Thursday, September 11, 2008

10, 000 Debt?

Oook... Let's play a guessing game?

1st guessing game:
How can someone be in debt of 10,000?? What did he spend it on? Down payment for a house/apartment (whatever you can get with that amount of money nowadays)? A new car? Wasted it all on a night of gambling gone wrong? Used it to venture on a new business??

2nd guessing game:
What currency is the 10,000 debt made in??

Ooookkk... So, think of an answer.

Done thinking????

Answer for guessing game number 1:
Apparently, a junior of mine in KMB, lost his SIM card. Well, he's studying in the UK and yeah, he lost it during the summer holidays, meaning he lost it in Malaysia. Unfortunately for him, he uses the bill pay system. And even unfortunate for him, he didn't realize he lost his SIM card in the first place and of course didn't report the loss so that the mobile company could at least bar the number from usage should someone come upon it and decided to use it. Well, his unfortunate luck doesn't end there. Someone did come upon his SIM card and decided to use it. Luckily (getting tired of the word unfortunate already. So, let's use the point of view from the person who stole the SIM card now. Huhu...) for the thief the SIM card does not have a pin code! (or maybe he somehow cracked it. I don't really have all the details. Another junior of mine told me about this story) Ok, so he, thinking like any other thief would, used the SIM card to call almost every single person in Malaysia and also Bangladesh that he knew in his life. He called and he called and yes, he called... Till the phone number was barred. No, not because the person who owned the number suddenly realized that he had lost his SIM card, but because the phone company suddenly realized that the bill amount was getting too extravagant from the usual about 30 the guy usually spends a month. Well, luckily for the guy who stole the SIM card, they barred the number only after the bill reached 10,000. And you think they took that long to finally bar the number. Genius! The guy have probably talked his ear off already. He probably had enough radioactive waves or whatever they say is transmitted inside him already due to the time spent using his mobile phone. (Hey! There's an idea! Why not we do a radioactive test on everyone to find out who the culprit is. I'm sure he'll go totally off the radar!) So, now this unfortunate junior of mine, is in debt of 10,000!

Answer for guessing game no 2:
Yes, since he's studying in UK, you'd might already guessed the answer. It's in United Kingdom Pounds. So, taking into consideration the rate nowadays, he precisely owes the mobile provider about RM60,712.80. Ouch huh???

So, anyone interested or have any idea how to help him out??