ade yang tak puas hati. Logic ah kan... I'd be one of those people yang tak puas hati gak kalo tukar last minute if I wasn't the organizer. So, we changed the date back to the original plan, 29th March.

3) There was a little ray of hope when the boys succeeded in getting The Farm for the tournament on Saturday. I don't know how exactly this miracle happened. But, apparently, according to Moooks, they got it through pure begging (oh, and making the people in charge feel totally guilty =P) But, netball had to still be done at the LIDL playground. The night before, after all the commotion have finally settled, we were concerned about netball. Cause it's hard to conquer the whole place all day long because it's a public place. Yes, it's based on first come, fist serve, but still... Kteorang pun pasrah je ah. Cause there was no where else we could do it. The night before, we wanted to get the 'netball' goal posts ready. As we were about to get it assembled, Siti and I just gaped at the size of the net. It was HUGE!! Macam 4 bola netball kot bley masuk dalam tu! Seriously, I could not imagine us ever using that tiang!! Masa tu, sekali lagi rasa cam nak give up je... Haih~~ Tapi it's like a few hours before Cork Games start, so, we decided not to assemble it and just use the basketball court at the playground. Memang menyedihkan!!

4) Then, during the day of the tournament, I was already down because of the weather. Yeah, it was raining like mad and the wind didn't help either. But the positive side of it is that no one would come to the playground and disrupt our game if it's raining. By the time it was 10 o'clock, the rain had stopped. Phew~~ So, after getting the court ready (drawing the lines with chalk, tolak-tolak air sikit~~ haih~~) we started the games. Everything was fine until the rain came again! During that time, my team was playing, tak nak macam nak pengsan pulak kan dengan hujan-hujan tu. Dah ah dengan angin! Tolak bola ke kiri, bola melayang ke kanan! Nak shoot pun tak boleh... Adoi~~ Memang cubaan ah. So, we stopped the game for a while since there was no point in playing with the weather like that. Semua duduk bawah khemah yang dah dipasang dengan usaha yang sangat kuat! Haha... Last-last, one of the besi for the khemah patah! Memang sedey ah.

My Team: Ape2 Je!! =P

5) With the rain constantly hogging the limelight, we still proceeded with the games. It was my junior's team to play. They were short of one player, so I played for their team. Without having finished one half of the match, one of my juniors suddenly fell down. The game was stopped. Everyone was going to her saying, "Nape?? Cram ke??" And she replied, "Tak... Lutut ni sakit!!" So, we lifted her pants up and yeah, anyone could see that her kneecap was busted pretty bad. It was positioned towards the outside. Gile sakit!! But, Nad was sooo strong! She didn't even cry! So, after waiting a good 20 minutes or so (siap Nad sempat nak pengsan and bangun balik lagi) baru ah ambulance datang. Took her to the hospital.

Nad diculik oleh para paramedic.

6) The match still went on. The crazy rain and wind came and went as they please. Then, I heard the news that Nad did dislocate her kneecap and she had to wear a cast and use tongkats to walk around. Dah la nak gi traveel ngan Mak die on the 3rd of April!! Sian btul!!~~ But, anyway, we managed to finish the finals and everything. There were a few sesi emo before and after the finals which kind of disrupted the whole "bestnya-dah-nak- abes-Cork Games-feeling". Now, I'm the kind of person who is easily affected if someone goes shouting or anything else that involves people fighting, etc. So, yeah, I was afraid when the few people got fighting and crying during the finals. But, the tournament finished and we got 3rd place!! And I was the emcee for the prize giving ceremony (antara kerja-kerja senang vice pres =P) and seriously, I don't know why, but I seriously have the memory of a goldfish!! Salah announce "Best Player"!!! Malu betul!!! Padahal baru bincang like in the few 5 minutes. Huhu... Srius malu...

7) Pastu now, kerja mengemas and post-mortem pulak!! Adoi~~ Penatnya!! Kaki semua dah lenguh-lenguh, jalan cam ntah pape. Huhu... Lawak betul!!

Center bercekak pinggang saja. Isk3...

Ok, so I guess that's about it regarding the Cork Games and it's various drama. Banyak lagi sebenarnye, but we'll keep it at that. Huhu... Eventhough it's already the compressed version, tp macam dah tulih banyak sangat ni =P Anyway, just wanna say thanks to all who got involved and helped make it a success. And also, congrats to all the winners and get well soon Nad!!! =)
*will put some pictures when I get them*