Friday, November 30, 2007

Bonus Question: What's the Connection Between a Golf Ball & My Foot??

Before 6.45pm yesterday, there was no actual connection between those two.
But, as people always say. Ajal maut di tangan Tuhan... Jatuh tangga dan bengkak pun di tangan Tuhan...

And so the story goes...
Taq, Miha, Wani and I were walking down the stairs to get to the lift on the 2nd floor from the surau(which is located on the 3rd floor) at Brookfield. The surau is situated such as we had to take the lift until the 2nd floor and then go up the stairs to the 3rd floor to get there. Weird, I know. Blame it on the people who planned the building. Huhu...

Anyway, as we were going down the steps, Taq was complaining how thirsty she was;
"Hausnya!!!(it's dahaga ok, Taq?) Nak air!! Nak air!! Nak pengsan dah ni haus!!"
I then said, "Ala, tunggu je sampai rumah nanti. Sekejap je pun"
"Eh, tapi ade tmpt minum air kat bawah tu..." berkata Miha.
"Jauh tak??" Taq asked.
"Tak ah. Dekat 2nd floor tu jer. Tepi tu." Miha and I said to her.
"Owh.... Dayah nak!!" Taq said while extending her hand towards me.
"Nak ape??" I asked, confused.
"Botol la..." Miha tukang pengurang(ye ker??) kekonfiusan berkata.
Taq then said again, "Cepat la... Nak pengsan dah ni haus!!"
"Haha... takpe, biar je pengsan" I jokingly replied.
(eventhough takde dialog dari Wani, sesungguhnya die wujud, tetapi mungkin sedang sibuk membayangkan Abang S_i_o_ kesayangannyer~~ haha...)
Then, while I was rummaging through my (extremely heavy!) bag searching for my bottle, bedebuk!! jatuh...!! Jatuh tangga yang horror tu!!!(takde ah sampai tergolek-golek. Just termiss satu step and jatuh. Loser gile... Huhu...
But, seriously... Pelik ah kenape boleh jatuh teruk camtu. I was holding on to the stairs' handle, when i started to slip. But, because of gravity and the excessively heavy bag(psycho ape entah gi bawak buku anatomy, physio, etc. yang berat-berat gi kelas ari tu. Bujet kuat study ah...)

Ape-ape pun, yang penting, sakit!!!! I'm not the type of person who admits that I'm hurting even when I'm sick. Partly because it'll only worry people and I have this crazy thinking that admitting you're sick would only make it even more real(and I'm studying medicine...?? haish~~) Anyway, after falling down the stairs, I of course still braved myself to walk back home. Dah ah jalan kat sini cam cacat sikit(It's uneven and memang cacat la senang cerita. Huhu...) and it was a 10minutes walk(usually... But, just now, it took 5minutes longer. Tak biasa betul jalan pelan-pelan ni!!).

Then, when I arrived home. Lepak-lepak la kejap. Thinking at the back of my mind: "It'll go away. Maybe after some rest." After dinner, I chilled out in my room for a while. Then, suddenly the foot(it was my left foot by the way) started to irritate me. The pain got a little bit worst. I inspected it. Ok jer... Juz bengkak sikit and cam tak boleh nak straightkan die and range of movement pun limited. Then, I went on chilling out(bukan nak study!! Exams nak dekar dah ni!!). Then tiba-tiba cam terpandang kaki tu lagi. Then, baru la perasan dengan sangat terkejutnya yang die dah bengkak kat the other side of the foot(bahagian buku lali). It swelled like there was a golf ball embedded in it!! Menakutkan!!!(so now you know the connection between those two...=P)

So, the fall was taken a little bit seriously by me after that. My housemate started laughing at the sight of it. (Siap buat lawak nak buat golf open kat Cauliklaffter. Sengal!!)
I'm just glad it happened(I'm not glad it happened, but it already did) today instead of next week ke. Cause the week after ade exams!!(Owh, or maybe if they saw my 'tempang'ness, they'll give me extra credit for even coming to the exams=P)

Haih~~ Probably have to take the day off tomorrow!! Huah...!! Tak pasal-pasal dapat cuti peristiwa. Miss la lectures and study group...=(
But, takpe daripada tempang seumur hidup, baik kasi die rehat dulu kan?
When these kind of things happens, you start to really appreciate what you have(this is actually the 2nd time I've injured my left foot. The 1st time was when I landed horribly wrong during netball practice. Promised never to jump too high after that, but then this... Again, we never ever could predict our future... So...)
Anyway, gotta put ice on it after this(thanks Ille for the ice and Cauliklaffterers[eventhough gelak je kerja korang. Tak dapat nak join trip out to town tomorrow!!! Sedih!!!), and also thanks to those people who were concerned about me too!!=)]

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who Wants To Be A "Ribuan"nair???

MARA finally gave all of us studying in Ireland scholarships based on the new rate!!!(plus the remaining money from September till November) two days ago.
Wuhuu...!! So, the majority of us are ribuannairs~~
Sayang MARA!!! (pujian dengan harapan dapat la naik lagi. hahaha... ha... rapan...)

Suddenly, all the pressures and tension felt due to the upcoming exams, were lifted when we saw the balance on our bank accounts.... Well at least for a few minutes only... Then poooom!!! back to reality~~ The extra money ain't going to be there if you don't pass your exams rite??

So, as excited and agitated as all of us were; thinking what we were all going to do with the money, (amanah ah wei korang duit tu. So, tak payah ah nak beli gitar, necklace robotman, winter jacket or pergi travel sangat~~Note to self actually...) we all had to suppress the big calling to go and splurge on something till.... this Friday!!! hahaha.... So much for suppressing it=P But credit should be given. Cause at least we waited till Friday baru nak gi shop. It's kind of a big achievement=P

But asal eh?? Tiba-tiba rasa macam nak balik Malaysia time winter break ni?? (melampau?? mungkin suam-suam melampau...)
Nasib je cuti 2 weeks. Kalo tak....
Ok, enough rambling for today. Got loads of studying to do~~
Anyway, selamat berbelanja dengan hemah n practical to all the new orang-orang kaya Ireland!!=)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pabila Wai Po Khe Tatt Kata Bosan dan Ecah Kata Lawak~~

It's freezing cold here in Ireland.
(yeah, those of you studying at Russia, UK, etc. might dispute that your respective place is much more colder than here. Sape suruh study kat negara-negara yang ade salji. Skian. huhu...)
This is probably the main reason why I don't prefer to go anywhere during winter.
I'd rather wait till the looonger Easter Break(which lasts for a month. Eventhough certain orang cakap: "Tak remaja ah tak nak travel time winter!!" Aaaaaahhh.... Tak kisah!! Daripada memekak sepanjang vacation sebab sejuk, baik jalan dekat-dekat sini je.) But after that is the Summer exams(finals!!! argh...!!). So, you know...
The vacation's not gonna be as fulfilling as I'd like it to be, with the guilt and all(tipu gle... last Easter lepak Amsterdam ok jer... haha.... hmmm.... --->gelak mula-mula tapi bertukar jadi emo remembering the amount of money I spent. Haish~~)

But, the most important thing is that I get to enjoy my SUMMER break!!!
Planning to go to Australia(ok, basically have to... cause promised to Syal, Jem, Harisun and Zie already. And it was supposed to be last year's plans. But, biasa ah. 1st time balik Malaysia, mesti ah nak spend the whole time there. Amek skali! 3 months and a half spend kat Malaysia SAHAJA. Nak balik lagi?? Of course!!!)

So, in order for me to have a stress free year. Meaning; I can go travel during the Easter Break and have a very enjoyable Summer Break I'd have to score and study!!!(I wannna meet everyone I didn't get a chance to meet last time around. Budak-budak Subang especially. Entah pape kite ni. Duduk dekat, tapi susah nak jumpe. Yeah, I know, my fault!!=P)

Got exams coming up next month(sounds like I have a lot of time when I say it like this. Words!! Have only 2 more weeks to go actually... Berusaha Dayah berusaha!!!)
So, I've taken a pact to not YM as much as I am doing now(I'm still gonna be online, just not replying i guess. Or maybe tak online terus. You know temptations like these. Susah sikit nak menangkis. But, you know I still love you guys rite!! Hahah... So, Buchukudin, tak boleh ah selalu main pool dah. Praktis menangkis sihir ok?? Nanti kite buat World Championship) Then, I'd have to jauhkan diri from my guitar. And I don't want to layan Friendster, Facebook. Fanpop or whatever crap I layan nowadays. Except the occasional posts on this blog and maybe a few episodes of Heroes, Grey's, Gossip Girl and Naruto(nasib baik Prison Break tengah break) just to keep my sanity at a moderate level. Haha... Nak gak tu!!!(Time-time periksa ni la banyak je benda nak crop up!!!!) Tak pe... 3 weeks habis laa...(Keep telling yourself that: ayat Robo)

Anyway, wish me luck everyone!!!=) Cuak2!~~
nerdkan diri Mode activated-

Saturday, November 24, 2007

In LOVE-ing Memory of Beleigh/Rosie/Baby... (repost from my old blog. been kindda lazy)

Beleigh~~~ Guess what that is.

"An Irish town??" Eeet....!!! Try again~

"Erm, your new Irish friend" Eeeet...!! Wrong~~ But, you're getting warm. Come on, one more try~

"Hmmm..... Is it.... Erm, ballet in Gaelic?? (Gaelic's the traditional language of Ireland) Eeeet....!!! Wrong again~~ It's.... the new addition to Cauliclaffter-a cat!!
(Cauliclaffter is the name of the house I'm currently living in with 5 other loony girls)

And it's pronounced like the word 'belang'(stripes); in a kelantanese slang. yeah, go figure~~

Anyway, this new (and I suspect, temporary) addition to our house started yesterday. I actually saw the cat at Brookfield(this is one of the buildings UCC owns. Specially made for health science related students) like 3 hours before it was catnapped by my housemates. After coming back home from the very confusing physio lab, I went inside the kitchen to see what Syah's cooking(nasi lemak with sambal sotong~~ wuhuu..!!).

Suddenly I saw the cat sitting quietly in a box. Taq n Ille were both busy entertaining it(maybe that's why beleigh was soo quiet. hahaha....) and they said:
"Dayah!!! tgk ni..!!!"(probably waiting for me to jump in joy or something)
I replied, after actually comprehending that there was actually a cat in the house:
"OMG!!! mana korang jumpa kucing ni?? eh, jap. ni bukan kucing yang kite tengok kat Brookfield tadi ke?? Bukan pakcik tua tu punye ke?? What is it DOING here??"
Ille then said: "Ala, die nak lintas jalan kat Brookfield tadi. Nanti kalau jadi ape2??"
"But, don't you guys have to ask permission from Mr Peter(our landlord) first?? I mean, he would like to know if there was a cat living here right??" I said, always being the one to see the situation in a holistic way (it's a more cool word instead of being the bearer of bad news, right??=P)
"Haah... nanti kalau tiba-tiba Mr Peter datang rumah, mesti ah die terkejut kalau tiba-tiba ade kucing kat rumah." tiba-tiba Nenek K_ _ _T menyampuk. (hahahaha.... sorry babe. the name's just soo funny)

And we went talking about the fate of Beleigh. Ok, personally it's not like I hate cats(although it does sound like it). It's just that they can be quite messy sometimes. I've had a history of very messy cats back at KMB. But Beleigh looks well-groomed. Her(yes, Ille even established that it's a female. I don't want even to dispute that; cause it would actually have to involve in me showing a real evidence. So, whatever... Beleigh's a female. End of that) ears, fur and paws were sooo clean. It must be somebody's. Besides, they don't really have stray cats or dogs here in Ireland. Every pet walking on the street must be someone's. But, for the time being it's ours. We've decided to wait for the owner to put up an advertisement. (Shouldn't we be doing it instead?? Hmm...)

After talking bout the fate of Beleigh, we came to discuss bout what to call her over dinner. Di probably came to the worst name ever. She wants to call it BABY. I mean, seriously?? As Taq says; "We don't call cats baby..." (yeah, now we all know what name you call ehem....!! haha...) Personally, I have a problem with that name cause firstly, it sounds totally weird to call a cat by it. Secondly, it just reminds me of someone which makes me feel nauseous (Ok, that was mean. But, that's really how i feel. So, deal with it=P). So, Beleigh it is.

So, now Beleigh is sleeping with Ille. It hasn't entered my room yet. Sorry Beleigh, but I love my private space and it takes more than your cute, innocent face to gain my trust and let you enter it. Besides, what's the point in falling for Beleigh if it's not gonna stay for a long time. Makes it harder when she's finally going to leave. Yeah, I have a twisted mindset and I'm slowly relating the story of Beleigh to some other issue. So, I'm stopping. Anyway, welcome Beleigh!! (erm, could we like split the rent to 7 now??=P)

-Current news... Beleigh has been taken back by his(yes, it's actually a male) owner, Andrew. He didn't even know it was a male and actually named him Rosie. Poor Beleigh... He must be even more confused about his sexuality. Haha... Later next week, he went wandering again only to be found 2 days later. Haish~~-

Leave Yourself Alone!!!

I don't usually make fun of people cause i think that it's just plain mean and rude.
Besides, I'm a firm believer in letting people do whatever they want to.
But, a friend of mine(his name has to be withheld due to privacy reasons=P) gave a link to this video.
I'm not going to say anything. But, come on man, seriously??
Tell me what you guys think about it.
Owh, btw I'm not a Britney fan. But I think the press should just cut her some slack.
-I promote world peace-

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And so it goes~~

Ok, so I've been bitten by the Blogger bug...
Don't know why, but this blog is more interesting than the one provided by Friendster...
Probably due to the much more interesting(and more??) applications that can be used.
Used to have a Blogger account before. But, i kind of left it for a very loooong time.
And as expected, forgot the name of the page, let alone the password and username I used.
So, this is the start of something new~~
Just another platform for me to voice out a piece of my mind~~