Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goodbye to you... =(

I just sold my first ever guitar... The guitar I have used since I came here, which means we've been rocking together for 3 whole years! Heck, that's the longest running relationship I have ever had with anything (friends not included. Huhu...) !

Anyway, it's kindda sad that I have to let it go. But upgrade is necessary and I don't really need two guitars at the same time(I already have one back in Malaysia, so, there's really no point in hanging on to this one. Can't be greedy.. =P). But, yeah, it's kindda sad. This is the guitar that I've played since 2006. The first time I came to Cork, Taq and I were pretty bored and we decided to just buy a guitar (tambah skill sikit) with no knowledge whatsoever on how to play it. Ok, so, I knew how to play "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam and "Kau ilhamku" by Man Bai when I was in KMB (thanks Nana ajarkan!). But I have no idea about the chords and everything. All I knew was that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar and the only way of learning was for me to buy one and practice, practice, practice....

So, there it was, I bought a Cort guitar (I have never even heard of this model, but according to the salesguy, it was the perfect guitar for beginners). So, I just snatched it and that started my journey of guitar playing. 3 years later, I could say that I am at least not an amateur guitarist anymore and could play almost all of my favourite songs (well not on expert level... Just good enough for people to hear =P)

*Ok, dah malas nak tulis panjang-panjang*

The point is, I'm gonna miss you my first ever guitar!!! The memories we had performing together would not be forgotten!! Don't worry, Nad would take care of you (I'll make sure of it!) *sekarang rasa psycho cakap sorang-sorang dengan benda tak hidup. Huhu...*


  1. drama queen lah u...your guitar will only be one doorstep away from you..gagaga...
    dear guitar, i hope you wouldn't give up on me. i know nothing about taking care of you nor do i know how to play a song with you. but i promise i'll learn.

    hahahaha..dayah, sekarang kita psycho kuasa dua!

  2. sja je berdrama queen sket. hahahaa...
    tp 1st guitar wei...! sentimental value!! =P

  3. osmetbilikseblahMay 16, 2009 at 8:49 PM

    alaahai dayah...bukan ko pakai gitar aku all the time ke beb??
    hahahahah~~ yelaa2~~

  4. hahaha... 2 ah. kirenya kalo berpisah ngan gitar ko lg sdey ah jwabnye. lol.

  5. "upgrade is necessary ... "

    sgt la best ayat tu ... haha ... bercakap pasal gitar, baru je last week gitar aku mengalami nazak sblm ajal .. huhu ... mmg sdey ... but at least aku tak jual =P ... dah jadi bangkai pun still ada ngan aku ... hehe ...

  6. hahaha... srius aah. nk kne beli guitar baru. teringin gak nk ade fender ke ape ke. jenama yg dikenali sket~~ =P
    owh, 2 ah syidi cte psal guitar ko ari 2. sian die~~ dah smpai ajal dah 2. ape lg wei?? jom ah upgrade sesame! =)

  7. huhu ... byk berjasa guitar tu dari time kat maktab dulu ... kene upgrade jugak la nampaknye ... ayuh2 ... fender ? rockstar mcm ko bleh aa ... aku tak layak lagi ... kapok je standard aku .... upgrade warne je cukup la .. dulu brown, skang hitam plak .. =P hahaha ...

  8. xde mknenya aku rockstar. spe yg ade band??? haa.. aku xde. huhu...
    upgrade warne pun jd ah kn. aku ni guitar yg mna satu pun xsure nk beli. juz tau nk beli guitar baru =P

  9. dayah!!! nape ko x ckp kat aku yg ko nak jual gitar ko?... ko jahat!!!! pade sape ko jual? waaaa

  10. eh?..awak ke yng nyanyi lgu kantoi yng kantoi tu.."P

  11. hahhaha... yup2. turns out xjadi jual guitar tu. xsmpai ati nk jual my 1st ever guitar. n ye laaah. sme lagu yg saya nyanyi pun kantoi... =(