Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ok, now I'm really back!

Hachooom! Whoaaa... There's a lot of dust here...

Hello earthlings! I am now back to the blogging world. I have realized now that by pushing aside my love for
writing crap it has made me somewhat a more stressful person. And for that I am rekindling my passion for writing by posting this not so important piece of writing. Bear with me oh earthlings!

Sincerely yours,
Stressed out me.
And with that I announce my much unanticipated return to this blog! So, prepare to be blown away by more merepekness!

Updates since I last wrote. Seriously? Hmm... well, how about we go doing a list of things:
  1. I've got a brand spanking new guitar! Wuhuuu!!! It's an Epiphone electro acoustic guitar which I named Johnny and which I am soooooo in love with! Here's a picture of it! =)
  2. I am in love with medicine again! Somewhere between me stopping to write in here, there was a time when I guess I was a bit worn out with it and it took a bit of a push for me to fall back in love with it and it comes from my dad (he's my biggest hero!) and it's something that I am going to be eternally grateful for... Thanks Dad for making me remember why I did it in the first place.
  3. I have less teeth now. Got my wisdom tooth taken out. And not to scare any of you who are going to get it extracted, but it hurts so freaking bad! Like seriously, I'd rate it 15/10. And to think I had it done the day of my Med Ball (it's a grand dinner for all medical students). I looked so silly smiling crookedly and with a large bump on my left cheek. Ridiculous...
  4. Me being me, I'm gonna stop now. Cause this is not fun at all. And I don't want to bore you guys with loads more. But I'll definitely be back! Don't you worry... Got loads on my mind that I wanna talk about! Hihihihi...
But for now, baaaaa...!!!