Saturday, May 23, 2009

Everything's Coming to an End...

Summer's here and it seems like everything's coming to an end.
All the TV shows have finished their seasons. Some are coming back, some are really over (Prison's Break's finally done and over with. Can't believe they killed Michael off! Not fair...!)
My seniors just got their results yesterday (or was it 2 days ago. Naahh... Who cares exactly when) and they all passed their exams, meaning they're all doctors!(I think... Tak pe, at this point, they're all doctors in my eyes! =P) Wuhuu..! Congrats to them! (now I can't wait for my time to come. 3 more years InsyaAllah... 3 more loooong years... *sigh*). So, everyone was super excited and were happy for each one of them that they've all finally finished their medic student years (well, at least in med school. Learning's a lifelong thing right, so you'd never be done with learning. Ok, that sounds kindda depressing for a bit. Huhu...)
Owh, and the summer exams are all over (well, for the majority of us anyway. Some friends I have who are studying in Germany are having their exams in July---> ridiculous right?).

But, the starting of summer also marks the start of a whole lot of new things!
It's the start of the summer holidays. Everyone seems to be scrambling to travel everywhere (amidst the scare of the Swine flu). My housemates (yes, all of em!) just left for Italy, leaving lo and behold, me, alone for a whole week! And yes, I'm starting to feel bored... And yes, that's why I'm writing... (gila tak ikhlas. LOL)
Then, there's the thing about me moving and yeah, I've just only started to pack my stuff (no surprise there huh?) and seriously, I gave up about 10 minutes ago because it was too much. Haiihh... Why in the world did I buy this much stuff??
Besides moving houses and all, summer also could be the start of... Hmm... I've got nothing else. Sorry, otak lembap sikit.

Anyway, the only point of me writing this entry was to congratulate my seniors on their results. Congrats korang! Now go and take a long break or something, you guys deserve it! =)
Ok, back to watching "How I Met Your Mother"! Happy holidays everyone!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goodbye to you... =(

I just sold my first ever guitar... The guitar I have used since I came here, which means we've been rocking together for 3 whole years! Heck, that's the longest running relationship I have ever had with anything (friends not included. Huhu...) !

Anyway, it's kindda sad that I have to let it go. But upgrade is necessary and I don't really need two guitars at the same time(I already have one back in Malaysia, so, there's really no point in hanging on to this one. Can't be greedy.. =P). But, yeah, it's kindda sad. This is the guitar that I've played since 2006. The first time I came to Cork, Taq and I were pretty bored and we decided to just buy a guitar (tambah skill sikit) with no knowledge whatsoever on how to play it. Ok, so, I knew how to play "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam and "Kau ilhamku" by Man Bai when I was in KMB (thanks Nana ajarkan!). But I have no idea about the chords and everything. All I knew was that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar and the only way of learning was for me to buy one and practice, practice, practice....

So, there it was, I bought a Cort guitar (I have never even heard of this model, but according to the salesguy, it was the perfect guitar for beginners). So, I just snatched it and that started my journey of guitar playing. 3 years later, I could say that I am at least not an amateur guitarist anymore and could play almost all of my favourite songs (well not on expert level... Just good enough for people to hear =P)

*Ok, dah malas nak tulis panjang-panjang*

The point is, I'm gonna miss you my first ever guitar!!! The memories we had performing together would not be forgotten!! Don't worry, Nad would take care of you (I'll make sure of it!) *sekarang rasa psycho cakap sorang-sorang dengan benda tak hidup. Huhu...*