Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Does that explain my current situation??
I hope so... Huhu...
Yes, the time has come yet again for me to stress about my exams.
It's this Monday and I'm still in the midst of getting ready for it.
So, kemaafan dipinta kerana tidak mengupdate blog ini buat masa yang agak lama.
Will be doing so right after the exam!!(loads of stories to story=P)
Till then, doakan for my success!!!!
Cuak~~~ Aaaaaahhhhh.....!!!

Owh, quote of the day: Light travels faster than sound... That's why someone looks bright before you hear them speak. Get it..?? LOL. Nice.... nice...=)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gaza: Stop Blockade & War

In case you haven't already heard about the latest news, I'm directly copying it from Avaaz.org:

"The years-old blockade of Gaza is at crisis point: with the humanitarian crisis growing, the southern border has been breached and 350,000 Palestinians are pouring across. The situation is out of control -- the world must step in.

To prevent catastrophe and protect civilians on all sides, your voice is needed urgently: we’re running an emergency global campaign to international, European and Arab leaders, calling on them to stop the siege, oversee open borders and help broker a ceasefire. We’ll deliver the petition when we reach 150,000 signatures.
To the United Nations, the European Union, the Quartet, the Arab League & Israel: We demand that you end the blockade and growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, ensure the free flow of supplies by land, sea or air, and help to broker the ceasefire which civilians on both sides desperately need."

Basically the people behind Avaaz.org is doing a petition before they want to confront the leaders responsible. They need 150,000 people to sign it in support to their cause. Read about it and if you agree with them, sign it. In case you're a cynical non-believer of internet petitions that ends up being just a scam, like me, well... this isn't a scam. They are real and they really have met with world leaders to address certain issues before. So, if you haven't already signed the petition, [click here] and read through what they are petitioning for.

Owh, by the way, pass the word around... it'll be for a good cause, insyaAllah.
~ I promote world peace =) ~

Adios Amigo~~ =(

Just now, my housemates and I were watching TV. I was in the midst of cooking and they were stuffing themselves with whatever food we had. Yes, I'm a slow cook. Huhu...
Anyway, it was 6pm and I was waiting for "The Simpsons" to start. Ille was holding the remote.
Since it took a while before the show started and Ille got bored with the two hosts talking about whatever crap they were talking about, she changed channels.
It was the 'Xpose' show or something like that and I wasn't really paying attention to it.
Then, when I did pay attention to it, I saw Heath Ledger. I got soo excited, I was like: "Oohhhh.... Ooohh!! Heath Ledger!!"(I'm a big fan of his and it has been quite a long time since I last saw him on TV or in a movie)
But then, I started to notice that the way the commentator was talking and the song at the background wasn't cheerful or cheeky(as in the usual way these kind of gossip shows would always be conducted). Then, I realized: "Owh... Ada orang mati ke? Siapa yang mati ni??"
Then Diyana said dengan selambanya: "Tu laa... Heath Ledger. Drug overdose"
And I was like..."What??!!". Seriously, cam tak caye je. He's like only 28 and talented and all.

After I finished eating, I still couldn't believe that he was dead. It was like the first time I heard that my grandparents, my niece, an old friend of mine, Aaron, etc were gone. Maybe because it's untimely and totally unexpected.
I've never been able to deal with death that well and I sometimes have a really hard time to digest it. It takes a while before I comprehend that yes, really... he/she is gone.
But, yeah, in time, we move on. We go on living our lives. The pain felt because of the lost would be there, but it'll stop hurting as much as it did before(no... I'm not hurting because of Heath's death. It's sad... But, I don't know him, so it doesn't make such a big impact on me. I'm talking about other losts that I've experienced)

Whatever it is, at the end of the day, as morbid as it sounds, each and every one of us would die, someday...
And the only things people are going to remember about us(if they ever do remember) is the things that we have done that had ever affected their own lives, good or bad.
So, as long as we live, just keep being and giving the best we can for others, regardless of how sucky they treat us back and love and cherish the people who loves us even more cause they are the reason the world seems like not such a bad place after all.
And lastly, do not overdose yourself on sleeping pills/antidepressants no matter how you think by taking them, and overdosing, would somehow make your pain go away. It won't! It'll just probably make you go away... Which is sad...
I bet the last movie Heath had the chance to complete, "The Dark Knight", where he plays The Joker would be a huge hit. Hey, controversy sells! I sure would watch it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Superpower!! I wish~~

Your Superpower Should Be Mind Reading

You are brilliant, insightful, and intuitive.
You understand people better than they would like to be understood.
Highly sensitive, you are good at putting together seemingly irrelevant details.
You figure out what's going on before anyone knows that anything is going on!

Why you would be a good superhero: You don't care what people think, and you'd do whatever needed to be done

Your biggest problem as a superhero: Feeling even more isolated than you do now

Kalo ada superpower ni, it'll sure make my life waaay easier.
Besides knowing spot on what other people are thinking, instead of just believing the crap some people throw at me, it'd probably be helpful to read other people's mind while they're answering their exam questions right...?? Especially the ones with a record of getting 1st class honours=P
[Tension nak exam mode activated]

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hot Guys...(reply to Ila and Cipi's post)

His name is Jared Leto. You might know him for his superb voice from the song "The Kill". Yes, he's the front man of the band 30 Seconds To Mars. Had a crush on him since his early acting days after watching him act in the series "My So Called Life" with Claire Danes. Sesungguhnya, hot guys yang korang pilih are losing to mine. Kan??=P For more evidence of his hotness, sila tengok gambar di bawah. Tidak sesuai untuk kanak-kanak dibawah umur. Huhu...

Post yang takde makne and semate-mate untuk melepaskan kebosanan dan juga for the sake of updating. Dah lama plak tak update blog ni.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

:::Food Attraction:::

Food certainly attracts a lot of attention...
Especially from really hungry people and owh... really hungry animals too.
I was doing my ECDL training (my special study module for this year) in the library at Brookefield (the Health Science building) when suddenly Miha (one of my classmates. She was working on the PC beside me) stood up suddenly and looked anxiously down on the floor.
I was thinking: "Asal ngan Miha ni??" and I was listening to my MP3, so I wasn't really aware of what was happening.

Then, suddenly the thing Miha was looking at started moving my way!!!
It was actually a DOG!! Inside the library!
I say this like I'm really surprised because:
1) The library has two doors. The first one is the big doors that obviously someone opened too wide and accidentally let this dog (let's call him BURGERak for now) in and the other door is well... not actually a door. It's just a swinging bars thing that you usually find at commuters/LRT stations. Yeah... the one where you have to insert your ticket to get through. In our case, we had to put our student ID cards on the little scanning thing. Obviously, BURGERak thinks it's too high and mighty to abide by this rule.

2) There are security personnels as you enter the Brookefield building. So, either the guards didn't know about it or they knew and thought: "What the heck! Let's just let him in! It'll probably brighten someone's day." Owh, it sure did... Loads of people's day were brightened! Silau kan?? (being sarcastic there)

3) There is also the people at the library's counter who are equipped with security cameras and all. I think BURGERak was too slick for them. It was really quiet (bagus gak anjing ni. Tau rules nak duduk dekat dalam library. Huhu...) and I didn't know about it's existence in the library until it came right at my place (which was like a minute or so after it entered). And most of the people in the library didn't care about it being there. That's why there was no commotion until it started harassing us. Budak-budak Malaysian je kot yang nampak cam menggelupur masa perasan BURGERak ada dalam library tu.(Usop who was sitting at the table beside us started to stand up and move away when he realized the dog and Nida who was working in front of him had already packed her things and was ready to leave the library because she had seen it a few seconds earlier, even before it came to our place)

So, again, I didn't realize the dog was in the library until after it came to my place and don't want to go away!! I was at shock first upon seeing it and it took me quite a while before I really comprehended that it was AN ACTUAL DOG there and it was going back and forth between Miha's place and mine. By this time, Miha and I were out of our seat but I didn't know where to go cause my table was at the window and for me to get away from BURGERak, I'd have to get past it, which was hard cause it kept moving (with it's tongue out) and there wasn't much space for me to just sprint out of there. Besides, my coat and bag was still there on the chair and I can't possibly leave it behind especially seeing the fact that BURGERak seems awfully attracted to our bags. Dah la tak comeyl pun anjing tu!!

Anyway, after about less than a minute of pure menggelupurness, one of our classmates, Paul, stood up (after being harassed by Adilah to help us. Haha...) and got the little fella out of there. It was a while before we regained composure. Mostly, we felt the experience was hysterical. Majority of the people in the library didn't even notice what just happened or they just didn't care cause they don't have to samak afterwards!!

Then, when we were busily recapping about what just happened, I suddenly remembered something and guiltily said to Miha: "Alamak! Erm... Entah-entah sebab ade BURGER kot kat dalam bag aku ni. Sebab tu die terus pergi kat tempat kite and stay kat situ. Hahaha..."
I got quite an earful from Miha and afterwards I waited in the library for a few more hours because Syah warned me that it was still outside the library's door and I was hoping that it would go away eventually. Which it did, well, at least after I waited until I was freaking hungry and my stomach started grumbling like mad. If it was still there and followed me, I was definitely going to sacrifice my burger. No doubt about that. I guess I have this phobia with dogs chasing me for food. Yup... Not the first time.

The first time was actually a few months ago when Taq and I were walking home from the city. We bought two boxes of pizza and we both were holding one box each. As we were walking home, we reached this street where the both of us were separated. I had already crossed the street and was walking at the other side. Anyway, suddenly I saw a dog running out of nowhere towards Taq's direction. But, it's eyes were fixed on me! I wanted to shout to Taq to watch out for the dog but it suddenly ran towards me! But before it could reach me, a car was passing through the street and almost hit the dog; stopping just in time. The dog was terrified and started going back to the direction he came from. After that, I walked super fast and looked back every now and then to see whether the dog had come back. If it did, I was prepared to throw the pizza (It's a Dominos' Tandoori pizza. The one and only place that we know of that have halal Tandoori pizza) away, regardless of what my housemates' reactions would be. Hey! My life is more important right??=P But, till this day, I still haven't figured out why it didn't just go after Taq? She was carrying a pizza too! Maybe because hers was the Vegetarian Pizza and doesn't smell as delicious as Tandoori?? Pandai gak anjing tu. Ade good taste in food!! Haha...

So, now I'm officially going to be extra alert for dogs when I'm carrying food around. I'm not generally afraid of dogs here, (dekat Malaysia lain cerita. Anjing-anjing sume nampak liar and could bite your hand of if they want to) cause they usually have this concept of: Don't disturb me and I won't go and disturb you. But, if it starts giving attention to me or anything I own and being overly friendly and excited until all the saliva oozes out, then I'm afraid. Bukan ape, malas nak samak. Seriously! Every single thing I own that have to be samaked, gets ignored and later thrown away. Malas! And don't get me started on dog's poop. Sesungguhnya.... I just don't want to go there.

[Off to Galway for the weekend!!=)]

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mr Rebound Robotman to the Rescue!!!

Yeah!! Mr Rebound Robotman just arrived from Hong Kong yesterday.
No one was home when he arrived.
So, the necklace had to be sent back to the post office (which was in Togher. Tak jauh. But, due to the time constraint, naik je cab with Ecah just now).

Right after arriving at the Glendale house(Ecah, Atiq, Dayah, Mas and Khaza's house), I immediately opened the packet. No... Not opened it, I basically ripped it open!
I was trying to open it in the cab but the sender put too much tape around it that it was impossible to get it out and I remembered the story of a little kid I know who opened his packet of duit raya dengan gelojoh and tidak sabar until the money inside was torn into half.
Although the possibility of Mr. Rebound Robotman ever being torn into half won't ever happen, (I hope! Cause there's only a possibility of him losing his body and I hope that won't happen cause I don't need more necklaces with only heads/headphones intact) but I still suppressed my excitement; fidgeting and waiting patiently until we reached Ecah's house before opening it.

Sampai-sampai je... Masuk rumah, terus bukak packet tu.
Although he wasn't the exact replica of Mr. Robotman, but he was still kind of comeyl.
So, I changed my necklace(I was wearing my new reindeer + butterfly on it's ass necklace earlier) and wore(yup. Terus...!!=P) Mr. Rebound Robotman to BH tutorial (BH is a subject we learn about person, society and culture. We discussed about the medicalisation of health and disease mongering just now, which to my surprise was kind of ok. I had wanted to skip this tutorial cause I just didn't feel like going. Selalunye BH tutorial cam bosan. But, today was ok.)

So, welcome Mr. Rebound Robotman to my family of accessories. You won't replace Mr. Robotman, but for now, you're my favourite!=D

[Owh, I'm just soo tired these past few days. So, sorry. Post pun membosankan. Huhu... Penat betul with lectures, study groups, ECDL tests and more exams coming up!! Hari-hari balik malam!!! Penat!! And tambah dengan kecuakkan nak dapat results and nak exam lagi. Huaaahhh....!!! Cepat la bulan 6!! Nak balik Malaysia!!=S Ok, ok, back to the books!!!]

Mr Rebound Robotman bonding session with Reindeer
(like I don't have anything better to do. Ni la akibat dari
ketensionan yang agak melampau. Huhu...)

Reindeer+butterfly on it's ass (see it??)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Panduan Untuk Mendapat Gigi Lurus, Menjadi Kurus & Sopan Pada Masa Yang Sama dari Taq(iah).

We housemates were having a late snack(snack apenya, fries, chips, hash browns, nasi goreng!! Hahaha...) yesterday and we got into talking about the One In A Million(OIAM) show.

I started watching it yesterday and found it to be totally herendous. Everybody's either gedik, tak de perasaan, tak best langsung nyanyi or gedik[owh, did I already mention that?? More emphasize on it. Srius! Lelaki-lelaki die pun cam gedik-gedik je. Adoi... Tak best langsung ah compared to the last season but there are quality contestants too, like Ayu and Sarah(Sarah's not really my fav judging by her personality but her voice is undeniably sedap. At least die gedik-gedik pun, suare sedap. Ni yang lain, hampeh!!!)]

Anyway, back to the story.
So, Syah was telling me why her sister was into Mark(one of the contestant of OIAM).
It was because he had a teeth just like her! Gigi kapak dekat depan or something.
Forgive me if I got the type of gigi wrong=P

The conversation leads to another conversation and by the time we knew it, we were talking about braces.
We were talking about the horrors of wearing those metals on our teeth.
The pain it would cause and for years and years that never seems to end.
And then Taq said: "Eh, kawan aku sorang ni. Dia pakai braces tau. Then, dia jadi cam tak lalu makan. So, dulu dia gemuk. Now, dia kurus!!! Pastu lepas dah bukak braces, gigi dah tak jongang. Dah ah gigi dah lawa, kurus plak tu...!! Cis...!!!"

Knowing us, the conversation of course meleret-leret...(ditambah pula dengan ketiadaan Diyana yang of course akan suruh kitaorang stop crapping before she gets her asthma attack. Huhu...)
We discussed about how it'll be if we were to wear braces now. At the age of 21(22 for Taq. She just celebrated her birthday).
Here was how the conversation went:(tak ingat sangat siapa cakap apa. So, maaf Ille and Syah atas watak kodi anda=P But, these were all that was said. Well... the censored part, that is. Huhu...)
Taq: Eh, tak nak ah pakai braces now. Nanti mulut terjojol kat depan cani...(while demonstrating how it'll look like)
Ille: Weeeiiii!!! Buruk weeeii!!
Syah: Hahahhaa...
Taq: Haa! Dah ah tu. Kena ah tutup mulut kang orang lain silau.
Dayah: Haaah... Pastu gelak kena cover-cover. Ye ah. Tak nak kasi orang tengok gigi besi tu.
Taq: (again demonstrating how it'll look like. Gelak sopan sambil cover mulut)
Ille: Weeeiiii!!! Buruk weeeii!!
Syah: Hahahha...
Dayah: Kalau gelak camtu, takpe ah gak nak cover-cover mulut. Ni try gelak cam kite. Tak nak cam bruk gila plak kan...
Taq: (yes... again demonstrating how it'll look like. Kali ni, gelak besar yang kuat gila sambil mengetuk-ngetuk meja and sambil tutup mulut)
All: Hahahhaahahahaa.....(gelak besar sambil mengetuk-ngetuk meja)
Ille: Hahha... Sopan ah sangat camtu!!
Dayah: Hahhaha... Adoi. Haaa... Tapi, memang lengkap ah pakej kalo pakai braces ni.
Taq: Tu ah! Gigi dah tak jongang, badan dah tak gemuk... Sopan plak tu!!!
Syah: Boleh jadi cara diet baru!
Dayah: Betul-betul. Cara-cara untuk dapat gigi yang cantik, jadi kurus and sopan by Kak Taqiah.
Taq: Ya! Ingin gigi yang tidak jongang, badan yang kurus dan menjadi sopan, pakailah braces.

But, we mutually agreed that it was better to be gemuk, have ugly teeth and dapat menikmati food rather than having no enjoyment for food because of the braces. Yes... We LOVE food!!! And we don't do diets. We just work out, go to the gym(well.. at least Taq and Di but afterwards, selera makan cam tinggi betul and they eat more to compensate all that was lost during the workout session. So, cam sama je kot. Haha... Except maybe gaya hidup lebih sihat=P)
So, go unruly teethed, food loving and loud girls!!!! You guys rock!!!=)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Seeking Any Single Under 30 years old Dato' With Tons of Cash & Doesn't Have a Crazy Thick 'Misai'...

Just look at that house!!!*drooling*
Ok, so maybe getting a Dato' with the above criteria would be kind of hard.
All the Dato's I've heard of before are all above 30 years old, no make that 40 years old and they usually have this trend of keeping a thick moustache. Tak paham!
So, no thanks! Ok, being realistic, maybe just his son?? Haha...
Yesterday, Taq, Syah and I were browsing through this website that's really great if you're searching for a new house to let or to buy.
We were searching for a new house. No, not that we were thinking about moving.
Well, not this year anyway. Maybe next year? I don't know...
If we find a better house with a reasonable price.
As I was searching through the various houses to let and found nothing that could spark any interest, I then went on to search for a house to buy with the criteria we were searching for: 6 rooms and near Cork City...(bujet ade je duit nak beli)

Then, out came this humongous mansion that made me feel like I'm currently living in a scrappy box!(humans and their never ending thirst for more. Tak reti bersyukur!! Huhu...)
See the other pictures of it and you get what I mean...
But, seriously!! The house is amazing...!!(ok, decor maybe kena ubah to suit our age but still...)
It has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 dining rooms(I don't know why they need two, but one of the rooms is turned into a family room I think), a breakfast room(yes... they even have a separate room to eat your breakfast. Gila betul!!!), kitchen, utility, pantry and linen room!
And the large garden stretches all the way down to River Lee. Are you kidding me????(River Lee's the most famous river in Cork. It basically surrounds Cork.)

Tension je kteorang tengok rumah tu, no I correct myself, istana tu(istana la compared to the house me and my housemates are living in now).
And the tension was elevated upon seeing the price! 8108euro per month!
I counted how much we all had to pay and for how long.(yes... Eventhough I saw the stupidly not achievaeble price tag of the house, I still had a tiny hope that just maybe, maybe we could all think of a way to buy it. We were goofing around. One of the few ocassional meroyan sessions we have in our house. Huhu... Not seriously thinking that we're gonna be able to own it. Berharap saja~~)

Anyway, with the money MARA's giving us now, the 8108euro is not even within our grasp. Unless we included all of our batch's girls(which would total up to 11 people living in it. Takpe, besar rumah tu. Muat-muat. Haha...). Haa... Masa tu baru boleh bayar the monthly requirement for the house. But, with only 1077euro to spend on other things. So, terpakse ah makan maggi je and ask our parents to post things from Malaysia for us to use. Heater tak boleh pasang. Lampu tak boleh guna, just use candles or pelita(again, imported from Malaysia). Demi Eipka Lodge!(it's the name of the house, which would definitely be changed... Definitely.)

Haih~~ Penat dah meroyan semalam tengok rumah yang tak akan dimiliki ni...
After calculating, I found out that I have to pay 8108euro for 18 years to finally own the house.
Sambung dream about it je laa...
But, we're opening up our options to buy this house.
So, kalau ada Dato' yang maybe single or dah berkahwin and nak pasang 2, 3 or 4, sila contact Taq(iah) or Syarifah(berkorban sikit ok korang?? Demi kebahagiaan semua. That's what being a doctor and more importantly a friend is about, right ??=P)
Menurut mereka berdua, lagi tebal misai, lagi bagus(hidung jadi panjang.... In case there are people who doesn't understand what this means, it means I'm lying. Haha...)
P.S: To Desperate Housewives' fans out there, kan betul Ida yang mati!! Sad~~ Makes us realize to cherish those people we have now more...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Keep Moving Forward!!

Lectures, tutorials, exams, study groups, special study modules~~
All have already started again!!
And the next break won't be until the 20th of March!!!(and after that ade summer exams pulak)
Kepenatan and ketensionan bermula kembali especially since I noticed that the next exam is in 3 weeks time!!! Adoi~~
Dah la anatomy dapat instructor baru. No Alan O'Shea yang cute-in-a-nerdy way anymore(sian Syidot. Orang dah cakap, baca betul-betul, dia suka tanya. Kan dah caca-merba(ayat quote). Huhu...)
In replace, my group(which consists of Taq, Faimee and I) dapat Dr. Sadek yang tidak kurang comeylnya but in a totally different way.
Die cam besar-besar sket(like a teddy bear. Hehe...). He's from France, so he can't say some things properly. Dah la pelat huruf 'r', so when he was saying larynx and pharynx(the topics we're learning now), he says it like this:
"Phagggynx and laggynx" Comeyl gle!!

Anyway, since it's going to be a loooonnggg term before the Easter break(ye ker?? Tak la lama sangat, but still pace time kelas tak start lagi. Still in a holiday mood. Bahaya betul!!), I'm going to have to keep my motivation up. So, here are a few things that I'm looking forward to and which would all, hopefully, keep my spirits up until I'm finished with this term...

1) Going to Galway(one of the many counties in Ireland) next week! Finally... I've been studying at Ireland for 1 year and a half already and never been to Galway before. So, since Yazmin(my high school friend) would be coming all the way from Malaysia, so that just gives me reason to go there. Not that I don't have any reason to go there before(Atik, jangan terasa!! Dah lama sebenarnya nak gi your place!! Tapi anda tidak memujuk dengan bersungguh-sungguh!!=P)

2) Going to Belfast next, next week to meet Fara, Kuteng, Hashrul and the rest of the M04M family. Tapi kene berjalan sambil membawa notes and all cause ade exams the next week!!! But, since they came all the way from UK and Aussie, I guess I can study earlier to compensate the time. Demi korang, boleh je!!! Hehe...

3) Islamic Aspiration Week(IAW) that is organized by Muslim Cultural Society UCC(yes, believe it or not, I'm one of the committee members) that would be held sometime in February. Still in the preparation process. Let's make it a great one!!=)

4) Cork Games(yang still ade problem dengan the date. Adoi~~ and yes again, believe it or not, I'm one of the committee members). I will get to play netball, after like almost a year tak main[time winter kena ah hibernate(padahal time tak winter pun malas. Huhu..)] and meet loads of my great friends who said they would come. Tak sabarnya!!

5) Traveling to Germany and Czech Republic(banyak la plak travel. One of my friend hari tu sound gak. "Ni macam amek course bercuti, bukannye medic" Ouch! Terase... Huhu...) during the Easter Break!! Wuhuu..!! I've already bought the tickets and all... Going to travel with Syah, Ille and Taq and would meet some more friends and friends of friends' there. Doa takde ape-ape drama yang berlaku ah time travel kali ni k?? Tak larat dah~~

6) And lastly, going back to Malaysia and traveling to Australia during the Summer Break!!! Yay!!!! Now I'm in the stage of surveying the ticket price for the cheapest MAS flight ticket. (no, I'm not going to use any other airlines. Malas nak transit banyak-banyak kali. Yes, I'm impatient. Huhu...) Can't wait to see my family, friends, shop and experience the Malaysian weather and food again!!(tembam lagi la balik nanti~~ Haish~~)

So, that's basically it. Want to keep it short since I blabbered like crazy in the last post. Anyway, Happy New Year and Salam Maal Hijrah everyone!!=)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Not so... Stupid For You~~

This is a video made by a fan of Marie Digby. The song is an original song titled "Stupid For You"(yes, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of Marie Digby).
Anyway, the video's really cute!!

Here's the lyrics:
It's not everyday,
That I meet a person quite like you,
Perfect every way...
I finally found the nerve to confess that it's you - that I want,
I don't care if i act a fool,
I would damn near beg for you!
Put aside, all my pride
So don't keep me hanging here,
Cause this girl is falling stupid for you..
Ooooh... Oooohh... Stupid for you..

The proper thing to do,
Is for me to act like a lady and wait,
For you to make the first move,
But I don't think you're getting the point,
That it's you - that I want
I don't care if I act a fool,
I would damn near beg for you!
Put aside, all my pride,
So don't keep me hanging here,
cause this girl is falling stupid for you!
Oooh, ooooh stupid for you...

Why's it always feel like I am,
Chasing love when nothing's there,
And here I go just making the same mistake...
I've fallen stupid for you...

I just listened to the song petang tadi, and simply fell in love with it!!
It's mainly because of the lyrics(I'm more of a lyrics person), the bubbly way she sings and plays the song and the video that her fan made that made it soo easy to fall in love with this song.
Lepas tu, semangat nak belajar main lagu ni.
And there was this very good cover by this one hot Portuguese guy.
Srius suare die sedap!! And learning how to play this song while listening to his voice made it waaaayyy easier(click here for the link) Haha.... Ok.. ok... back to the point!

The fact that I wanted to share the video up there was because it and the song kind of touches on the 'quite taboo' subject of women making the first move.
Personally, I think it's hard for me to make the first move. I'd do it. But, I'd have to be damn sure that I want to be with that guy before I go boldly making the first move.
But, sometimes my actions aren't the wisest one. So, I learn from it.
Anyway, it's not such a bad thing I guess, making the first move... If you have the confidence and guts for it, then go on!! Good for you!
I've had loads of girlfriends who made the first move and are in a great relationship.

I was thinking about this subject a few weeks back when I was talking to my brother on the phone. He always ask me why I won't be with anyone. I always say: "Malas ah Usaid. Banyak lagi benda lain nak concentrate. Not that I don't want to, but just not now kot. And I haven't met anyone right pun lagi. Besides, you don't have one! Bile Usaid ada, Dayah ada gak, k?? Haha..."
"Asal malas pulak?? Pergi je ah approach any hot guy. Ke nak Usaid aturkan kawan-kawan Usaid? We'll make a line and then suruh dorang duduk sorang-sorang. Buat macam speed date. Then, Dayah pilih... Hhahaa..." he said.
Yes, usually when I talk with Usaid, 70% of the conversation is crap just like that one above.
We siblings find it hard to be serious...

Anyway, another conversation I had with Usaid regarding this whole relationship and women making the first move thingy goes like this:

Usaid: "Eh, Dayah nak pergi Jakarta/Bandung tak??"
Me: "Erm, Bandung macam best je nak pergi shopping. Maybe nak pergi kot sometime. Why??"
Usaid: "I want to try the hot chicks there la..."
Me: "Indonesian chicks, Usaid?? Seriously?? Asal bukan Malaysian chicks je??"
Usaid: "Eh, ade je yang hot-hot and dorang cam tak cover-cover cam perempuan-perempuan Malaysia. Ari tu ade one friend of mine pergi sane. Dia try ah pergi club kan. Saja-saja. Pakai baju cikai-cikai je. Pastu takde siape layan. The next day, he went wearing a blazer and all the babes were like going hysterical. Semua berebut-rebut nak pergi kat die. Mintak number and everything"
Me: "Tipu ah!! Hensem ke die tu??"
Usaid: "Biase je. The point is, dorang jenis yang go for it. I mean, there's nothing to lose pun kalo kita approach that guy. Kalau tak jadi, tak pe ah. Asal ah perempuan-perempuan kat Malaysia tak macam tu?? I mean, buat je ah first move."

Then, the conversation went on and on with me of course membacking Malaysian girls and him asking me to bring a hot Irish chick for him when I come back. Haish~~

The point of the matter is, we Malaysians have this whole sikap sopan santun Melayu embedded in us. So, we find it hard to be bold and make the first move.
Don't just look at the girls, even a lot of boys find it hard to approach girls.
Plus, we humans are very egoistical creatures. Those kind of actions would require us to lower our ego and making it open to be bruised. Besides that, we don't usually handle rejection very well(Sebab tu la ramai budak perempuan kene bunuh lepas mereject someone or cheat with someone else)

So, the safest move would be to just stay still. Wait for the time to come when you finally gather enough courage to approach that guy/girl that you've been crushing about.
But, then maybe it might be too late. So, terlepas...
Then, we Malays also are influenced by our religion and hence, we believe in jodoh.
Even if you're not with someone right now, when the time comes, with effort done also of course, and we end up getting married, then that's our jodoh.
So, the majority of us don't really make that much that effort(me including) to find that special someone because we hold onto that believe.
Well, at least, not yet anyway... I can't really say how I'll be like in the next year, 5 years, let alone this year...We don't know what the future holds for us right?
And of course I want to get married someday. Siapa tak nak kan??
Last but not least, the main problem I guess is that when it doesn't work out, there are tattle-tales who would go around spreading news of their divorce/break-up and saying mean things such as: "Tulah... Dulu perempuan tu yang terhegeh-hegeh nak sangat. Kan dah kene..."
I despise these kind of thinking and I despise people who act all friendly in front of someone when they actually talk bad behind them. Typical Malay attitude?? Maybe... But, we all can change...

Anyway, I was encouraged one day by a friend of mine to go and like someone(she even suggested some guy we knew. Haish~~ Merepek-merepek) so that I could understand the feelings she and a few of our friend have when someone they like/have a crush on(whom they've already made a first move on. But, sometimes the guys just don't get it. So, that's the major contribution to my friends' frustrations) go and do something that would hurt them.
Erm, maybe that's the whole point of not liking someone right??
It builds a defense mechanism so that you won't be vulnerable to those kind of feelings.
When I say that, sekali lagi kena marah.
"Ko ni lain ah Dayah... Cube jadi perempuan normal sikit."she said.
I am normal!! Just been a little bit modified due to experiences and well, I'm just born this way...
Nak wat cane... Huhu...

But, seriously, getting back to the topic here...
I think that along the way, the subject about the person making the first move wouldn't matter cause in the end, if it all works out you're both happy and glad that you've found each other.
I wouldn't mind making the first move. I don't have any trouble with it at all.
But, I would have to have a concrete reason for doing so.
I'm not in it for the short-haul. I'm not that kind of person.
I think the majority of people in their early twenties don't have that whole high school mentality where you think you're cool if you couple around. People get more serious in relationships if they commit in one(if you're already in your 20s and don't feel this way, it's not the end of the world!! People mature at different pace. So, it's ok. Just don't go hurting anyone's feelings and you'll be fine).
Anyway, even if you like to couple around, at some point in your life, you get tired of the game(quote from "The Sweetest Thing"=P)
To me, short-term relationships just wastes time, energy, money and your feelings.
So, if you're just thinking of being with someone just for the sake of having someone, just don't.
Don't go through the hassle of making the first move.
Cause at the end of the day, it involves two people. It's not only you that would be affected.

Apa-apa pun, even if it doesn't work out, learn from the experience. Don't just give up and think foolish things such as you not ever meeting anyone ever again.
Just like at the end of the video, which says: Love is real... it will come... eventually.
So, chill!! Keep your hearts open but live your life as well!!
Don't get too caught up with finding the right one soo much, life's too short to be concentrating on just that.
And life's soo much bigger than just that... And the only main thing is that you're happy and content with your life and we're all good.

P.S: HUIYOOO!!! Panjang la plak~~=P

Saturday, January 5, 2008

RM?? No, not the currency.

So what's RM??
I'll tell soon enough. Promise not to laugh!!!

Ok, so I spent the majority of my winter break at Dublin.
Went to almost all of my ex-classmates' houses there.
I have a few KMB(my preparation college) classmates there, one ex-classmate from MRSM KKB(Shida) and also one from SRK SS19(my primary school).
Since it's such a small world, turns out that the one ex-classmate from my primary school(Emy) was the current apartment-mate of one of my ex-KMB classmate and a good friend of mine(Hikmah@Mak Tiri@KEMuncup. Jangan marah!! Haha...).

One day, as we(Kem, Shida, Mimi and I) were having dinner, Emy and Kem's other apartment-mates and their friend came back.
Lepak-lepak ah menikamati the good food. We were having dessert, eating my famous brownies, (Haha... Perasan gile~ But, it's my blog so I can say what I want right??=P) and then, Emy came all excited into the kitchen wanting to show us the prize she won in the funfair she, Muna and Manja went earlier that day at Bray(Bray's the name of a place in Dublin which apparently has a pantai).

She won this really sad looking green car the size of 2 of my fingers. Memang kecik ah. Penat kteorang gelakkan.(tapi comeyl betul mende tu. She won this basketball game where you had to shoot and score as much as you can. She even broke the record!! Congrats!! Hehe...)
Then, the rest of them were busy hiding the brownies from Emy's sight, unsuccessfully.
Tak nak kasi die makan la konon-konon. Kejam betul!

Then, I said: "Eh, kasi ah Emy. Kteorang ex-classmate. Yang lain-lain tak payah kasi. Haha..."
"Haah... Kteorang sama class. 6RM..." Emy menyambung.
"RM?? Class lain-lain ape?? Euro? Pound?? Rupee??"they asked.
"Tak la... RM means Ramah Mesra!! Kteorang kelas 6 Ramah Mesra" Emy and I said dengan bangga, hoping to hear them say "oooh" and "aaahhh" with perasaan kagum.

Salah sama sekali harapan kami. They stopped talking for a while, looking at us with this face that says, "Jangan nak wat lawak. Ingat kteorang nak caya ker??" but after noticing that Emy and I were serious, they burst out laughing. Seriously!! Macam nak semput je tengok Kem gelak. Shida and Mimi pulak dah sakit-sakit perut gelak. Berani dorang!!!
Emy and I were totally confused... Tak paham apa yang lawak sangat..!!

"Apa lagi nama kelas-kelas yang lain???" they spurted out in between laughing.
"Erm, ade SS(sopan santun), KS(kasih sayang), BB(budi bahasa), TI(tulus ikhlas)... [by this time we were already playing this game where we say the abbreviation(eg: TI) and they guessed what it meant]"

"Wei, lawak gile wei!!! Tak pernah dengar nama class camtu. Selalu cam 'Amanah' ke 'Gigih' ker... Satu ayat je. Ni 'Ramah Mesra', 'Kasih Sayang', 'Sopan Santun'... Hahahahaha... Lawak-lawak!! Gotong-royong, ringan tulang ke takde ke??"they said.

"Haish!! Takde!! Gotong-royong is one word only ok?? Kteorang kena two words ah and ringan tulang tu bukan simpulan bahasa ke??(yes, I actually knew this..=P) Mana boleh!! Dah tu, nama kelas korang time sekolah rendah tu ape?? Mesti nama-nama bunga la ape la. Keembung, kemboja, bunga tahi ayam, bunga kertas... Itu bosan!! Banyak sekolah dah gune." I said.

"Kteorang kelas biasa-biasa je nama. Biru, hijau, ungu, merah... Ade gak nama bunga-bunga ni. Normal ah... Haha... And at least it's better bile cakap: 'Hai. Saya budak kelas 6 Kemboja' daripada cakap: 'Hai. Saya budak kelas 6 Ramah Mesra/Kasih Sayang/Sopan Santun...'" they said before bursting out with hysteric laughter again. Adoi~~ Menyesal sebut tadi.

Emy and I just waited patiently waiting for them to stop laughing.
Nak defend saying that it's unique to have that kind of names for classes because tak banyak schools lain guna(ada ke school lain guna RM/SS/TI/BB/etc. gak??) pun tak de siapa yang nak dengar. Sibuk ketawa. Siut betul!!
And to our defense, nobody in our school ever says the full name of the class, that's why we have the abbreviations. We just say 6RM... Not 6 Ramah Mesra!! Skema betul and buat perabih air liur je sebut panjang-panjang.
But, still dorang mengelakkan nama kelas-kelas yang dicintai kami itu.
Ni la.. Kalau lepak Dublin, sure menjadi mangsa buli. Haish~~

Then, they spread the word to Muna, another one of their apartment-mate, who yes... laughed just as hard. Pelik sangat ke nama kelas kteorang tu??
After this, Kem vowed to spread it to more people. Berani Kem!!! Tak pe!! Nanti ade ah ape-ape point nak knekan balik. Wait and see...=P
But, seriously... 6 Ramah Mesra(RM) pelik sangat ke?? No right??

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Will Never Die... *shivers*

"Aku takkan mati..." is the translation in Malay(or something like that. If I want to confirm it, I'd have to watch the trailer of "Dukun" again, which is soo not going to happen. Once is enough. Huhu...)
I'm usually the type of person who doesn't get scared easily when watching a horror movie.
I actually kind of dozed off for a while while watching Ju-On and The Exorcist(and a lot of people actually says these two are among the best horror movies there is. Yeah right...)
But, after watching the trailer for the Malaysian movie "Dukun", I actually had to watch with my eyes covered and I winced through the whole trailer cause it freaks me out!
The trailer was actually scary!!(great job!=P)

I was looking forward to watching the movie, but I heard that it was banned because it was too scary...?? Or maybe because of the controversy surrounding it. Either way, that kind of sucks.
I mean, this is the first time, I think, that a true Malaysian horror film fits the criteria of being a horror movie. Like before, all of them were kind of crap(sorry to say...).
Like for example, I watched "Jangan Pandang Belakang"(mainly because of Pierre Andre haha...) and it was not scary!! I dozed off(yes.. again...) after like 25minutes. Bosan!!
So, I was a little bit pissed off that "Dukun" was banned. Hope the people pulling the strings would let it be showed.

Anyway, the film is loosely based on the very,very controversial case of the brutal murder of Datuk Mazlan Idris by Mona Fendey and her husband and another helper.
I think the movie scared the hell out of me(and I'm sure a whole load of other people) because we were there through the whole process of her trial.
The majority of us read the news when the state assemblyman went missing, when he was later found decapitated and dismembered, when Mona Fandey and her accomplices were captured, and when the three of them were finally hanged.
Everyone could remember(well, applicable to Malaysians, of course) her always smiling face when photographers took her pictures during the looong series of trials.
"Berani korang publish those pictures!!! They actually haunt my dreams (sometimes~~)!!"
Maybe now I understand why the Japanese say that "Ju-On" is scary and the Americans say "The Exorcist" is scary and we Malaysians find "Dukun"(well, at least the trailer) scary.
It's maybe because we can relate to it. I mean, it has a connection with our culture.
Witch doctors are quite common even in today's supposedly modern Malaysian society.
So, obviously a lot of people can relate to it.

"Dukun" is said to be more focused on the trial part of the whole controversy and does not have that much gory scenes, as said by the director, Dain Said.
But, from the looks of the trailer, it shows a lot of the scary parts(obviously for publicity purposes). So, I don't really believe that statement.
It stars among others Umie Aida and Faizal Hussein.

Maybe the movie would be release later(after a few cuts here and there or whatever)...
Maybe this ban is just a publicity stunt. You know to get the hype all going(skeptical again. Haha...)
Whatever it is, I hope it would be released cause I'll definitely watch it(erm... even with eyes half covered..)
In the meantime, I'd just have to settle with watching "Sundel Bulong", the Indonesian horror movie yang Ili, Cipi, Ila and Syal suggest. Better be scary korang!! Kalo tak.... hampa jer!
Anyway, watch the trailer down there(if like you don't mind getting spooked and don't have lemah semangat or anything like that=P)
P.S: Tell me if the trailer doesn't work cause I didn't check. Huhu...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dimana Kan Ku Carik Ganti~~*sighs*

Some of you might have already had the privilege of meeting Mr Robotman.
He was my sole companion to almost everywhere I go.
We went to take the exams together...
We went to Paris together... Even up the Eiffel tower and on those crazy rides in Disneyland.
We went walking and shopping in Dublin together too...
He never complained... and he was always there.... hanging down my neck.
Although I had a few others like him, but he was always the special one.
Always the one chosen...
Eventhough he never really got the approval from some of my friends, there were some who loved him; even some who wanted to steal him away from me(bujad... anda dah tak akan berjaya mencuri dia)

But, as people say...
Setiap pertemuan, kena la ade perpisahan...
And so today was destined to be our goodbye.
After going shopping at the city together, eating a very delicious meal at Maharajah and even celebrating Rep's birthday, we were separated.
I arrived home and realized he wasn't there anymore.
He wasn't dangling down my neck anymore.
I searched around my whole room and he wasn't there!!!!
Now, the only trace of Mr Robotman I have is his headphones!(yes, we even share the same interest... Listening to music...)
I wanted to search outside... but it was too dark and too cold.
Huah...!!! Sampai ati Mr Robotman missing in action(MIA)!!

Spent a few hours moping his lost.
Ye ah... Dah habes stock kot necklace(yes... in case you don't already know, Mr Robotman is a necklace. My fav necklace) tu kat awear(Ireland's leading high street fashion and accessories store; according to it's website..).
And I did spend like erm... a few Euros to get him(not telling how much... Haha...)
I never had the opportunity to take a picture with him, or of him(see... I'm not that vain=P)
So, I surfed the net searching for his picture. But I couldn't find it.
So, then suddenly I opened ebay and typed in robot in the necklace and jewelery category and again there was no Mr Robotman!!!
But there were other robot necklaces... all of which was not up to par with Mr Robotman!!!
Tension betul!!
But, I ended up buying another robot necklace... It was cheaper than Mr Robotman, but it looks kindda nice(not as nice as Mr Robotman of course!!! He's irreplaceable!!), but this one's a little bit too hip-hop. But, I'll indie it a bit. Haha...
So, Mr Rebound Robotman would be posted in a week's time, I guess...
Will miss Mr Robotman~~='(
P.S: Kalau ade siape-siape jumpa Mr.Robotman berlegar-legar di city or kat mana-mana ah, pulangkan/belikan k?? Huhu...

What's left of Mr.Robotman=(

Mr. Rebound Robotman